Hank the Hound

News Hound

An intrepid investigative reporter with a nose for the truth.

Henry MacKenna a.k.a. Hank MacKenna, the Hound, and/or Blue.
Blue Merle Border Collie

Hank is a handsome fellow with brown eyes, black nose, mostly black semi-erect ears and a dappled coat of black, grey-blue, and white.   His hair is a tuft of grey on top of his head that is styled with a casual flair.  He is about average height, standing at 5'10",  with an innately athletic build.

Hank wears either khaki pants or jeans most of the time, running shoes, a button up shirt, a zip up hoodie and a cargo vest with a lot of pockets on it.


Hank has all the items you might expect a journalist to have.  Normally on his person you can find a very nice camera, a small laptop for writing his stories, pens, penciles and notepads, small video and voice recorders all tucked away in his various pouches or bag.

Soapbox- He also has a Journalistic blog that he publishes to as regularly as he can, giving him a voice in the public forum.

Skills & Abilities: 

Hank isn't a highly trained athlete or properly trained fighter, but he is, none the less, innately atheletic with abundant energy and takes to running naturally and has a spirit for scrapping that has seen him through till now.

On the Journalistic side of life, he maintains a large network of contacts, friends, and allies.  He's a pretty decent writer, informative and brief which he couples with a good eye for photography.  On the shadier side of investigative reporting, he also has experience at picking locks, breaking and entering, disguise and conning a person to get his stories through social engineering.

Nose For Truth -  His secret weapon that really makes him stand out from the rest of the pack is his nose.  He has a highly developed sense of smell and is an excellent tracker based just on scenet, but when coupled with his cunning, he's world-class at tracking through nearly any environment.  He can break down and analyze a scene based on just the scents.  What's more is that he can smell when someone is lying, even pathological liars.  He studies bodylanguage and mirco-expressions as well, and together has a better success rate than mechanical lie detectors for determining when someone is lying to him.

Weaknesses & Flaws: 

The Hound knows what the nose knows- Hank keeps the extent of his nose's abilities to himself.  Mainly because it's not completely infailable and it can also be stymied.  He can only smell a lie on a person if that person knows they are lying.  Pathological liars that don't normally have tells will usually set him off, but delusional or schizophenic individuals will not.  Similarly, if an individual has a biology that is way outside the norm, his nose won't pick up on it and he'll have to rely on his observations instead.  Robots, naturally, can lie right to his face without him being able to tell unless he catches them at it.  Additionally, If his sense of smell is overwhelmed or otherwise deadened, he become disoriented and unable to focus.

Somewhat Famous- Hank is pretty well known for someone that isn't a celebrity of some sort.  His stories more than himself as his face isn't attached to most of the articles, but his name is in the byline and his picture is easy enough to find.  Sometimes people are reluctant to talk to him.  Go figure.


Hank is a gregarious guy, sociable and a bit of a dare-devil.  He is curious and interested in people.

He loves pursuing a story and then telling people about it.  When he is inbetween stories, he can become restless and irritable and that is when he takes the most risks, going out for free-climbing, or sky-diving and watching underground fights.


Hank has been a journalist ever since he joined his high school newspaper. 

He exploded onto the scene when he came through a wormhole generated by the PRD shortly after graduation and rather than panic, reported about it to the public, setting up his blog.  Ever since, he's been in every kind of reporting from personal interest, sports, food critic, to war correspondent embedded in a battlefield.

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