John Marshall Smith

Steinway Smith

Noir style detective from the near future with a penchant for gun-slinging and the piano.

John Marshall 'Steinway' Smith
His IDs say 42

6'2"  He's physically fit and muscluar, thick through he torso proving that he is no stranger to exercise and weight lifting. 

You'd see that he has pale blue eyes if he didn't wear shades all the time.  (Even at night.)  The smartshages perch over a distinguied nose that's been broken once or twice, but set well.  Dark brown hair on top of his head and he has a goatee of the same color.  A day or two of stubble often grace his square jaw.

His normal clothing consists of a motorcycle styled leather jacket with a peacoat over that. They offer him some protection, without being paranoid armored clothes, and allow for quick clothing changes.   Whatever shirt he's wearing underneath is hardly ever seen.  Jeans and a heavy duty shoes complete his normal wear.


Smart Optic Shades- They protect him from blinding lights, protect his eyes better than most saftey goggles, provide low light vision, infrared and a Heads Up Display for data streams.

Ear Nodlues- Inserted into his ears, they allow for sound dampening, automatically blocking out sound above a certain volume.  Like gunfire.   Otherwise they allow for normal hearing as well as sync up with devices and act as a regular earbud.  Virtually invisible, they can only be seen by looking directly into his ear cannal.

Guns- He owns all sorts, but Steinway usually only has a pistol on him.  Normal day to day carry is a semi-automatic of moderate caliber with a high capacity magazine. 

Low Profile Body Armor- Steinway may shoot the occasional person, but he doesn't like being shot himself.  It's rated to protect against conventional handguns.  Against larger weapons, well, it might save his life.  This particular set is also pretty good against knives and offers some padding for blunt trauma.  Never leave home without.  Sometimes makes going to beach awkward.

Personal Electronic Device.-  It's a miniture computer that he can link up with his shades and make phone calls with.  Also has a camera, a holographic projected interface and is about the size of a zippo lighter.   It's a SuperSmartPhone.

Piano.  - Obviously kept at home.  A Steinway Baby Grand Piano from the Golden Age.  It's a treasured possession and the one from which he takes his nickname.

Specialist Equipment- He has access to, but doesn't usually have on him, survellience equipment.  His glasses and phone are usually enough, but he can get his hands on cameras, listening devices, ghost detectors and so on without much trouble.

Skills & Abilities: 

Musician-He's a very good pianist.  Has perfect pitch.  He could make it in the cutthoat world of concert pianista, were he inclined to, but not enough to be a headliner.  Dealing with People and their unsavory dirty laundry is far easier.  Money is better, too.

Detective Skills-  He's good at police work and and has a broad knowledge base of investigative techniques.  He's not at the level of Sherlock Holmes, but he doesn't have to be to take care of the cases that come his way.  He just has to ask the questions and lots of them, until he stumbles across the 'right questions'.  Usally doesn't take him long.  He's also has a firm grasp of penal codes and criminal law, such as it is, as much as any Warden.   If it's part of the trade, expect that Steinway is reasonably skilled or knowledgable.

Rough and Tumble-He's got some proper training, some solid techniques, and is peppered with experience.  He'd give himself favorable odds against any average palooka, even a couple of them, that aren't professional fighters with crazy kung fu skills.  Special Move: Pistol Whip.

Quickdraw Expert- He's got fast reflexes and a lot of practice.  It takes more than just a fast hand and he is good enough that he's reasonably confident enough to draw and fire on people that already have guns drawn on him.  He's fastest with a six-shooter in a special quickdraw holster, but even with his typical shoulder carry you'd have to be higher ranked than him in the quickdraw circuits, or outright inhuman to beat him in a quickdraw.  (He hates that there are people around that are outright inhuman.)

Word on the Street- He keeps his ear to the ground and maintains a network of contacts.  Interesting rumors and potential clues usually find their way to him eventually.

Just Your Everyday Cowboy Stuff- He can ride a horse and use a lasso.  That's wierd, right?

Weaknesses & Flaws: 

Headaches- He always got a bit of a psychic buzz going on in his head which gives him constant headaches.  Can make him grumpy.  Altering his brain chemistry with alcohol soothes them.

Beautiful Women- He's more likely to be a sucker for a pretty face.  Men, am I right?

Narcissistic-He's pretty self-centered.  He thinks of it more as a pro rather than a con, after all, he's marvelous.  Except when smug bad guy villains think they're smarter than him.  That really horks him off and makes it personal.

Personal Vices- He's a hard drinker, smokes and doesn't care if other people think it's socially acceptable or not.  He can hold his liquor and doesn't usually get drunk while on the job.



Irreverent, dissillusioned with most of humanity and not afraid of admiting to being narcisitic.  He keeps himself somewhat aloof as a matter of professionalism.  It helps when observing others and analysing their motives to be clinical.  He is a Private Investigator, so reading people is important.  Grousing and kvetching are his primary meathods of bonding with others.


If you were to ask Smith, he would tell you that he grew up in an affluent household.   His family owned a cattle ranch in wide open land.  As a child he got piano and riding lessons, while his father and uncles taught him how to shoot and rope a steer. 

Then his father died and his uncle took over and he was disinheirited.  He could of been upset about that, but he didn't really want to run a ranch anyhow.  And hey, the one he grew up on was mostly for show.  He didn't really know what he wanted at the time, so he went to school on a musical scholarship.

That's all more or less true, except the disinheirited part, but they're actually the memories of the man he was cloned from.  Being a clone is also why his name is the very common John Smith.  His origins are that of a human cloning  experiment, the goal of which was engineering psychic powers.  He wasn't deemed a success.

One might think he'd take umbrage with being a human test subject or that he'd be killed for being a failure, but he did have the memories of (and effectively was) someone that voluntarily participated in the experiment.  He had the option to stay and help out, but instead relocated off-world.  From there he joined a Foreign Legion, naturalized, then became a Private Investigator after obtaining a license.

His residence is in Everfield.  It reminds him of the memories he has of his youth and as a bonus he doesn't have to worry about his house and all his possessions disappearing into the ground.  His office in the Night Canton and that's where he can usually be found.

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