Alice "Cheshire" Schrodinger

Alice "Cheshire" Schrodinger

A runaway subject from a super soldier project. A fiery cat girl with psychotic tendencies.

Alice Schrodinger, Cheshire Cat (codename), Project 3170
Cat Girl, Super Soldier, Artificial Human

Stands at a humble and unassuming 162 centimeters and sporting a lithe and athletic but not muscular build, Alice has short red hair that reaches down to her collar. Sports a pair of cat ears and a tail, covered with black fur with white tufts at the edges, and other feline features of hers include catlike red eyes (which narrow into slits under bright light) and elongated canines. 

Prefers to dress for comfort and ease of movement, and typically her outfit consists of a pair of denim hot pants and a black bra, although when not in combat she tends to either wear a white longcoat or jacket over it, to be conveniently removed and cast aside before the commencement of any battle.


Casull: An exceptionally large semi-automatic handgun with a long barrel in stainless steel finish courtesy of Hellsing Arms Inc., chambered for the suitably massive .454 Casull round that earned this weapon its namesake. Ammunition is supplied by Hinode Pharmaceuticals, although Alice's tendency to travel light on missions means she usually doesn't carry much ammo for it. Not that she enjoys usage of firearms, finding them a little impersonal for her tastes, but still a good thing to own for the sheer "awesome" factor of it all. Ever since her defection, ammo is a bit harder to come by, so she tends to use it far more sparingly.

Skills & Abilities: 
  • Physical Enhancements: A result of genetic hybridization, Alice is granted with strength, speed, endurance, agility and senses above the human norm. Doesn't quite stack up against Mina in the department of strength, senses (smell anyway) and endurance though. But aces in terms of her enhancements to agility and senses (for sight). Has impeccable hand to eye coordination and sense of timing and balance, as well as being able to see in near-total darkness.
  • Fire Magic: A wing mark appears on Alice's right arm that extends to cover the back of her right shoulder and the right side of her face when her magic is in use. Is far less versatile in her magic usage, being primarily focused on destruction, with little consideration for utility applications.
  • High Frequency Wave-Vibration Claws: Alice can transform her fingernails into claws, which can lengthen to a maximum length of 15 centimeters, and capable of generating an extremely high frequency vibration that disrupts molecular bonds by matching their resonance rate, allowing them to cut through most substances with ease.
  • Spatial Multitasking: The ability that makes Alice a valued member of the Genocide Angels, despite all her flaws, which is also what earned her the "Schrodinger" namesake. Alice possesses a mastery over the fabric of space, and has the ability to project herself across multiple points in space, essentially existing in multiple locations at the same time, commonly known as "Bilocation" or in Alice's case, "Multilocation". She is however, limited to being able to exist in up to nine points at any given time, tops. Each spatial clone of Alice possesses the same set of abilities EXCEPT multilocation. (while in spatial multitasking mode, her clones cannot self-replicate) In effect, it creates the illusion of Alice (like what they say of cats) possessing nine lives, as each clone exists independently of one another and will not be affected by one of them dying. And upon reuniting as one the spatial clones of Alice will absorb the gained experiences while separated. Thankfully, the ability is highly taxing, and this state can only be used by Alice once per day, and maintained for no more than 10 minutes when at full blast. (i.e. 10 minutes when existing in nine bodies; for every one less body, the time she can spend in a multitasked state increases by 10 minutes, up to 90 minutes when existing in only two bodies)

Skills: Alice is trained as an assassin, and is well-educated in the ways of the street and other rogue skills, usually related to stealth and street smarts, to blend in amongst civilians and get from point A to point B without raising an alarm. She excels in an urban environment, where she feels to be "in her element".


Weaknesses & Flaws: 
  • Being raised and trained as a living weapon hasn't helped her at all in developing anything resembling social skills. Tends to have the "whatever I can't have, I take" mindset when it comes to things that catch her fancy, and is easily set off by things not going her way, which her typical response tends to involve violence. Lots of it.
  • Has difficulty reining in her bloodthirsty urges. When subject to stress she has a tendency to fly off the handle and abandon any sense of tactics, discipline and efficiency and revert to a feral hunter's instincts. Great for missions where the objective is to simply kill everyone in sight, but not so good for missions involving capturing someone alive or where minimal collateral damage is required.
  • Is easily distracted by fish, balls of yarn and rodents. Occasionally subject to Rule of Funny abuse such as chasing after a ball of yarn being tossed over the edge of a building.
  • Has a fear of dogs (although for some reason dog girls and dog boys are not included), and when confronted by dogs her first instinct is to run, unless forced into a corner. Also has a strong dislike for swimming, and will go out of her way to avoid entering bodies of cold water, and does not like getting washed down by hoses.



