Eleuterius Penfield

"Heya, you look new! Need a hand getting around?"

Friendly, helpful sandwich-maker (among other odd jobs) with strange powers and a stranger penchant for acquiring dangerous friends.

Human...esque. Metahuman might be a more closer descriptor. Age: Early 30's.

Going by the scraggly goatee and general hairiness...most likely a guy

Rising to a all of five foot eight 'Looter is a rather short, scruffy-looking fellow, though solidly built from years of numerous manual-labor jobs. His dark brown hair (with eyes to match) is curly and a little on the unruly side, usually kept somewhat short when the man has the free time to find a barber. Clothingwise t-shirts, jeans, and old worn sneakers rule the day in the Penfield closet. And of course, whenever he's in public he's rarely seen without a...strangely mesmerizing plaid jacket of variable coloration.

The Lunchtruck! The sister-construct of the original Lunchbag vendor cart! A white vendor truck with a garishly-plaid logo and a delicious menu offering sandwiches, burgers, soups, chips and more! Skills & Abilities: As inferred by species section, 'Looter is a metahuman with the strange ability to manipulate space. Typically he's used this mostly to teleport around (usually with a telltale 'voop' sound whenever he pops in and out of existence)...though he's pulled some stranger (and in desperate times, dangerous) tricks with his abilities in the past. On a more mundane level a lifetime working odd, low-paying jobs has given him an eclectic range of skills from bricklaying to embalming to doughnut-making and more. In particular the many times he's had to work as a short-order cook has left him with a knack for sandwich-making and deep-frying.

Weaknesses & Flaws:
Just like with a physical muscle, over-vooping or vooping over insanely long distances can quickly leave 'Looter disoriented and exhausted. Pushing himself beyond his limits can leave him outright babbling and incoherent. Also, at least when it comes to people he regards as friends...the man can be kind of a push-over.

Cheerful, helpful, and eternally optimistic. Whatever life struggles or hardships Eleuterius has endured to get where he is today has not dampened his spirit. Always out to offer a helping hand whether to a stranger or a friend, 'Looter is one of the friendlier faces you can run across in the City.

Let's just say...it's been a long strange trip.

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Played by: Sam