Malcolm Reyes

"But what're the civilian applications?"


Inventor, tinker, scrapyard owner and lastly...toy maker.


Human (Hispanic ancestry)


Mid 30's




Rising up to a height of roughly six foot two, Malcolm presents a rather tall, rather lanky, and rather wiry figure. His skin coloration is of a rather dark hue due to both heritage and long periods of working outside in his scrapyard. Malcolm's hair is likewise a dusty black color that's usually kept short and neat unless he's been otherwise occupied with his various projects.

Clothingwise Mal's not much of a trendsetter. Usually it's some combination of a white button-down shirt and slacks held up by a pair of suspenders. Though sometimes he switches it up with a more casual jeans and t-shirt combination.

Overall the lankiness combined with the rather uninspiring wardrobe gives the impression of a man who's one pair of horn-rimmed glasses and/or ironic t-shirt away from being either a nerd or a hipster.


On his person Mal generally doesn't carry much outside of the clothes on his back, a wallet, and maybe an old flip-phone. He does, however, own a scrapyard in the Smoke Canton that holds an almost uncountable number of strange devices. Most are harmless curiosities, though occasionally useful. Some of them however...well...let's just say he's been in more than a few tense situations with the Wardens over a strange device that he swore up and down he didn't know was a personality-transference array when it appeared in his 'yard.

Skills & Abilities:

First and foremost, the man's brilliant. A creative genius and a gifted polymath of the hard sciences. Give him the time and resources and there's nary an engineering puzzle he can't solve or pile of junk he can't transform into something amazing.

Also his coffee is legendary.

Weaknesses & Flaws:

Put him in the most bleeding edge hi-tech lab or the grungiest workshop you can imagine and he'll be right at home. Put him a kitchen however and you're flirting with disaster. If it's not burnt it'll be undercooked, if it's not undercooked it'll be lopsided and off-tasting, and if it's cereal...Kings and Queens help you if it's cereal.


To most casual acquaintances Mal comes off as an almost painfully stereotypical cheerfully eccentric tinkerer. To those closer to the man however, the inventor can come off as a bit more...temperamental. Stubborn, argumentative, and sometimes even insufferably arrogant; Malcolm Reyes is not a man afraid to speak his mind and not one to shy away from a verbal joust, even if it sometimes leads to him lying on the floor with a black eye or a broken nose. However he can also be a steadfast friend and a man with an unshakable sense of right and wrong, even if that 'right' and that 'wrong' doesn't necessarily resonate with popular opinion or even the law itself. He's also quite fond of children, especially the precocious ones that ask uncomfortable questions.


A lifelong native of the City hailing from one of the poorest parts of the Smoke Canton, a young Malcolm Reyes all but literally fought and clawed his way towards through the perils of of his crime-infested neighborhood to graduate from Gladstone High with honors and even scoring a scholarship to the prestigious Royal Lyceum.

After graduation he worked on a number of projects for the PRD, including publishing a number of fairly well-known articles elaborating on the possible civilian applications of extra-dimensional technology. He even worked with the Forecasters for a bit (allegedly at least, code of secrecy and all that), wanting to put his talents to use against to use in preventing any more cityquake tragedies.

Nobody knows for sure what happened afterwards. Maybe the notoriously argumentative inventor finally fired off at the wrong grant manager. Maybe he was starting to crack from the pressure. Maybe he was simply burnt out from the PRD's notorious red-tape issues. Whatever the reason something just...happened one day and Malcolm left the City's scientific world behind, returning to his native Smoke Canton to take over and renovate the family's old scrapyard business, turning it into a toy shop of sorts, as well as offering other, more esoteric goods and services (try the home-made soap!).

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