Gryffyth Gryphon


A hardworking human male who believes he must finish his families work.

Gryffyth Gryphon
Human (Mixed European Descent)

Skin tone: Caucasian, Healthy complexion
Height: 6' 2" (1.88 M)
Weight: 209 Pounds (94.8 Kg)
Build: Wide shouldered, Athletic Build


Has a small apartment located in the Stone Canton, nearer to the center of the disc. It is plainly furnished, and he has a high speed bicycle, a tricycle with a small trailer for somewhat larger loads, and a backpack of supplies stowed there when he is not out for a climb.

He does have quite the collection of various climbing gear and books on the subjects of gear, mountains, and climbing stories. Though he will never admit it, he does own a set of Drachensturmian skis he uses on vacation from time to time.

The only somewhat strange object he owns is a tourist trader sold "Enigma" orb, shaped and marked (supposedly) like the real Enigma core/ball at the top of the great tower, used as a form of mental puzzle. (It is a tricky and very difficult puzzle-box after all) The ball is the size of a large grapefruit. It is kept on his coffee table.

Skills & Abilities: 

Navigation: Stays well connected with the 'Forecasters' group, and generally can find his way around the city and its disc rather quickly. Good sense of direction. Used for his main profession, deliveryman.

Piloting: Somewhat of a misnomer, he can pilot/ride bicycles, tricycles, and other wheeled self propelled conveyance at high speeds with good control.

Climbing: An old family passion, he loves the idea of climbing structures, mountains, anything of great height. Has the usual equipment, but vastly prefers the feel of his own skin on stone climbing, no use of any equipment when he can do it. He is extremely skilled in this as a private preference, and is somewhat knowledgeable of climbing lore/stories.

Grip: Partially do to the previous set of skills, and partially just to good body structure and nutrition, he has a very solid grip, about 1.5 times what his normal musculature would suggest.


He is rather sociable and group oriented, though can, himself, be seen as somewhat old fashioned or stodgy.
Rules and regulations are important and have their place to him.
He is generally a good citizen who wants folks to live in peace and security.
He is hard working and clean, attentive, and quite focused. Somewhat of a leadership vibe.
He has a very strong sense of purpose and dedication, especially to family.
Believes everyone has a duty to learn, know, and explore.


Gryffyth has been a resident of "The City" all of his life. He was raised in the Stone Canton section of the city, and as expected, tends to be rather predictable and loving of stability as a result.

His family was rather well respected in the area, at least until an incident with his grandfather affected the family reputation. His grandfather, Michael "Stone Hands" Gryphon decided to try and climb the Tower to reach the top, and after filing all of the necessary paperwork, began his climb one fateful day. When he reached the level of the clouds and no one could see or track him, he mysteriously disappeared. he never reached the top, never came down, and no one in the Tower has any record of contact with him.

His mother, Porsche Gryffyth, decided, almost a decade later, to try and finish her father's work, and climb the tower. This was somewhat well publicized, and her attempt was, for politics sake, somewhat rushed through. during the climb an unexpected particularly strong set of winds came up, and she was blown off the tower itself after completing only half the climb. Investigation found no evidence of foul play, magic, or other instrumentation that could have made the winds artificially.

That would have been the end of it, save for one further incident. Gryffyth's cousin, Arnold Macklin, a noted psychic and former member of the Forecasters, went into a deep vision quest to discover the truth behind Michael and Porsche's deaths, and the Enigma both wanted to see atop the tower. He was on Day Three of said quest when he awoke from meditation, wild-eyed and quite mad with whatever he discovered. He was never able to articulate any intelligible words after that, and currently lives in a care home for those with Mental Disorders.

Gryffyth has not yet followed in their footsteps, instead living quietly, building his reputation as a solid dependable worker, and taking his time to learn everything he can about structure climbing, the history of the tower itself, and whatever is physically known about the Enigma atop it.

He plans to, quietly and without fanfare, one day attempt said climb, but has thus far only filed the loosest paperwork with the lowest echelons of political bodies. Needless to stay, despite showing the stubbornness of a family native to Stone Canton, various figures are skeptical and hesitant.

Gryffyth has a long way to go, and so quietly bides his time, doing what he can and living as he would have regardless of what may yet come of his quest to know the truth and the facts behind Enigma.

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