Kay Mitchell - K.E.I. Unit 01

Kinesthetic Electronic Interface

Naomi Anne Mitchell a.k.a. Kei a.k.a. 'Kay.'
Human Cyborg

Given her short height of 5 foot even, and that she dresses in concealing eccentric clothing from the neck down, clothes that have been described as if she were a three year old that just put on all of her favorite things, Kei seems painfully young. 

Mainstays of her clothing choices are stripped stockings, opera gloves, and a tutu, coupled with some sort of jacket

Her hair is purple and it's length is fantastically long, normally hanging past her waist down to her knees if left loose, but normally kept up in a messy bun with a large loop.  Her eyes are a bright green.


Concealed Weapon Harness- She has a small rig for her pistol and knife which puts them at the small of her back.  So long as she wears a jacket or other garb, she can conceal her weapons from sight and still reach them speedily.

Grab Bag- Instead of a purse, she instead carries with her a military surplus rucksack.  It looks like a courier bag to the uninformed, but is of a studier construction than norm.  She tucks everything away into the rucksack that she doesn't plan to use, but likes to keep close by.  Along with her wallet and IDs, both fake and real, she keeps some emergency rations.  Small chalky food bars that at best taste bland and unappetising, but has everything a brain needs to survive.  (If she does not have her bag with her, then she does not have the items that are normally kept in the bag, unless otherwise specified.)

Dayglow Electrolaser - A heavy energy pistol that can duplicate the effects of sunlight utilizing multi-spectrum lasers.  It has a secondary function which is to fire as a wireless taser, transmitting the shock through an ionizing laser beam.  Capable of 50 normal shots per battery, or 10 heavy laser blasts.  On the stun setting, it's practically unlimited.  She has two spare high capacity batteries that recharge over time just by being near her person.

Combat Knife- A hold over from her past life.  Large and heavier than it looks; it's construction is an exacting arrangement of atoms that is as indestructible as a knife shaped non-magical weapon can be.  Coupled with her increadible strength, she can pierce tank armor with it.  Through a beneficial fluke of manufacture, it also has a mild grounding nature against most magics.

Machette- It has longer, thick chopping blade compared to her her knife.  Surprisingly good forge quality, made out of a car's suspension spring by a displaced bladesmith in need of work, but is otherwise mundane.  It is cumbersom enough that Kei can not normally conceal it on her person unless she straps it to her leg and hides it under a dress.  Normally it's kept in her bag.

40mm Grenade Launcher- Her grenade launcher is a single shot, breech loader with a stubby barrel and a pistol grip making it look like a giant matte black flare gun.  It may sound crazy to carry a grenade launcher in your bag, but the real reason that Kei keeps it around is variety and versitility of 40mm munitions produced.  Grenades, yes, but also tear gas, smoke, flares and more esoteric ones.  The only type she can get with any sort of frequency, and the ones she uses most often are the less-than-leathal beanbag rounds.  A powerful knockdown punch able to be fired over a significant distance.  This item is normally kept in her bag.

Super Awesome Corgi Puppy- More pet than equipment, but Rex the runty corgi is an awesome, super cool dog.  He does tricks and stuff.  And who can say no to those stumpy little legs?  Though he can fit in her bag, he is a stay at home dog for the most part.

Skills & Abilities: 

Cybernetic Eyes - Her bright green eyes are magnificent miniaturized sensors and look like human eyeballs. The only giveaway is that they are, perhaps, a little too perfect, systematic and round.  If one were to get right up into her face and peer at them with a magnifying glass, they might be able to decern delicate circuitry within her irises.  Enhanced vision granted by these eyes are: Microscopic and Telescopic vision, Flash protection, Light amplification for night vision, Stereoscopic Rangefinding and the ability to see into the Infrared and UV ranges.

Electronic Ears- Kei's ears are essentially directional microphones and are quite sensitive. With automatic noise dampening to take care of all the loud explosions she is often exposed to.  Not one of the original features, but Kei has crafted a sonar program to pick up on footsteps around her and match them to their owners if she has identified them.  Not 100% effective.

Super Strength Myomer Bundles- Kei has first generation myomer bundles that make up her musculature granting her superhuman strength.  At peak performance, Kei would hypothetically be able to lift and throw 20 tons, run over 40mph and make leaps of 30 yards.  The original idea for this was that, in the event of a downed pilot, the cyborg would be able to tear off the armored hatches of enemy vehicles, gain entry, and take them over.  Given that the first generation myomer bundles were prone to overheating and would then lose strength they were determined to be impractical and phased out for more heat efficient models with fewer diminishing returns.

Hard Wired Reflexes- Kei's brain has been cut into and altered is several ways

Neural Emeshed Computer-

Psychic Powers

Hard Won Kung Fu

The Little Engine That Could-

Weaknesses & Flaws: 



Dead Weight

Hanger Queen

Mental Blocks





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