Merrijack Honu

Merrijack Honu

A brightly coloured Honu swimmer, brightly coloured and quick to make any friend.

Merrijack "Jack" Honu

Merrijack is an attractive young Honu, resembling a brightly coloured anthropomorphic lemur.  He has an athletic build and stands about five feet tall, with large expressive eyes and a quick toothy smile.  He has sleek, brightly coloured fur, with thicker tufts on his chest and shoulders.

Merrijack's colouring most resembles a sun parakeet.  He's primarily bright yellow and orange, with irregular patches of blue and green on the backs of his arms, down his back, and along the length of his long tail, as well as a few patches at the ends of tufts on his chest and shoulders, and at the tip of his large ears.  His fur darkens to red at the curve of his hips, continuing all the way down his legs.  He also has a red mask over much of his face, as well as the dark eye patches common to Honu.  Merrijack's eyes are a bright metallic gold.

Typically Merrijack wears nothing but a pair of knee-length swim trunks, bright red with a pattern of yellow palm trees.  When absolutely necessary, he can be convinced to wear sandals.


Merrijack carries a few knickknacks in pockets sewn on the inside of his trunks, as many Honu do.  These handy items may include a bit of money, a pencil, or sunglasses, but usually consist mostly of shiny stones and pretty shells Merrijack has collected.

Skills & Abilities: 

Like most Honu, Merrijack is highly skilled in leisure and recreation.  He is an excellent swimmer and a fine surfer, and enjoys climbing, hiking, and a wide variety of sports.  He is well-versed in the Honu style of hospitality, and makes a fine bartender, attendant, or event co-ordinator.  He is a fine all-around athlete and familiar with the cultures and expectations of several worlds.

Weaknesses & Flaws: 

Merrijack has difficulty taking anything particularly seriously.  He does well so long as things remain light, but he tends to avoid or "check out" of heavier situations.  His solution to almost anything is to forget about it and go have fun, and this can sometimes be mistaken for callousness or cowardice, and cause serious offence.


Merrijack - "Jack" to his friends - is a light-hearted and fun-loving Honu.  He is both eager and quick to make friends, wihtout a trace of prejudice.  He is pleased to serve, so long as it will bring someone else happiness, but he is canny enough to not be taken advantage of.  Flirtatious, accomodating, and laid-back, Merrijack personifies the Honu philosophy.


Born and raised on the world of Honu, Merrijack has lived the blessed life of his people, growing up in an environment where he was provided for and protected by powerful spirits.  He began officially working in Honu's hospitality culture/industry as a teenager, primarily as a swim instructor and SCUBA guide.

Merrijack only made his first trip to the City quite recently, and found it stirred something that both disturbed and excited him.  The vast difference between his suffering-free world and the broader multiverse has triggered a sense of responsibility and aspiration in him to improve the lives of other worlds, and planted the first seeds of a longing for adventure.  He finds he is increasingly less content to simply sit on a sunny beach (though not THAT much less content).

Fri, 02/20/2015 - 15:32
Fri, 02/20/2015 - 15:32


Played by: Bob the Outcast