Bones of the Sovran

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Presented By: Bob the Outcast

An ancient Sovran temple has appeared in the Stone Canton.  The Cartographer's Society has issued a challenge to all adventurers and explorers, to search the vast complex and bring back Sovran relics for study and display.  A generous reward is offered to any who will dare the ancient traps and crumbling ruins in search of treasure and glory.


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Bones of the Sovran 43 04/18/2015 - 14:18

Submission Guidelines

This Campaign is completely open.  The Sovran temple is located in the Stone Canton, easily accessible to anyone interested in exploring it.  There is no formal posting schedule or requirements.  Come and go as you please.

Adventurous or history-interested characters have obvious reasons for exploring the temple, and the rewards offered for Sovran relics are also a draw for the greedy and mercenary.  As the temple is located in a public space, it is also perfectly likely a character might find themselves exploring it by accident, or ducking inside for any number of reasons.  Rumour has it that the Cartographer's Society is not the only group offering rewards for exploring the temple, and a character might be an agent of some other faction or individual sponsor.

The Sovran were an ancient race that once occupied the City, long before any of the races that currently call it home.  They disappeared twelve thousand years ago for unknown reason, leaving nothing but the ruins of a vast and advanced civilization.

Two weeks ago, a reconfiguration in the Stone Canton brought to the surface a large Sovran structure.  It is a vast complex of dark stone, rising several stories over the buildings around it and covering an area of several city blocks.  Initial investigations confirmed that the structure is indeed Sovran in origin, and has likely not been on the surface in thousands of years.  The early investigators mapped out some of the most easily accessed halls and chambers, but the interior is a labyrinth, filled with twisting hallways and secret chambers, and it would take years to explore thoroughly.  Now the Forecasters are already predicting the temple will disappear again soon, though they cannot yet say exactly when.

Worried that the opportunity to study the Sovran building will soon be lost, the Cartographer's Society has issued a challenge to all adventurers, archaeologists, and treasure-hunters in the City.  Anyone who wishes to may enter the Sovran temple with the Society's blessing and support, and significant rewards will be given for any artifacts or discoveries recovered from within.  Explorers are advised that the temple may be dangerous.  The Sovran were a devious people, and the temple likely contains traps and hazards that still function to this day.