Angela Sign

Angela Sign

A blind woman who communes with spirits beyond time and space.

Name: Angela Sign

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Description:  Angela is an attractive, fit human woman.  She has wavy, shoulder-length red hair, usually worn loose or in a casual ponytail.  Angela's eyes are a startling pale blue, and it is easy to tell she is blind.  Angela keeps her wardrobe simple and managable.  Her typical day wear is simply jeans, some comfortable shoes, and a cream coloured blouse (or perhaps a t-shirt if it is warm out).  She carries a white "carry-all" style purse over her shoulder, and of course carries a collapsible white cane wherever she goes.

Abilities:  Angela is a medium.  She communicates with spirits that most normal people aren't even aware of.  While she can sense and speak with ghosts, most of the entities she communes with are alien things that were never alive in any normal sense of the word.  Angela is almost always accompanied by one of her spirit "friends."  Many of them have divinatory powers of their own, and can communicate prophecy and clairvoyant information through Angela.  Interpreting the information given by these (very alien) spirits can be difficult.  They were never anything remotely close to human, and their senses and even way of thinking can be very alien.  Angela does her best to translate for them, but she can never be entirely certain of her accuracy.

Weaknesses:  Angela has been blind since birth.  She does not consider it a handicap.  She is generally aware of her surroundings, and as competent as any fully-sighted person.  Regardless, Angela is completely without sight, and that can cause problems ranges from irritating inconvenience to outright disaster, given the wrong set of circumstances.  Her spirit friends do not act as surrogate eyes under normal circumstances, as Angela prefers to be self-reliant.

Skills:  Angela is a professional medium, competently running her own little business in the City.  She's well versed in the usual supernatural showmanship, though she prefers to stick to a more low-key approach.  Angela has made a formal study of parapsychology, and is more acquainted with the science of her abilities than many in her field.  She has also formally studied mundane psychology, and in fact makes quite a good counsellor even without supernatural assistance.

Personality:  Angela is a quiet, friendly woman.  She is usually smiling warmly, with just a slight hint of "I know something you don't know".  She is a good listener, a skill that is as important to her success as her actual mediumship.


History:  Angela is City-born and an only child.  Her calm, patient demeanor is the result of her upbringing, assisted by the voices of unseen family friends who gave her the support and attention she needed.  It would be some time before Angela realized she was the only one who could hear these voices.

After becoming aware that she was "different" in more ways than one, Angela pursued the study of psychology and parapsychology, learning about her special abilities and how she could use them to help people.  She eventually went into business as a professional medium, offering help and guidance from the spirit world to those who need it most.  Her parlour is not a shadowy place of mystery cluttered with bizarre props, but a nicely appointed modern office with comfortable furniture, like any therapist's office.  Sessions with Angela are pleasant conversations, not harrowing encounters with the beyond.

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Played by: Bob the Outcast