Former spacer from another time and place now working as a reluctant portal-diver.

Human...ish. Caucasian appearence.
Late 30's
Indisputably Male

"Local Man", "The Man on the Street", "John Doe"...whatever mental image that conjures in your head, that's probably what Mayfax look like. Six foot even with with a head of straight, short brown hair and a face that could be anyone's, the plain-faced human typically dresses in fairly innocuous street clothes, typically a shirt, rough denim pants, and brown shoes. Sometimes if the weather's rough he'll spring for a hoodie or a brown bomber jacket.


This is where things get...a bit stranger. Mayfax is in possession of a number of tools of weapons of advanced technological sophistication rarely seen even in the Swift Canton. The first is a small metallic jewlery-kit shaped case holding a number of 'pens' ranging from literally pen-sized to the size of a small flashlight. These devices use an unknown force-field technology to accomplish a number tasks from cutting to welding to soldering. Second are a pair decently-sized progressive knives, their blades made of an unknown, but extremely durable material. They've been seen to cut through hide, scales, and bone like rotted silk, and can even penetrate moderate-quality armors with some difficulty. But more often than not they too serve as a utility role more than anything else.

He also carries a number of other more mundane weapons and tools with him, dependent on what he's doing and where he's going Rations, cookware, simple tools, a Swiss Army knife, portable gas mask, sometimes even a concealable firearm. The exact contents of his travel-pack tend to vary.

Skills & Abilities: 

First and foremost Mayfax is a psi of no mean ability. Whether through choice or through force, he's advanced his understanding of his talents significantly during his dimensional sojourn. His two primary fields consist of psychokinesis; the manifestation of mental energy as a force that can exist in and affect the physical world whether as an invisible force, a hazy outline of a psychokinetic construct, or rippling shockwaves of raw kinesis, and psionic 'ghosting'; the ability to emit psionic 'static' that acts as a sort of psychic stealth, making him or others more difficult to notice through natural or supernatural means (the latter is...decidedly more tricky).

In terms of pure telepathy Mayfax is decidedly more limited, mostly restricted to shielding himself and 'talking' to other psis.

He also has practical knowledge in a large range of areas, gained both before and after his disappearence, most of them related to scouting, survival, and self-sufficiency. He knows how to fight, with or without weapons. He can handle most firearms with at least a reasonable level of competency. He knows his way around a first aid kit. And he also knows how to patch up a machine in a pinch, particularly if that machine's from a fairly advanced world.

Finally he has quite the talent for cooking and drink-mixing. Something that's landed him a part-time position as a bartender and cook for the Vagabond, whenever he's not on other business.

Weaknesses & Flaws: 

Firstly his psionic gifts are not without limits. Reaching too far beyond his grasp can leave him blind, bleeding, and, if he keeps pushing, comatose and/or dying. Typically whenever he's pushing himself too much his abilities tend to take on a noticeable white/blue glow.

Secondly, whether due to an allergy or simply some odd quirk of his biology...alcohol. It screws Mayfax up, much moreso than it does a normal human, with even small amounts able to leave him extremely disoriented and with large amounts acting as a straight-up hallucinogen.


This area intentionally left blank.

Okay, seriously, the man's just simply not much of a talker. Never has been, probably never will be. This, alongside his tendency to be fairly blunt and straightforward when he *does* speak, tends to leave strangers with the impression that he's a grump or an antisocial jerk. Those who get to know him better, on the other hand, will find him to be a steadfast friend and a pretty sharp fellow with a rather sardonic wit...albeit one who's still frustratingly close-mouthed.


There's numerous stories in the City of such-and-such being snatched up in a dimensional portal and then dumped into one of the Cantons, but Mayfax's tale is...a bit different. Snatched from his home dimension, then snatched again from from another world right as he was settling down only to be sent on a nasty extra-dimensional and extra-temporal detour before finally being dumped into the City proper, having apparently lived through several years in his journey compared to everyone else's couple of months. It's clear that whatever he's experienced during his travels has changed him in certain, subtle ways. Not longer quite so passive, or quite so keen on melting into the background...there's a definitely a story there, though Mayfax is tight-lipped on the matter (as he is with everything else); simply referring to the whole experience as a 'wake-up call' and mentioning little else in the way of details

Nevertheless, changed or not, to this day he remains working as a freelance portal-scout (typically for the Cartographers), exploring dangerous new worlds for fun and prof-...well, profit anyways. It's a mystery as to why and how he gained this sudden interest in such a perilous vocation and Mayfax, being the laconic fellow that he is, has kept his justifications to himself.

Oh, and he also moonlights as a part-time bartender and cook for the Vagabond.

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