Ignitia Jones

Full Steam Ahead

Fire! Fire! Ahhh, the burning! It burns!(pic courtesy of Shush!)

Ignitia Jones, but call her Iggy. Seriously. She HATES Ignitia.
Salamander(mythical fire lizard, not amphibian)

Iggy looks like an anthro dragon minus horns and wings. Instead of hair she has long, long scaled tendrils that she generally keeps tied back. Her scales are a mix of creams and oranges and yellows and reds, speckled and streaked with sooty black. Eyes are glowing amber/gold; they brighten when she's using her elemental powers.

She's plantigrade, and stands about 5'10".

Iggy is also uh...built. She has a nice, curvy figure, but it's overlaid on a large, heavy musculature. This tends to make her a bit less feminine looking in spite of still having breasts and hips.

Which leads us to the fact that Iggy is ridiculously strong. Almost on the verge of metahuman. She can lug around massive amounts of weight, hits like a prizefighter, and can hold her own against beings many times her size. TL;DR: Don't underestimate her if you want to keep all your teeth.

Iggy's almost always in heavy workboots and soot and grease stained overalls worn over a similarly grimy white t-shirt. It's rare to see her in anything else...and almost unheard of to get her in a dress or skirt.


A heavy canvas bag full of various tools and other mechanical equipment. Some of the wrenches in there would be hard enough for a full grown man to lift on his own, let alone be toted around with others.

Skills & Abilities: 

Iggy's a fire elemental. She can control fire in all its forms(including magma), and produce a more or less endless amount of heat when necessary.

Iggy's a railroad mechanic and engineer. If it's train related, she knows it. She's especially fond of steam power(it being the main and pretty much only motive power where she comes from, fire being...abundant), but also loves the big diesels she's learned about since living in the City. Electric trains not so much...they just don't have the same feeling of power and bulk. She's also good with other mechanical things, too(could probably fix your car in a pinch). Model trains and the railroad history of various dimensions are her only slightly obssessive hobbies.

Weaknesses & Flaws: 

Her temper has a hair trigger, and once it's unleashed, she's probably not gonna cool down until she's at least decked someone. 

She's extremely self-conscious. She tends to consider herself unfeminine and undesireable because of her size and strength, and so she just dresses in work clothes, pretty much assuming that anything else would invite ridicule. Of course, her rough and tumble actions do nothing to make her appear feminine, either, but...that's another story.

Being a fire elemental, Iggy's not fond of water. She bathes in lava, and gets her needed energy from that. She can eat or drink for fun, she just doesn't have to. However, drinking plain water or really any non-flammable liquid makes her ill, so she limits her liquid intake to beer and strong alcohols(she used to drink gasoline and motor oil and whatnot for fun but it creeped everybody out). It should also be noted that because of her fiery insides, it takes a lot of alcohol to actually get her drunk, and even then, the effect doesn't last long. She enjoys extremely spicy foods, too, though she can eat just about anything without ill effect. Most importantly, being immersed in water or out in the rain for any length of time makes her miserable...and dampens her powers considerably until she dries off.

All her clothes must be enchanted to be completely fire resistant, or else she winds up naked everytime she gets really mad.

Outside of her control of fire, Iggy has no magic at all. She can't even cast a simple spell, which she's more than fine with, honestly. Magic is one of those weird things that can be used when needed(see above) but she's quite happy to leave to someone else for creating.


Hot-blooded might be a good way to describe her. She's got a hair temper and a quick fist, but if you do actually make it past her defensiveness and uncertainty, you won't find a better or more loyal friend anywhere. She's not hard to get to know in general, being outgoing and gregarious and fond of sharing a beer, but doesn't lend her emotions to others easily(it's only ever gotten her hurt). Her self-consciousness about her appearance is combined with a pride at her strength into a somewhat oddly dual nature, so depending on her mood she may take a comment about her size as a compliment...or she might just sock you into next week.


Iggy was born in the dimension of Cindercone, a world populated more or less exclusively by her own species, the fire elemental salamanders. Though now living in the City, she works there on the main railroad lines, which use a combination of diesel and steam power. A permanent portal allows her to commute every day.


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Played by: Alizara