Corsairs of the Endless Void

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Presented By: Bob the Outcast

A gang of galactic mutineers raid and work their way across the depths of space, one step ahead of the Confederation Navy.

Submission Guidelines

Corsairs of the Endless Void is a dice-controlled, play-by-post episodic RP based on a customized system utilizing elements of Fate and other RPG game systems.  Players sign up for one episode at a time, and registration will always be open to new players.

Corsairs is not part of the City and Multiverse continuity.  You will need to design a new character (or a variation on an existing character) using the rules and format found in the Character Creation OOC thread.  Come prepared for high adventure in strange new worlds, in the classic space opera vein of Star Trek and Star Wars, only with pirates!

Corsairs of the Endless Void is played in a setting largely designed collaboratively by the players, as they play.  I will update this section as certain facts of the Corsairs galaxy become more firmly set.  For now, here are the most basic, starting-game fundamentals.


The galaxy is a vast place, filled with hundred of different intelligent species and societies.  In this part of the galaxy, the dominant political force is the Terran Star Confederation.  A powerful interstellar nation dominated by Humans, the Confederation has recently emerged from years of warfare with its imperialistic neighbours, and is now able to turn its attention back to consolidating power in its own sphere, re-establishing lost colonies and rebuilding following the war.

Your characters are members of a starship crew that have just committed a mutiny, removing your former captain from power (and from the ship itself!) and setting out to determine your own destiny.  We will find out in the early game just how the mutiny went down, and why, but for now your priorities are to avoid the authorities and make enough cash to keep the ship running, and maybe enrich yourselves in the process!