Julian Randall



Julian Randall







Physical Description


Physical Description

A skinny, unkempt specimen of a human, whose messy curls frame an intense expression that suggests far greater attention to the outside world than to his own appearance.


Red hair. Green eyes. Pale skin tending to freckles when exposed to actual sunlight.


Julian dresses for storage first, comfort second, with style a distant third. Cargo pants/shorts and heavily pocketed vests are the general rule, with layers added as necessary.




Electrolaser Pistol A taser-like gun capable of sending an electric pulse at the target via a laser-created channel of ionized air. Maximum range is about 100 meters, and each battery 'clip' carries enough juice to stun several average targets of average human susceptibility.


Julian is about as wired as you can get without being a cyborg. He utilizes a wearable computer array, using a video visor and hands-free control setup to perform computing tasks while going about his day-to-day activities. Being a journalist, he also keeps a full suite of recording equipment on him at all times. Besides carrying a standard, high-quality digital camera/camcorder, he has a number of miniature cameras on his person as well, for when he needs to film covertly.


As a journalist, Julian's writing skills are respectable (if a bit stiff and technical at times). Likewise, he knows his way around recording equipment, and is a decent (if not artistic) photographer. Where Julian truly shines, however, is his command of electronics and computing. Whether piecing together gadgets, hacking into systems, or engineering pattern recognition routines to crunch data, he displays a technical fluency one wouldn't expect to find outside of a professional in the field.

Combat Skills

None aside from basic combat tactics learned from video games during his younger years.


Julian is only human, and one might say overly dependent on the comforts of technology.


Inquisitive sometimes to the point of rudeness, Julian often appears more concerned with facts than people's feelings.  He wasn't really used to dealing with people on a social basis [i]before[/i] being tossed into the swirling ether of the multiverse, but over the past few years of being forced to interact with strangers (many no remotely human) his conversation has improved...Somewhat.  


Julian hails from a future Earth where mankind (at least the population not fallen victim to the ravages of the nuclear holocaust) has not quite taken to the stars, but is advanced enough to be living in planetary orbit.

An accident involving defenses made against attacks from a hostile Earth, shunted Julian's colony into another corner of the multiverse, and to make a long story short, intrepid journalist Julian was the one sent to the planet's surface to investigate whether it was safe for the colony to make contact with the otherworldly population.

An overwhelming task to be sure, and further complicated by Julian falling into dimensions further removed from his stranded colony.  

He now finds himself in the City.

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Played by: Decipus