Honu Beach Party

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Presented By: Bob the Outcast

The Honu are hosting a beach party!  Step through one of the brightly decorated portals to a world of bright sun and white sand beaches!  Bask in the summer sun or take a swim in the warm tropical sea, or grab a fruity tropical drink at the beach bar, or a skewer of traditional Honu slow-roast pork.  Everything's on the house!

Submission Guidelines

The Honu Beach Party is open to anyone!  Come and go as you please, there will always be Honu ready to serve your every need. 

Honu is a tropical beach world, protected by benign spirits and populated by a beautiful, fun-loving people.  There is a bar set up on the beach, a slow-roast barbecue pit, and of course ice cream and all sorts of fruit are also available.  Beach blankets and sports equipment are all provided, free of charge, along with SCUBA gear, a variety of small unpowered boats, and of course surf boards.  The water is warm and lovely to swim in, and beneath the waves a gorgeous coral reef waits to be explored.

More information on the Honu and their world can be found here.