James White/Eve

James White/Eve

Just your average joe who is...not so average anymore.

James White/Eve
Human/Nanite-Powered Lifeform

Stands about 5 foot, 11 inches in height with an about average physique and fair skin. Eyes
are hazelnut with short deep brown, almost pitch-black hair. A bit on the bulky side in terms
of a body frame and typically wears darker clothing, namely a grey top with black sweatpants
and shoes with a dark hoodie.

However, due to being composed of nanites this is just the form he is most comfortable with.
Another form is a beautiful girl in her adolescent years with long flowy silver-white hair and white skin,
donned in a white flowing dress with leggings and silver heeled shoes and fingerless gloves with
a skin-tight suit underneath and a flowing white and silver cloak. Also has a white rose in her
hair and silver eyes with long lashes.

As stated though, this is just one of any number of forms Eve takes. These are just the main ones
or those she is comfy with.


Locket-Carries the image of someone very important inside. That person is long since
gone but Mr White carries their memory with her, so as to preserve some aspect of her human life.

Skills & Abilities: 

Thanks to his/her new Nanite-composed body, Eve has an array of powers and abilities at
her disposal, not the least of which includes:

Immortality: Seems to possess this thanks to having his body replaced by one composed of
Nanites as he/she appears to be unable to age, and due to factors listed below, it is very VERY
difficult to keep her down or deal lasting damage to her.

Enhanced Strength: As a result of her new body, Eve possesses an extraordinary amount of
physical strength. Enough to lift materials that weigh in the tons or would normally require
some sort of high-grade machinery to move. Her strength is enough she can break concrete
with her bare hands and bend steel with ease. A jab of her fist can generate powerful gusts of
wind that can blow out large fires. She is so strong that she typically holds back when fighting
human opponents so as not to make them a red smear on the scenery. (She has standards, you know)

Enhanced Mobility: While she isn't beating the Flash in a race anytime soon, Eve is remarkably fast
and agile, being able to outpace a speeding vehicle and pull off gravity-defying feats like rebounding
off walls and jump to the top of high buildings in a single bound. Her sensors also help her to evade
things like gunfire if she so chose. 

Shapeshifting: One of Eve's prominent abilities, thanks to her new body, is to morph pretty much
any part of her being, even her body, into any form imaginable She can apply this in many ways, such
as turning her hands into claws, blades, drills, extend her hair out to snare and whip her targets, morph
said hair into additional weapons like sharp spikes, appendages, and so on. She can even morph her limbs
into actual weaponry like cannons to draw in the energy in the air and fire condensed blasts, among other feats.

Her body can even change its physical structure to things like stone or diamond to make it almost impossible
to harm her, at least with most physical attacks or conventional weaponry. Is capable of making wings for
flight or gills and fins or even a mermaid tail to go underwater. She can even melt her body down into a grey
substance that moves freely, either as liquid or gas cloud (Actually the Nanites) and go places she couldn't
normally go. She can even morph into other people or animals, even blend aspects of other's appearances
to create something new....although this aspect of her power isn't perfect by any means.

Nanomachine Regeneration: Another frightening aspect of Eve is her shockingly powerful healing
and regenerative capabilities. Fill her full of lead, hack and slash her, blow her up, light her on fire,
blast holes through her, and she'll shortly recover and be back on her feet in no time. She sometimes
exploits this to endure the enemy's onslaught so she can get close enough to finish them, or uses herself
as a literal human shield to protect others. This works so well that severed limbs and even her head can
be reattached with ease. Perhaps the most extreme is being able to eventually rebuild from a puddle of
herself. Yeah, it's that good. Also, when in close proximity to others, she can use her nanites to heal people.

Nano Interface: Eve, using her nanites as a link, can interface with various machines and electronics, 
allowing her to acquire vast amounts of intel in a short period, and even communicate with the machines.
She can also hack into mainframes, disabling certain devices and machinery, reprogramming to work for
her, repair, and even "upgrade" in some cases. When in use, markings form on her hands and face.

She can also surf the internet without a computer.

Self-Duplication: Can split up the nanite swarm that makes up her body to create a number of clones
of herself, each with many of her abilities intact and linked due to a neural network. This allows for combat
with large groups and to accomplish multiple tasks at one time. Also, even if they are "defeated" the clone
will simply return to the real Eve, merging with her and she gaining all that clone's knowledge and experience,
meaning...well, the more clones you "kill" the more powerful you make the original...let that sink in for a moment.

Evolution: Eve grows steadily more powerful as she experiments with her abilities, and her nanites continue
to replicate, meaning she is capable of this. Where this will lead? Who knows? But it'll be fun to see...

Cooking: Yeah...Mr White cooks. Particularly well actually. He can prepare a number of dishes but among
his most popular is curry rice and chocolate cake.

Speech-Making: Is a rather eloquent and passionate speech-maker.

Words Of Wisdom: To say White's been through alot would be putting it mildly. There are things all of us
like to forget but in the end those sad, difficult things are part of what shapes us. His experiences have
given him a degree of wisdom and knowledge, which he'll gladly share with you and be your shoulder to
lean on...now please stop staring at her assets, ok? 

Weaknesses & Flaws: 

-As powerful and versatile as her shifting abilities are, they are not quite perfect. Infact, transforming
into anything incredibly large, like a beast of some sort, puts considerable strain on the nanites that
hold her together, especially if she stays this way for long periods. As such, the larger she is, the more
her durability and endurance suffer.

