Memories of Warfield

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Presented By: Bob the Outcast

An amnesiac wardroid searches for clues to his identity in the violent realm of Warfield.  Will you fight by his side in this violent landscape, or stand against him for prizes and glory?

Submission Guidelines

Warfield by its very nature is easy to reach, but not always easy to escape.  Random portals to and from the world of Warfield can pop up anywhere, allowing characters to come and go as their players please.  This is an open campaign with no hard commitment or set posting schedule, all are welcome.

Characters hoping to survive Warfield should be accustomed and skilled at combat.  Warfield is a violent world full of violent creatures, and this campaign will be combat-heavy.  Other types of characters are certainly welcome (and may be quite amusing) but be aware of the danger of visiting Warfield unprepared.

Please remember to keep detailed descriptions of graphic violence to a minimum.  This should be a fun action romp with sword fights and explosions, not a grim splatterhouse grindfest.

Baxter is a massive battledroid, essentially a walking robot tank, recovered from the hellish and violent world of Warfield.  Despite repairs, he has no memories of his identity, purpose, or past.  He has returned to Warfield seeking clues to his identity.

Warfield being Warfield, Baxter has been immediately set upon by a gang of scruffy and heavily-armed ruffians.  Exploring Warfield is always a running battle, and while the robot makes a formidable warrior, he could certainly use some help.