A Night at the Market

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Presented By: Bob the Outcast

A mystical street market that appears nightly in the Night Canton, populated by local merchants specializing in the magical, the mystical, and the uncanny.


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A Night at the Market 41 08/04/2016 - 17:42

Submission Guidelines

Open, casual Campaign.  All are welcome.  No formal posting requirements.  Come and go as you please.

Come to meet friends, shop for something strange, sample the wondrous foods, or just soak in the ambience of a bustling (if somewhat bizarre) street market.  Feel free to give your character a market stall of her own to sell from, no permission is needed.

This is a casual and social campaign, intended to be light-hearted and free, so please respect your fellow players and keep any serious violence or danger to a minimum.

The Night Market is a travelling marketplace.  It appears in the Night Canton at dusk, and is always gone by dawn.  It never appears in the same place twice, but those who wish to visit the Night Market always instinctively know where to find it, and never get lost on the way.

The Night Market consists of dozens of booths and stands set up by merchants of all types.  The Market's reputation is for magical items, spell ingredients, and other mystical paraphernalia and bizarre oddities, but there are also booths selling more mundane items and equipment, as well as a wide variety of food and drink.  Jugglers, musicians, and entertainers of all sorts freely roam the avenues of merchant stands, dazzling the crowd and busking for coins.  Despite its unusual hours, the Night Market is always bustling and crowded.

The Night Market is described in greater detail in the Lorebook.