Timothy ShadowSinger



A canine medium. To those without enhanced senses, he's a fairly unremarkable dog-person - a flamboyant dresser, perhaps, but otherwise nothing special. He has the ability to sense anomalies of the spirit/soul, as well as being aware of ghoulies and ghosties and other things on the spirital plane.


Timothy ShadowSinger


35 ( While he is no longer sure of his exact age, he needs something for the paperwork)




Dogkin - digigrade anthropomorphic dog, basically.


ShadowSinger's fur is white, with red-brown patches on his back, shoulders, ears, and tail, and a smattering of 'freckles' across his muzzle. Paw-pads and the insides of his ears are pink. Black nose.


With his thick fur, bottle brush tail, large prick ears, sharp muzzle, and athletic build, were ShadowSinger an actual dog, he'd probably be categorized as a husky mix. Beyond that, he gives the impression of being well put together, and indeed, fussy about his appearance - his slightly shaggy dark brown hair is almost always neatly brushed and tied back with a ribbon, with a thin, two foot long braid hanging just behind his right ear. His fur, likewise, is kept clean and well brushed, and his clothes are well fitted and maintained. He stands at ~5' 10"


Loose black pants, a nice vest(usually in dark, high saturation colours), cravat, and cummerbund/sash. Polished leather shoes. Both his ears have several piercings, for which he favours simple metal studs and hoops - nothing ostentatious, at least by his own judgement. Your own mileage may vary.


A pair of fighting daggers, more for show than anything else.


A large black satchel, which contains(at varying times) his work kit, books, the aforementioned umbrella, his lunch, and various other odds and ends. His 'kit' includes assorted protective charms magical and religious, chalk, notebooks, pencils, and a small netbook computer, which he gets less use out of than he probably should.

Spirit Powers

Medium, Sensitive, Spirit-Speaker. Whatever you want to call it, it boils down to the fact ShadowSinger is acutely aware of, and in tune with, the spiritual/supernatural plane. This is a 'psychic' ability, which isn't quite magic, and isn't quite psionics, but is close enough to count as either, at the GM's discretion. This has a grab bag of effects, but mostly means he sees ghosts(and other spiritual entities/effects), tends to attract their attention, and can do various nifty tricks like compel them to do stuff. It should be noted that aside from charms with inherant magical and spirtual properties, most of his kit is basically a concentration aid; as he will repeatedly tell people, he is not a mage, and cannot actually cast spells.

Other Skills

He had a few courses on how not to kill himself with his daggers, ages ago. ...yeah, that's really about it. He can if pressed throw a punch, dodge, and run like hell, but mostly through raw bodily instinct, rather than anything resembling training.

He's a skilled flautist, a rather good dancer, a competent horse rider, and a not-actually-horrible cook.

Solid, if somewhat pessimistic, grasp of politics, but vastly prefers watching to talking. Or better yet, wandering off with a beer.

Basic first aid training - nothing extravagant, but he at least knows how to apply a tourniquet, not to let concussed people conk out, and the like.

Good with animals - He's a decent stable/kennel boy in a pinch, although it has to be said he prefers the training and exercising to the mucking out.


General squishyness.


ShadowSinger is dapper, reserved, a bit high-strung...and honestly something of an introverted selfish bastard. While not an intentionally cruel man or anything like that, he tries to avoid getting himself involved in other people's problems. His hobbies include the flute, music in general(especially classical and jazz), and badly-written adventure and detective novels. He startles easily. He's rather predisposed to talking in a deferential and non-confrontational manner, as well as using language that is both slightly dated and rather more elaborate than necessary. Aka, he talks like a git. c_c He's fond of animals.


"...you know, I don't think that's really any of your business." While the man's a bit tight-lipped about his early history, it is known that he's a long-time aquaintance of Erica Rire-Hyene.

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