Kate Feathersqueak


Kathrine Feathersqueak (Ke'''Rik Durrikch in her native tounge)
Chittersqueak - Short, winged anthro Guineapigs

Standing at 3' 2", Kate, like most of her race, looks like nothing so much as an anthro guinea pig with cartoonishly large wings.

Specifically this means that she is 'stout' - barrel chested, short limbed, and with an over-sized head perched on a near nonexistent neck. The fingers on her four fingered hands are tipped with claws, as are the three toes on her large, animal-like feet. Large wings fold neatly but obviously on her back, with the tops sitting well above her head, and the bottom edge barely clearing the ground. Fully extended, she has a wingspan of maybe 12 feet.

Her fur is primarily off-white, with a black blaze and dorsal stripe. Her hair is red, and worn in a foot long braid, with an unruly tuft of 'bangs' in the front. Her wing feathers are a slightly darker shade of red than her hair.

She wears sleeveless haltertops in a variety of colors to allow for the wings, short-shorts, and a thick belt with clips for her equipment(see below)



Kate carries four-to-six enchanted single-shot smoothbore pistols on most trips, the enchantments varying based on what she expects to be doing.

They all take the same ammunition (paper cartridges designed for mundane pistols of similar make), with the final effect being determined by the enchantments on the gun.


Fancy goggles! Along with the expected night vision and anti-glare modes, they can also be calibrated to detect magical auras.


She also carries a small selection of other adventuring gear, with and without enchantment. eg. rope, maps, travel rations, firestarting kit.

Skills & Abilities: 


Kate is an excelent markswoman, and is familiar with several common kinds of firearm, both magical and mechanical. She is also competant in hand-to-hand (or hand-to-wing) combat, and can deal quite a bit of damage with her wings if she needs to. 


Kate is a strong flier, able to remain in the air for hours at a time, and can carry approximately 250 lbs. while in flight, assuming the appropriate harness. (While she might be able to do a dead lift of that much weight, it would not be kind to her shoulders.)

That said, her large wingspan limits her maneuverability, and she needs a large open space (or, ideally, a cliff face) to get off the ground.


  • Research: She is well read on City history, and is a competant researcher when traveling further afield.
  • Sense of Direction: Along with a basic level of competancy with reading and sketching maps, Kate is aware of magnetic fields, and habitually uses them to navigate. 
  • Field Mechanic: While it's certainly not her first calling, she known just enough magic and mechanics to maintain her gear, and perform basic field troubleshooting. After all, you don't have the option of taking it in to the shop when you're twenty clicks out from the nearest portal on a dead world.
Weaknesses & Flaws: 

While hardly crippling, her short stature and large wings can be used against her, especially in tight quarters.


She likes to crack wise, but is largely competant and professional.

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