A'dhem Et Maru

A Thread Seaching For Another

He is the one that battles the ineffable, those without names, beings beyond comprehension. The wanderer. A traveller without fixed destination. He searches. You will know him by the evil he has done.

A'dhem Et Maru Most that know him call him Adam or Maru.

A'dhem Et Maru is a man that is a man that is difficult to describe.  His age and the specifics of his appearance depend those that percieve him.  If there is the thought of him as an old guant man with stern features, that is how he appears to that man.  He could as easily be a teenager with attitute or a fat jolly man.

Most interpret him a man in his 40s, possessing impossible vitality and presence.  Physically fit with a powerful build on the taller side of average.  Green eyes, dark hair and noble features.

Often remembered and associated with the color red whether he is wearing anything of the color or not.


He has few possessions.

Iron Prayer Beads.  Each bead of the string an exquisite work of craftsmanship in minute form.

A bag with which to carry his things.  Presuablably there is a change of clothes.

Skills & Abilities: 

Sovereignty of Self; He is His Own Self Aware of the Illusion: Immortal.  His physical capabilities push further than the realm of human.  His strength is legendary.  His prowess without compare.  Half ancient, half alien, his mind is for him to change.

A Man Beyond Time and Place:  All moments are like pages in a book, which are placed together front to back.  It is but a triffle to reach back to take hold of something he once held or move forwards to go to places he is supposed to be.  Miracles are not outside his grasp.

A Thing With No End Has No Beginning; Fist of No Permanance:  A'dhem Et Maru fights incomprehensible horrors without names.  His fist kills the unkillable, defys that which would not be unmade, ends the endless.

Know Him and He will Know You:  There is only the moment for A'dhem Et Maru.  If you have met him, he will know you, no matter the change of time or place, or even if he is himself that is not himself.

Weaknesses & Flaws: 

Destinied to Wander:  He is searching, forever searching.  Until he finds whom he is looking for he will walk the earth.  He can be swayed only to stop for a moment.

His Presense was Foretold:  His comings and goings is not unlike a force of nature.  Always before his arrival there will be a sense of his approach.  Any that are sensitive with sense him, their soul struck like a gong.

For Peace, he must sleep:  He is an ascended being.  Transcendental.  To be this thing, and have a physical form he must also have a begining.  He has past lives and alternate selves that lack his understanding.  Likewise immortal, but tied to the wheel of reincarnation.  Should they be slain before ascending, the cycle must be started over again.  For reasons of his own, he returns to the wheel time and time again so that he may transcend again.


There are many stories and tellings of tales about who or what A'dhem Et Maru is or was before what he has always been before.  This is the one he acknowledges as having truth. 

Long ago, indeed, before time itself and therefore before knowing, the beings that weave the tapestry of creation cast out those that came before them.  Entities of unmaking, unknowing and maddness; existing before time so existing outside of it.   The beings of making and creation, those that would weave creation and give life to the world could not keep their tapestry from being noticed. 

The old gods, elder in power and scope.  Though gods they were not, but beings of ineffible might that would rend the tapesty, sunder the veil and inject the corrupting knowledge of thier existance; maddness.

The Weavers could not stop them themselves.  The Tapestry would have to survive and keep the viel closed.  Thus two threads were created interwinded upon each other.  Two threads were two people whose love was true; destined to be together.  Maddness would corrupt and consume all that would protect against the elder beings, so maddness was bestowed upon the threads by seperating them and keeping them apart. 

Always the one must search for the other.  And always the other must wait.  Always must the tapestry be protected, for without, they will never meet.

Sun, 03/01/2015 - 23:50
Sun, 03/01/2015 - 23:50
Played by: Shush