Malms Vovokosi


A halfling combat mage and former Chosen One, figuring out what comes next in his life.

Malms Vovokosi
Smidge (don't call him a halfling, are you racist or something?)

Malms stands just under three feet tall, short even for a Smidge. He has black hair with bluish highlights, generally kept cut short for convenience, blue eyes with the pronounced eyeshine of the southern clans, and a light complexion darkened and freckled by long time in the sun.

He's generally dressed in practical mage robes over tunic, trousers, and well-worn boots, and is rarely seen without the Staff of Skyfall nearby.


Staff of Skyfall

Malms is almost never found without the Staff of Skyfall, an ancient relic, long lost but found and reforged for him. As tall as Malms itself, it is made of a black metal, the bottom sharpened for use in defense if necessary and the top capped with a finial in the shape of a stylized falling star.

To anyone with any sort of magic sense, it's obvious that the staff is a weapon, and a potent one - its aura is palpable, and indeed it tends to flare to visibility when Malms wields it, wreathing it in a corona of purplish light. It has no innate power itself, but serves to amplify and focus Malms' energies when he casts. In addition, the metal it's made of contains meteor iron, providing the necessary sympathies to cast the spell for which it is named. 

Combat Gear

If expecting to go into battle, Malms has a suit of mage armor, custom built for him by Torias G'baur, the renegade magitech engineer and traitor to the invading G'bauro Empire. Looking like a hybrid between a plug suit and traditional mage's robes, the armor provides extra protection against physical and magical trauma, and the HUD in the hood has IFF functionality and tracking capabilities. Malms hates wearing the stuff, but sometimes it's the lesser of two evils.

General Stuff/Odds and Ends

Malms almost always has potions, magical poultices, and the equivalent of a magical field aid kit squirreled away in his robes, along with other things likely to be useful in a pinch - a length of thin rope, trail rations, things like that.

Skills & Abilities: 

Mage of the Black

Trained in the combat uses of the dark triad of elements - fire, ice, and lightning - Malms is a terror on the battlefield. Most of his experience was in small groups, so he's picked up a few defensive tricks (the shields he can invoke lack the resilience of one more attuned to elements more suited by nature, but tend to work spectacularly well on the few blows they absorb before failing) but his magic is mostly offensive - gouts of fire, lightning leaping from foe to foe, shards of ice. 

In addition, casting in the style Malms is trained in creates a chaotic swirl of energy in his aura, which provides a certain amount of protection against direct magical assault. Not impenetrable by any means, but enough to dull the worst of an attack.

Soul Forged By Trials

The beings summoned by the Callers counted among their dread talents the ability to bend people's hearts and minds to their service. The blessing of the World-Heart shielded Malms from the worst of this effect, keeping his will free, but the exposure to their power has left him extremely resistant to mind-altering magic even without the World-Heart's protection.

Weaknesses & Flaws: 

Size Isn't Everything (But It's Surely Something)

For all his magical power, when it comes down to it Malms is barely three feet tall.

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