A hulking refurbished battle android

B.A.X.T.E.R. (Baxter)
Battle Android
Unknown, at least 10 years

Baxter is a hulking humanoid robot, essentially a walking tank.  He stands seven feet tall, with broad shoulders and a massive chest, and a huge pair of arms that can mount a variety of weapons.  He has bulky, round feet each with four blunt "toes" that can grip a variety of terrain, and heavy digitigrade-style legs.  His head is proportionally small, nestled in close to his chest with only a minimal range of motion.  His head is round, with a sharp edge in front like a hawk's beak.  He has no real face, only a pair of dark eye-like sensor lenses set in his head.  His entire body covered in metallic gray armour plates, with black metal workings visible at his joints and other gaps in the armour.  Various sockets and mounting areas around his body are intended to hold weapons and equipment.  The letters "B.A.X.T.E.R." are stenciled on the left side of his chest.

Baxter is not top-of-the-line, showing clear signs of damage and repair.  His armour is tarnished and carbon burned in places, with a few obvious dents and seams where he has been welded back together.  One of his sensor lenses is smaller than the other, and sometimes rattles loose in its socket.  His right arm usually mounts a salvaged mechanical hand, a clumsy and cheap thing wrapped in peeling leather.  His left arm usually mounts an obsolete plasma cannon prone to overheating.


Plasma Cannon: Baxter usually mounts an obsolete plasma cannon in his left arm's primary socket.  The futuristic energy-weapon equivalent of a tank's main gun, the plasma cannon can do outrageous amounts of damage, but it is inaccurate and prone to rapid over-heating.

H-50 Grinder: A massive six-barreled rotary cannon capable of firing over six thousand rounds per minute of high caliber ammunition.  The Grinder tears through infantry and can down conventional aircraft, but the ammunition is hard to come by, and exhausted rapidly.  Baxter rarely mounts the Grinder unless going into heavy combat.

Hand: Baxter usually mounts a hand in his right arm socket.  The hand is a piece of salvaged technology not originally intended for Baxter's model.  It is much larger and stronger than a human hand, but terribly clumsy, with only three fingers and a thumb, and not suitable for delicate work.  The circuits and wires of the hand are protected by a glove-like layer of leather, cracked and badly in need of restoration.

Jump Jets:  Baxter has a powerful jet pack mounted across his upper back.  It provides enormous thrust for short periods, allowing Baxter to execute jumping maneuvers well beyond normal human capabilities.  Under normal gravity, Baxter can jump approximately the height of a three story building at a forty-five degree angle.  Baxter has no wings and only the most rudimentary control surfaces, so he cannot technically fly under planetary conditions.

Fusion Power Core:  Baxter is powered by a fusion core built deep inside his torso.  The core provides enormous amounts of power and can go ten years between refueling.  This source of power does not require access to oxygen or recharging.  In the event of catastrophic damage, there is a risk of rupturing the core and causing a massive explosion if the core is not appropriately shut down.  Baxter contains several fail safes to ensure the core shuts down before such a thing could happen, though these can be de-activated.

Skills & Abilities: 

Sensors:  Baxter has a significant sensor suite, including both the eye-like lenses on his head and several systems contained inside his armoured chest.  He can "see" in a wide range of the electromagnetic spectrum, including infrared and x-ray frequencies.  He can detect distinct bio-signatures and most forms of radiation within several hundred meters, and can detect and analyze chemical traces in line-of-sight.

Resistant: Baxter is armoured like a tank.  He is largely invulnerable to bullets and highly resistant to most energy weapons.  He is fireproof, acid-resistant, and hardened against standard electro-magnetic attacks, such as the EMP caused by a nuclear weapon.

Non-living: Baxter has no need for air, rest, food or water.  He is immune to poison and disease.  He can survive and operate normally in a vacuum and under massive amounts of atmospheric pressure.  Magic such as life-draining or healing spells, or mind-control spells intended to work on animals, have no effect on Baxter, though strangely psionic powers do sometimes have an effect.

Weapon Master:  Baxter has an encyclopedic familiarity with weapons, combat styles, and battle tactics from across the Multiverse.  His battle computer is capable of analyzing and reacting to almost any combat situation, coming up with new strategies on the fly and adapting to situational changes.

Weaknesses & Flaws: 

Baxter is old and busted.  He is no longer a top-of-the-line fighting machine.  His chassis shows signs of severe damage and serious repairs, and he is dependent on cobbled-together spare parts to continue functioning.  His origins are unknown, and it is impossible to get appropriate spares or a proper set of schematics to fully repair him.  His right eye, for example, is a replacement made in the City, not intended for his model of android.  It sits loose in its socket and rattles about at times, severely reducing his depth perception and accuracy.


A battle android without an army to serve or a war to fight, Baxter is somewhat at loose ends.  He is deeply uncertain of his place in the world, and he has a rigid way of thinking which makes creativity and proactivity difficult.

His personality tends to be stoic and professional, as is often typical of robots.  He speaks in an incongruously soft voice, sounding more like a history teacher than a terrible battle robot.  It is exceptionally rare for him to show obvious affection or anger, though his AI is capable of simulating emotional responses.  He likes dogs.


Most of Baxter's history is unknown.  He was discovered in Warfield, broken and non-functioning, and brought back to the City for study by the Cartographer's Society.  Cartographer technologists repaired and reactivated Baxter to the best of their abilities, but were disappointed to discover that his memory banks had been badly corrupted.  Baxter was unable to recall his identity, his affiliations, or his mission, and could not provide the Cartographers with any useful or interesting information.

Without any other obvious options, Baxter continues to work for the Cartographers on and off, where he has found some use as a nearly-invincible first-in scout, using his impressive sensor suite to gather data from dangerous environments.  He also finds occasional work as a mercenary, though without knowledge of his intended purpose or directives, he is hesitant to commit too fully to any cause.

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