Tom "Vegas" Sandler

Tommy Vegas

Former gang member, retired Marine vet, bounty hunter and high-roller with an uncannily lucky streak, Tommy Vegas has seen it all.

Tom "Vegas" Sandler
Late 40's, but looks early to mid 30's.

Physical Characteristics: Vegas stands 5' 10" (178 cm) tall and weighs in at around 178 lbs (80.7 kg). His physique is well-toned, though more of a "whip cord" build; that is to say, wiry rather than heavily-muscled, with well-defined shoulders, back, abdominal and leg muscles - the result of a regimen of regular physical exercise, Vegas has managed to retain a surprising degree of fitness in spite of his age. Despite being in his late forties, Vegas' skin remains surprisingly firm and taut, adding a touch of youthfulness to his angular facial features that could potentially allow him to pass himself off as a much younger man, possibly one in his early 30's or even late 20's; barring his hair, a stark grayish-white in color, and going down past his shoulders to end just below the armpit-level, which he normally slicks back and keeps in a mid-ponytail. He sports a tuft of facial hair just under his lower lip, a style of beard commonly referred to as a soul patch. Vegas has a tattoo on his back of  Cai Shen Ye (財神爺), the Chinese god of fortune with the   captions  運財童子  - (yun cai tong zi) which means "lucky boy".


Fashion and clothing: Vegas' preferred day-to-day attire consists of a dark-colored (typically black, dark olive or maroon) long-sleeved T-shirt over a light-colored (typically light gray or tan) suit jacket and matching dress slacks and black leather dress shoes. A brown cowboy duster coat typically goes over the ensemble. In warm weather he opts for a short-sleeved button-down shirt in plaid print with blue denim jeans and sneakers, with his cowboy duster going over the ensemble. Vegas is almost never seen without a pair red-tinted John Lennon spectacles; the glasses are purely cosmetic in purpose.



Winchester M1897 "Trench Gun", 12 gauge pump-action shotgun, with a shortened barrel and bayonet mount.

3rd Generation Colt Single Army Action (Colt SAA) in .357 Magnum with custom-tooled ivory grip, nickel finish and 19th century style engravings

Brass knuckles

Mark 1 Trench Knife

Harley Davidson 1993 FLH Electra Glide


Skills & Abilities: 
  • A Die With Six 6's:  For the lack of a better word; Vegas is simply one lucky son of a gun, with a tendency to cause chance and randomness to work out in his favor rather than against him; such as finding himself in the right place at the right time, or having his shots ricocheting to hit another enemy after initially missing a target, or himself slipping and falling just in time to tumble out of the way of an incoming sneak attack. Or perhaps his enemies' guns may jam at inopportune time, or they might sneeze and throw their own aim off. Basically his power translates to good luck for Vegas and his allies, and bad luck for his enemies. Nothing far-fetched like anvils falling onto an enemy's head or birds dropping from the sky to intercept an incoming bullet. The best way to simplify it would be he's basically like a six-sided die with a 6 on all faces.

  • Streetwise:  Having spent his youth in a street gang and part of his early adulthood as a career soldier and spending his current years as a bounty hunter has honed Vegas' survival instincts. He is well-acquainted with the culture of the underworld - i.e. knowing the proper rites of respect when dealing with gang bosses, recognizing jargons and terms commonly used by gangsters, knowing where to find contraband equipment, etc. - as well as possessing a keen judge of character, being more likely to "sense" deception attempts and ulterior motives through decades of social interactions. While he may not be an expert strategist, Vegas is a keen tactician who is able to analyze a situation on hand and adapt and improvise on the fly.

  • Brawling:  While having no formal martial arts training, his former military career and life on the streets have taught him to develop his own no-holds-barred approach to close quarters combat, emphasizing heavily on unpredictability and ruthlessness. Strikes to the throat, groin or solar plexus, sneak attacks from behind, use of improvised weaponry, even biting and eye-gouging - all is fair game.

  • Marksmanship:  Has been trained to handle a wide range of firearms, but is especially good with his Trench Gun and Colt SAA.


Weaknesses & Flaws: 
  • Instinctive - Vegas is prone to acting and reacting spontaneously instead of sticking to any long-term plan. He is generally not one who understands the concept of delayed gratification.

  • No Sense of Schedule - Outside of his job as a bounty hunter, Vegas has a horrible reputation amongst his peers for failing to honor schedules and deadlines. It is generally typical of him to be late for an appointment by some 30-45 minutes. And that would be on a good day.

  • Code of Honor - Despite his carefree attitude, Vegas is ultimately still driven by a strong code of personal honor and justice. He's never one to ignore others in need, or ignore crimes and injustices around him. His sense of justice essentially makes him have "more guts than brains" at times, and sometimes makes him recklessly start something that he isn't able to finish.

