Alex Light

Alex Light

Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean you're wrong...


Name: Alexander Light (obvious alias)

Age: Late twenties or early thirties (assuming natural aging, investigate possible connections to clone farm)

Gender: Male (not confirmed, collect hair and skin sample for genetic analysis)

Race: Anthropomorphic Screaming Hairy Armadillo (absurd.  no such creature)

Description:  Light stands just a little over six feet.  He is thin, almost emaciated in the face, but in good shape.  He's very humanoid, with armoured scales running down his back and over the top of his head.  His scales are a light, greyish brown.  Light is covered in brown fur, including the armoured sections of his body, where it grows out between the armoured scales.  He has a long, armadillo-like face, with dark eyebrows that give him an appearance of constantly scowling.  What fur Light has on his head is always in unstyled disarray. (may not be accurate.  inspect so-called mirrors for holographic projectors)

Clothing/Armor:  Light is a shabbily dressed man, usually wearing a badly rumpled grey suit and an unpressed white shirt, a darker tie hanging loosened around his neck.  His shoes badly need a polishing and his suit desperately needs a drycleaner.  When necessary he carries an equally shabby carry-all which otherwise does not match anything he's wearing. (avoid laundromat until truth behind missing sock problem is exposed)

Weapons:  Light never carries proper weapons.  (dont give THEM an excuse)

Equipment:  Light can always be assumed to be carrying a small digital camera and an audio recorder, as well as a notebook and pens.  He keeps at least one set of lockpicks on him at all times, and is likely carrying semi-illicit hallucinogenic substances.  Depending on the circumstances he may also have a laptop computer, a heavy flashlight, and other investigative equipment.  He will always have a lighter and at least one pack of cigarettes, as well as a pack of gum, though he never seems to chew it.  Light always carries as little paper money as possible, prefering coins. (never pay with plastic. NEVER. inspect paper notes for RFID chip technology)

Abilities:  Alex Light has a truly brilliant deductive mind.  He has an unparalleled talent for data analysis, drawing meaningful information out of seemingly random data.  His ability to recognize and analyze patterns is almost supernatural, and he appears to have a photographic memory.  He constructs lists of anagrams in his head.  He would be one of the most brilliant minds of his generation if he wasn't a complete loon. (blatant narcissist)

Weaknesses:  Light is a paranoid.  With his advanced apophenia, he sees patterns and connections literally everywhere, even when they don't exist.  He sees the hand of "The Conspiracy" everywhere, all connected in an elaborate web of deceit that exists only in his own mind (or DOES it?)  Just a few minutes of conversation with him is usually enough to convince anyone that Light is out of his gourd.  He has severe difficulty trusting anyone at all, and tends to live a very isolated existence. (allegations of paranoia absurd. typical gas-light tactics)

Skills:  Light is not a warrior, but he can hold his own in a fight, making impressive use of improvised weapons with a dirty and undisciplined street fighting technique.  He is a skilled detective, as well as adept at picking locks and pockets, and other minor feats of sleight of hand.  He is a brilliant actor and disguise artist, so accustomed to seeing deception all around him, he has become a master of it himself.  He's quite good with computers, specifically with getting around electronic security systems, and he's an entertaining writer, if obviously a complete fantasist. (dont trust the letters.  you read them and they read you)

Personality:  Light speaks in a flat monotone, often rambling off about irrelevant conspiracy theories or just breaking into stream-of-consciousness paranoia.  Despite his tendency to wander off on tangents, or talk to himself, he's generally a quiet, harmless eccentric.  He is not friendly however, suspecting anyone who even speaks with him of being agents of The Conspiracy.  (i am aware of how i am percieved - result of microwave transmission propaganda campaign)

History:  Alexander Light is most likely a pseudonym.  Attempts to trace the identity tend to stall out only a few years back, when Light began self-publishing a newsletter in the City.  The Lamplighter is a paranoia-infested flyer dedicated to investigating and exposing the sinister conspiracy behind everything, published irregularly and distributed seemingly at random around the City, free for anyone who happens to find a stack of them (back issues can be ordered for a small fee from a P.O. box listed in the flyers).  Issues are not numbered sequentially, and usually have dates that do not match the dates they actually become available, some even listing dates well into the future or decades (even centuries) into the past.  The Lamplighter reads like a slightly more deranged tabloid and is very popular with conspiracy theorists and college students.  Remarkably, the actual journalism that sometimes appears in the magazine is of very high quality, if tainted by the obvious paranoid biases of the author.

Light stays off the grid as much as possible, making it difficult for anyone to track him.  He keeps a small, cluttered apartment in the City, and owns his own car, but no one seems to know where his money comes from, and he certainly doesn't have a social security number.  Light's own history may be the largest actual conspiracy associated with him. (they dont know and they will never know.  hide in anonymity.  use the enemys weapons against them)

(trust no one.  surrender nothing. live free.)

(i am the voice of truth)

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