Marianas Graves


College student, monster hunter, rollerblade enthusiast.

Marianas Graves
human, werecoyote edition
20. looks to be mid-late teens

Her every day human form is a bottle blonde, freckle-spattered, grey-green eyed college gal with the body you'd expect if you called central casting and asked for a tall cheerleader. Natural redhead, hair she keeps having to straighten because it naturally wants to wave a little but she still wears it below her shoulders because that's sexy and makes for great *tails. You now have your basic everyday Marianas, college therianthrope!

She has a "human plus" form she uses among friends, adding coyote ears, a nicely bushy 'yote tail, and more gold in her eyes. Since becoming more comfortable in the City this is her usual look. 

Her fashion tastes tend toward "comfortable," though she'll get dolled up when the mood strikes. Jeans, nice clean t-shirt, nice and comfy. Athletic chic, skater chic, maybe delving into grunge on occasion, but don't expect to see many skirts or dresses. Ever tried to fight zombies in a dress? It makes a mess.

Skills & Abilities: 

 Sure Shot:  Mari has been handling guns since she was a preteen. She's a decent shot with handguns, excellent with a rifle, but she's a true virtuouso with a shotgun.

 Monster benefits: even when not power shifted, Mari benefits from the family curse. She heals obscenely quickly from anything that doesn't kill her outright, is stronger and quicker than a girl her apparent age has any right to be (think Cute Bruiser). Toss in dog-grade hearing and smell, it makes for a nice package.

 Rollerblade Enthusiast:  she's good at it, and they're a lot faster than getting around by walking!

Weaknesses & Flaws: 

Moon Watcher: Mari's shapeshifting is tied to whatever the local lunar cycle is. The stage of the lunar cycle governs how easy it is for her to shift, her relative power level while shifted, healing speed, and lucidity. Her particular variety of Lunar runs opposite the typical: her weakest nights are full moon nights, where she cannot attain her power form at all and her healing factor and perceptive functions are barely above those of an above average human. In compensation, of course, there is absolutely no chance she will go "moon mad."

Allergic: Silver means nothing to her (though she won't declare that openly). Want to really make her hurt? For that you'll need Tungsten, or Platinum. Wounds contaminated with these metals heal at a paltry human rate, and enough tungsten or platinum in her blood can prevent her from shifting into her power form or, if already shifted, force her back into her standard form. Additionally, Nickel or Chromium contamination can erode her mental control while power shifted, making it easier to go moon mad.

Moon Mad: The beast is loose. Operating on instincts and channeling a basic urge to feast, fight and... yeah. Usually in that order, thankfully. Marianas is most susceptible to moon madness during New Moon days of a lunar cycle, where it's impossible to voluntarily stay out of the power form at night and the authority of the intellect is at its weakest.

​ Calorie Count:  one does not get super muscles, great senses,  superpower healing, and shape shifting for free. She can devastate pizza and wings like a whole gaggle of teenagers. Without regularly fueling the metabolic fire she can start to lose her edges. Harder shifting, slower reflexes, slow healing... It sucks being human again, on top of starvation.

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Tue, 12/22/2015 - 18:52
Played by: PFoxen