Erica Rire-Hyene



Erica Rire-Hyene


35; Apparent it early twenties. (23 as of March 6, 2002, Erica ages more or less in sync with the real world)




Whatkin(see below)


Lanky but muscular, with precious little fat. On the feminine side of androgynous, but barely, with relatively narrow hips and flat chest.


Her body fur is patterned in dark brown zigzags set on a tan base. Her hair is primarily a light brown, with one hank of white just in front of her left ear. Most of it's pulled back in a pony tail, with the hank of white being braided. Her eyes are storm grey.

Species Description

Start with a six to seven foot humanoid frame, on the lanky side. Add a nine to eleven foot long tail, a bit less than half a foot in diameter at the base, tapering to a narrow and prehensile tip. Adjust the lengths of the arms so that they are .90 times the length of the legs. Enlarge the hands and feet slightly, and lengthen the digits. Convert all but the ball of the foot to toes of even length. Rotate the big toe around to the back of the heel. Lengthen and bend the neck somewhat, so that it now connects to the back of the skull at a slight angle. Replace the humanoid head with that of a hyena, then dome the skull, retaining much of the cranial ridging. Add one and a half foot, sharp and fairly straight blades to the forearms and the tail, the one on the tail appearing about two and a half feet from the end and curving toward the tail tip. The blades on the forearms are attached near the elbow and curve away from the hands. Now it's time for the details: Lengthen the ears to a bit over a foot each in length, leaving them looking rather rabbit like. Put short, dog-like claws on the ends of all digits. Add on a somewhat thin coat of fur with longer 'head-fur' on the scalp. And voilà! You now have an example of the funky monstrosities known as whatkin.


She's most frequently seen wearing a sleeveless purple shirt and a pair of loose forest green pants, tied in at the ankles, and held up with a wide belt made of woven scarves, in a variety of colours. She also has numerous scarves tied around her arms and tail. She also wears wooden guards on her blades, usually painted in bright colours.


...the blades and teeth aren't enough for you? She does carry a hunting knife, but that's more a tool than a weapon.


She keeps a supply of medication in a leather pouch around her neck. Besides that...not a great deal. She'll usually have some currency on her, a piece of ID or two, a bit of string, but nothing earth-shattering. Oh, and she has an mp3 player. Given the chance to dig around her campsite, she can come up with a travel tent, spare clothing, a half dozen battered novels, lots of rope, scraps of canvas, a skinning knife, a first aid kit, juggling supplies, and sundry other useful but unexceptional goods.


Athletics: First and foremost, Erica is an acrobat; combined with her species, this makes her as near a god in agility, reflexes, and spacial perception as you can get with conventional biology. She's also fairly impressive in terms of brute strength and is solid enough in endurance. She is, however, rather lacking in the ground-speed department - she can get a decent sprint going when on all fours, but a trained human could still easily outdo her.

Combat Skills: In all seriousness, she's less dangerous than you'd think.  Her combat skills are, by vast majority, the result of instinct, a moderate amount of training and skill in unarmed hunting, and repurposed acrobatics training.

Social Graces: She's been a busker for the vast majority of her life, and it's fundamentally a people-profession. While she may not always be overly refined, Erica is personable, good at navigating complex social situations, and generally able to talk her way out of trouble.

Hunting: While she's by no means a master huntsman, Erica can and does hunt unarmed on occasion, and can bring down deer and deer-sized prey with the usual helping of luck, and a knife.

Common Sense: Erica's lived the last decade of her life(more or less) in very wierd places, and has learned a few basic tricks, like "Don't mindlessly trust random magical items".


Whatkin have unusually high metabolisms - It's what gives them their super-human agility and reflexes. However, it also has several less than fun side effects.

Starvation: If you starve a whatkin, they STARVE, usually dropping a half pound or so a day even when comatose. Depending on activity levels, they can go through all of their fat stores within two days. They also require much more food than an average human - two to three times as much, as a rule of thumb.

Thin as a rail: They really don't have all that much padding, meaning cold and physical blows actually do more damage than they would to a human.

Doctor!: Whatkin need medication to control their metabolism; if prevented from taking their twice daily pills, A whatkin will suffer from seizures, hallucinations, violent mood swings, fever and death within two days.

As a personal lack, Erica is

Not Technologically Inclined: She has only a basic understanding of technology. Emphasis on basic - she can use a few hand held devices like phones and mp3 players, but only if they've been thoroughly idiot-proofed. She can't drive, and it's best just not to ask about that time she tried to use a web browser. <_<


Cheerful enough, likes people and tries to do right by them, although she's picked up a bit of a sarcastic edge over the years. After seven years in the Dream, she's gotten blessed hard to phase(even if some of her memories are rather fuzzy). She's also developed a certain degree of irritation over 'too stupid to live' behavior.


Born and raised in a port town, on one of the many thousands of alternate Earths out there, Erica had a pretty uneventful early life: Bickering with her siblings, getting basic schooling, eating food of questionable origin. Shortly after she hit puberty(age 11ish), she got itchy feet, and took up her primary occupation as a traveling entertainer, wandering hither and yon across the world for over a decade before a hiccup in reality wound her up in the 'cosmic lint trap' known as the Napping Cat's Dream. There she lived for another seven years, getting progressively more used to gods and demons, magic, technology, and the general vagrancies of living in a universe with schizophrenia. After another period of universe hiopping, she ended up in The City. It feels like being home again!

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