Vadis the Indiscriminate

Level 38 Master in the Order of the Golden Bough

A pompous old wizard and member of the Order of the Golden Bough, whom is insufferably very good at magic.

Wizard. Formerly human, but wizards are clearly superior, yes?
Male! Everyone knows that women folk are too rational and sane to make cosmic powers their plaything.

Tall and stout, made to seem taller by a large stovepipe top hat.   He wears exquisite suits underneath his lavishly emroidered wizardly robes. 

He has a loud, mellifluous voice with vaugely aristocratic intonations and is an excellent speaker.


His hat is enchanted and acts like a bag of holding.

Skills & Abilities: 

MAGIC! - The increadible powers of the cosmos are his to bend to his will!

Chicanery, Brinkmanship, and Political Backstabbing- Being a member of the upper echeleons of the Golden Bough are not for the faint of heart.

Legerdemain-Sometimes the greatest magic is picking someone's pocket.

Weaknesses & Flaws: 

Team Player- Of course he's a team player.  For his own team.  Which consists of just him.  He can certainly twerk the nose of all those players on those other teams, though!

Helpful Magic Hands- He's not very... discerning when he throws magic about.  Fireballs are usually uncomfortably close, enchantments might enscorcell bystanders that stand too close, and divinations might not exactly be private.  People should know better than to stand too close!  Or to give more specific instructions!

Gluttony- Don't stand between him and the cheese board or buffet table for  Wizards are not subtle about their need for brunch and quick to anger!

Anti-Magic Worlds-He's heavily dependent on his magic and avoids worlds that dampen his powers as ghastly, uncivilized, plauge-ridden ghettos.

Predjustices and Biases- He's full of them.  Chief among them is a discernable misogynistic streak. He loves women.  Beautiful creatures. They'll never amount to much as wizards though!  (Save the Queen, of course. Hem hem.  She's royalty, after all, and exceptions must be made.)


Mischevious, overbearing, selfish, condescending and arrogant.  He's the sort of guy that is bewildering to deal with for those unaccostumed to full-of-themself wizards and easy to paint as a villain, but is actually a fairly decent chap at heart.


The secret origins and training of wizards is not for the like of you!

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