The Earth My Bed

A very powerful Earth Elemental in the shape of a large, wingless dragon.

Erde(At least, that's what she'll tell anyone)
Earth Elemental/Rock Dragon
Older than the hills. Literally.

Think of a cross between a sturdy lizard and a pile of ambulatory rock, and that's more or less Erde. She stands about ten feet at the shoulder, craggy and rough, with heavy limbs, tail and jaws. Mosses and lichens decorate her here and there, as well as very old patterns of Futhark runes(they spell nothing in any known language said runes were ever used for). The latter glow a soft amber color when she works earth magic. Clear crystals jut randomly from every dorsal serface, taking the place of spines of fins on any other dragon. Erde has no wings, though she does have a couple of large spurs of rock and crystal clusters on her shoulders. 



Skills & Abilities: 

Erde is solidly built. Her main defense is to crush whatever's annoying her, either with a paw, her jaws or her tail. Or else simply by laying on it(she is made of rock after all).

She's an Earth elemental, so anything rock or earth related is at her command. In fact, annoying her tends to provoke localized earthquakes.

She has three types of breath-weapon:

-Magma, where she spews magma

-Sandblast, a harsh torrent of sand that can strip flesh from bones and whatnot

-Boulders, which is sort of like a cat hacking up a hairball, only with really big, heavy rocks

Weaknesses & Flaws: 

Erde does not like heights. She prefers her feet solidly on the ground. As such you will never see her in any of the outer edges of the City.

Though hard to irritate, once you've managed to provoke her, you might want to,

She can often slip into German while speaking without really noticing, making communication sometimes difficult.

She's never in a hurry for anything; trying to rush her just results in a lot of frustration for the rusher.



For the most part, she's pretty mellow, honestly. She is made of rock, after all, the most patient and slow to change of all the elements. 

Fri, 02/27/2015 - 23:21
Fri, 02/27/2015 - 23:21
Played by: Alizara