  • Human - For all his experiences and accumulated skills and knowledge from his life as a gang member, Marine veteran and bounty hunter, Vegas is still an ordinary human, meaning that he's still as squishy as they come. 



Vegas is a fairly straightforward, happy-go-lucky sort of guy who flies by the seat of pants, preferring to deal with things as they pop up rather than committing himself to any sort of long-term plan - although such would be expected from someone who boasts about his luck; where short of his family being killed by some psychopath life has been pretty good to him. Though he does get an occasional bout of rage and depression whenever he thinks about how life could've been had his family still been living. Whenever he feels a need for an outlet for his rage and sadness, he takes it out through his job as a bounty hunter, where busting the heads of criminals who deserve it would bring him peace of mind to go back to smelling the roses of life. In Vegas' own words, he calls it therapy, only cheaper. When he's not feeling either angry or depressed, Vegas is basically fun personified, dedicated to making jokes, drinking and plain having a good time, not caring what tomorrow brings as long as he has a good time today.   



Thomas Sandler was born in Las Vegas, and as far back as he could remember his friends had always called him "Vegas" due to the city of his birth, but more importantly due to his phenomenal luck. Life has always been kind to Thomas - he did well in his studies, though he was never among the top students in class; his parents were rather well-off (though not exactly wealthy) so he lived a good life and generally had access to more luxuries than most other boys his age save for those from the truly wealthy (i.e. multi-millionaires) families. Although unknown to him at that time, it was his uncanny luck at work, giving the then-young Thomas almost everything that he wants without ever needing to put in much effort. Eventually, this pampered lifestyle of his would start leading him astray as the boy quickly grew bored with the day-to-day life, and soon found himself mixing in with some bad company, eager to make a name for himself.


So it would come to be, that at the age of 14, young Thomas and a group of juvenile delinquents founded their own gang, calling themselves the "Las Vegas Cats", who aspire to one day become the biggest, baddest gang in all of Las Vegas. It was at this point that he gained the "Tommy Vegas" moniker, as suggested by the leader of the gang that all members take on a call sign, and after realizing how they all tended to get lucky in the presence of Thomas, and as such they found it only fitting that they named him after Las Vegas itself. And hence on that day Tommy Vegas was born. As Thomas Sandler, he continued to maintain the facade of a well-behaved, studious youth; but as Tommy Vegas he involved himself in the activities of the Las Vegas Cats; getting into fights with rival bands of delinquents, hatching new ways to scam unsuspecting people out of their money and other ways to make a quick buck.


As Vegas' luck would have it, by the time he turned 18 the Las Vegas Cats had grown from a band of delinquents into a proper gang in their own right, and were expanding their influence into the Las Vegas Strip itself, with Vegas - or rather, his luck - being a major contributing factor to the growth of the gang, with their primary source of funding coming from Vegas' ability to win big at the casinos' tables and slot machines with alarming frequency, yet never coming up positive for cheating attempts. All that however changed a year later shortly after his 19th birthday, after Vegas met a girl by the name of Valerie Annette Olson, whereby over the next two years they would gradually develop a steady relationship.


As cliched as it sounded, love redeems, and Vegas was looking to make a fresh new start in life for his girlfriend, and as they were engaged to marry Vegas would find himself enlisting as a regular with the US Marines after learning of his fiancee's father being a high-ranking officer in the Marine Corps, looking to impress Valerie's old man in hopes that on the day he would propose for Ellen's hand in marriage it would make it easier for her father to bless their marriage by winning his respect.


Through a combination of luck and his natural talents, Vegas attained the rank of Sergeant in the Marines, and over the next year or so he would find himself assigned to a tour of duty in Iraq during the first Gulf War; it was here that his luck shone - his squad's strikes against the enemy went off without a hitch, and their shots found their mark more often, and Vegas and his squad quickly distinguished themselves in the line of duty, while Vegas himself was well-liked by his brothers-in-arms, unless they sat down to play cards, whereby he would win every single game. At the end of the tour of duty, Vegas returned home to the USA, but it was there that tragedy struck.


Just on the day before he returned home, a deranged gunman had climbed to the top of a bell tower with a hunting rifle and began sniping at people at random, and amongst the unfortunate casualties included Vegas' parents, sister and fiancee. When he returned home to the United States and learned the news, he soon realized that he had no home to return to now, and devoid of a purpose to live for. With a growing sense of detachment towards the world, Vegas broke his bond with the military, and instead took to a life of drifting, akin to the Ronin of feudal Japan or the Drifter of spaghetti Westerns. This lifestyle would continue for an unspecified amount of years, during which Vegas became enamored with the concept of wanderers such as the aforementioned Ronin. With this inspiration in mind, he sought to take up a new lifestyle similar to a drifting gunslinger, a bounty hunter, wandering the earth in search of wrongs to make right.


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