For the most part, Alice lives up to the very alias that her handlers gave to her - "Cheshire Cat". On the surface, her demeanor certainly shares many similarities with those of a feline; a generally laid-back and easygoing attitude that is spiced up with a playful (sometimes in a sadistic way) streak, as well as an independent and somewhat cavalier attitude, which explains why Alice generally prefers solitude - although on occasion when she does crave attention she can get very charming and articulate, often nuzzling against the other party in a catlike fashion. It's often hard to tell what Alice is really thinking, as those who know her long enough will say that her often-grinning countenance is NOT a reassuring sight.

Thanks to years of "personality adjustment" by Hinode staff in an attempt to create the perfect living weapon, Alice possesses strong predatory instincts - she lives for the thrill of the hunt, and often takes pleasure in asserting her dominance. Some might say, in Alice's case, they were successful. Too successful, in fact. For one of the greatest problems with this test subject was her difficulty in reining in her hunter's instincts, and in the heat of battle has been known to break free from her military training and indoctrination to revert to a semi-feral state, ignoring concepts like discipline, efficiency and tactics to rush headlong into battle to immerse herself in the thrill of the hunt and prospect of bloodletting. To say the least, collateral damage is always one of her handlers' primary concerns whenever Alice is assigned to a mission. And they thought worrying about Mina's ability to bring in a target alive was a headache. (back in her days as a Genocide Angel)

As far as her morals go, Alice's moral compass is highly-skewed if not broken altogether. For her, it's not so much of a matter of right or wrong, but rather what's in it for her. Due to this however, despite her often defiant attitude her handlers in Hinode Pharmaceuticals have managed to keep her under control by appealing to the cat girl's interests, and that has worked remarkably well. As long as she benefits from being under Hinode Pharmaceuticals, her "loyalty" is ensured.

And as for likes and dislikes, Alice has a strong liking for fish, and has an especially soft spot for tuna. Also likes anything that looks like fishes or rodents, and has a liking for mouse-shaped gummy candies for that reason, often toying around with one a bit before eating, much like a cat would sometimes toy around with a mouse before going in for the kill. Tends to spend a good portion of her inactive hours sleeping, which is also a favorite pastime of Alice's, along with reading or watching TV from time to time, with one of her favorite books being Alice in Wonderland. As far as her dislikes go - cruelty towards cats, cat girls and cat boys are a major berserk button for Alice, as well as anyone other than herself stalking Mina.



Like Mina Romille, Alice Schrodinger's life began as part of a science experiment to create weaponized human-animal hybrids possessing magical abilities thanks to crystal implants inside their bodies, part of a program to create living weapons for various purposes, courtesy of Hinode Pharmaceuticals. Designated as Test Subject 3170, Alice was part of the same batch of experiments as Mina, and as such was inducted into the Genocide Angels program at the same time as Mina, at the age of six - enduring a series harrowing trials that would go on for nine years, surviving - no, thriving in spite of the harsh conditions to become one of the few successful candidates. Being from the same batch of test subjects as Mina, Alice was often assigned as the wolf girl's partner, and during their time as Genocide Angels the two girls developed a rivalry which also in a twisted way a form of friendship.

Needless to say, Alice hadn't taken the news of Mina's defection from the Genocide Angels well at all, suddenly feeling as if a massive void has opened up in her life in the absence of the days of their constant mutual taunts and challenges during missions, and felt that her former teammate and rival had made a horrible decision. If she had her way, she would love to track Mina down to convince her of the error of her ways. But for now, as long as her handlers order otherwise she bids her time as a Genocide Angel, while eagerly awaiting the fateful order from her handlers.

After her fateful confrontation with her former co-worker, Alice would soon learn that her loyalty to her masters was all in vain - she was no less of an expendable tool to Hinode Pharmaceuticals than Mina was, and gradually came to understand why Mina came to defect the way she did. And the company's attempts to dispose of Alice as a punishment for her failure was the push she needed to once and for all sever all ties with the company, escaping into the city on the eve of her scheduled date of termination, where she would eventually be found by her former co-worker, who'd since found a new life by running her own detective agency.

With nowhere else to go, so it would be that Alice would reconcile her differences with her former co-worker, bringing them back on the same page as the same friends and comrades as they used to be, albeit now operating independently rather than as the thralls of a ruthless megacorporation.

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