A Better Class of Criminal

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Presented By: Bob the Outcast

You have been cordially invited, through underworld channels, to a meeting of the greatest criminal talent in the City.  The legendary Josiah Webb has returned, and promises to make you rich and successful beyond your wildest criminal dreams.  Only gentlemen and -women need apply.


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Josiah's Parlour 1 03/04/2015 - 20:25

Submission Guidelines

This is a social Campaign open to anyone at any time, though the criminally-inclined will likely find it more interesting than the innocent.  Despite Josiah's snobbery, any kind of scum is welcome to join.  Bring your thieves, your cutpurses, your forgers and cheats, or infiltrate the web of conspirators on behalf of the Wardens, or the dreaded Rosa Nero.

Josiah Webb is a legend of the 1800's, a criminal mastermind years ahead of his time who terrorized the City and dominated the criminal underworld for nearly a century, before abruptly vanishing.  Few now believe he ever really existed.

Now the rumours are spreading through the underworld, from the lowliest pickpocket to the loftiest corporate pirate, everyone has heard the news.  Josiah Webb is returned.  He has organized a secret meeting of criminal minds, so that any who wish to better themselves and become part of the next great criminal enterprise may meet tonight, and join together in a new fraternity of crime.