-When copying someone's appearance, there tends to be something out of place like a wrong eye color,
article of clothing looks out of place, voice sounding rather off, not being able to remember something
about the copied person, and so on. 

-She is also highly vulnerable to EMP-type attacks. They aren't enough to kill her, but a powerful blast of
EMP can have some negative effects on her such as paralysis, concussions, even a total knock out. A high-level
EMP can even shut her down for at least several hours. 

-When changing her physical structure, she becomes just as heavy as the material she becomes. Meaning
she's a bit of a sitting duck until she drops the current shape.

-Her Remote Interface is when she's at her most vulnerable, as it requires a great deal of concentration
and energy, so much so she loses contact with the outside world briefly. What's worse, even her healing is
put on hold while this is active, making her especially vulnerable without someone to protect her...

The best way to sum up Mr White is someone who does not like standing out in
a crowd or being the center of attention. You'll likely see him spending most days doing reading, playing
video games, brushing up on his cooking, or just helping people around town. He may not talk much but
he's genuinely friendly, kind-hearted and strong-willed. Although he doesn't talk much it is usually worthwhile
to listen, even if he tends to ramble a bit.
He tends to have a bit of a snarky side to him, trading witty remarks with the AI in the nanobots, as they
tend to play around with his forms quite a bit, their way of "joking around". Yeah...there's a very good reason
the Doc wanted these nanomachines out of his hair, you could say.
Despite this, he isn't entirely naïve, and his trust is not something that is handed out to just anybody,
as he knows first-hand how easily it can be taken advantage of. Although this does sometimes make it
hard for him to build relationships on occasion, or to take things more seriously than he should. That said,
he is known for his honesty and willingness to stand by his beliefs. Once you earn his trust though, you have
a friend for life.
Mr White's story is possibly the kind you people have heard a million billion
times before. He grew up in a very rough neighbourhood, being bullied, teased, and basically
constantly harassed all throughout his childhood. More than a few of you have likely been taught
from a young age that those who do good things will be rewarded while those who do evil things
will be punished? Well, our friend here learned from a young age the harsh fact that this was not
how the real world worked...but they didn't stop him from trying to be a good person.
He stood up for what he believed in, helped those in need if he could, and generally did what little
he could to make things not suck so much. The sad truth being that many people didn't appreciate
this approach to things, and even saw him as a bad influence, keeping their kids away from him.
Nonetheless, this didn't bother him much after a while...or at least he tried not to show it bothered
The young lad worked hard and was a, while socially awkward, very intelligent when it came to
things like school work. His level of knowledge making him a prime candidate for bullying and
Eventually, his parents, who'd spent years neglecting and being irresponsible among other things,
split up and he was sent into foster care. The long years of abuse had made him rather cold, jaded,
cynical and depressed...yet something kept him alive through all that until he managed to, more or
less, let go of his dark past and move forward with his new family. He graduated, went to college, and
started building a future for himself.
That is, until one fateful evening, a night that he has labeled "Probably THE strangest night I have ever
had in my life or ever will have",when the electronics in his house started 
going crazy, turning on and off by themselves repeatedly, spitting out garbled bits of sound and
noise, and just generally unnerving the poor lad...at least until the air crackled and a swirling gate
opened up in his living room. The portal appeared to be unstable though as it sucked in everything
within range...including Mr White.
When he came to, he quickly discovered he was no longer in his room, but on the floor of what looked
like a mad scientist's lab, said scientist lying on the floor and looking like he'd seen a ghost...before loudly
proclaiming his "research" was an actual success for once.
As it turned out, James was still ON Earth, just...not the Earth he remembered. Apparently, the "Doc" always
wanted to prove the existence of other Earths in other dimensions, so he'd built a prototype teleportation
device...and lo and behold, Mr White was the first LIVING person to survive a trip through said portal.
When the young man pretty much demanded to be sent back...the machine broke down on them...oh, and
that wasn't the end of the bad news. When James noticed the machine short-cicrcuiting he pushed the doctor
away and took the brunt of the blast that ensued, leaving him close to death.
...Yeah, you can safely say he's had better days.
Oh, but that's not the end of the weirdness. Apparently, when he came to, another thing came clear
very quickly. He couldn't feel anything, he couldn't even move...and he found out why very quickly.
You know the good Doctor? Apparently, he thought that the best way to repay the lad for saving him
wasn't to rush him to a hospital, oh no, but to dump his entire mind into a Nano Core and reconstruct
him from the ground up with the "awesome power of Nanomachines!' The Doc's words, not mine.
For some reason, the Doc was actually quite pleased that White's mind had adapted so well to
the transfer. Now, while this DID save the poor lad's life, more or less, and give a range of powers
and stuff, if you ignored the whole "turning into a girl to help fight better" that was programmed by
the Doc, that still left one problem: How to get home? 
Well, while the Doc put that on his To Do List, he pretty much booted the poor lad out the door
and sent him on his way.
So, our friend is now stuck on an unfamiliar Earth, technically dead, stuck in a body made of super-powered Nanomachines, how does he deal with it all? Just go with the flow, take up a job at a local café, and basically play the role of a part-time superhero, of course...along with his Nanobot partners who seem to have developed a strange sense of humour. She also spends her days exploring the Multiverse and meeting the residents.
Hey, when you're immortal and got all the time in the world, you gotta do something, right?
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