Josiah Webb

Josiah Webb

Criminal mastermind, expert thief, brilliant plotter. Literally the spider at the center of the web.

Josiah Webb

Josiah Webb is a terrifying creature made up of cobwebs and scuttering spiders.  He usually takes the shape of a tall human male made up of coiled and tangled spider webs.  His face is rough and indistinct, with only a slash of a mouth, and deep hollows glowing with unearthly light for eyes.  There is constant movement beneath his webs, and spiders sometimes skitter over his surface, mending webs and maintaining his form.  He is rapier thin and always impeccably dressed in white shirt and gloves, silver-embroidered vest, top hat and a voluminous black opera cloak.  He carries a cane with a heavy jeweled head in the shape of a tarantula.


It would be wise, in any encounter with Webb, to assume he is armed.  He prefers old fashioned revolvers, ideally with decorative metal work and pearl handles.  At the very least, he will have a small but deadly derringer secured in his hat.  The head of Webb's walking stick can be removed with a twist, separating from the body of the cane to reveal a short and nasty blade, the sort more suitable for murder than duelling.

He always has a gold pocket watch with him, an ancient antique with a cracked face.  He may also carry thieves' tools such as lock picks, though he rarely has need of them himself.

Skills & Abilities: 

Josiah Webb is a strange and terrible supernatural creature.  He is composed entirely of cobwebs and dozens of spiders.  As such he is highly resistant to most forms of damage.  Blunt weapons have almost no effect on him at all (and in fact may become stuck in his pillowy form), while the damage caused by blades can easily be stitched back together by his spiders.  Even explosions will only increase the time it takes to reconstitute himself.

The only sure way to actually hurt Josiah is to kill his spiders.  The fewer he has, the more difficult it becomes for him to function, and without spiders he would not be able to reconstitute his body.  There are dozens, perhaps hundreds of the things, all small and quick and all sharing Josiah's intelligence, and if Josiah is not destroyed entirely their numbers will replenish over time.

Josiah can send his spiders out into the world, attached to him by a single strand of supernatural webbing.  He can see through their eyes and direct their actions, and in a case of absolute emergency may transfer his entire consciousness into the single spider, to begin rebuilding the colony anew far away from whatever trouble he ran into.  An individual spider will not register as particularly unusual to most spells or technology, though its actions may betray its intelligence.  For some reason, birds and other predators avoid taking Webb's spiders as prey, perhaps somehow sensing they are weirdly tainted.

Josiah is a brilliant and cunning thief.  His spiders are mobile eyes and fingers that can go almost anywhere, slipping through the tiniest spaces to reach inaccessible places, picking locks with their tiny legs, and generally going about as unnoticed and unremarked as most spiders.  He is a master plotter and organizer, with contacts throughout the criminal underworld.

Weaknesses & Flaws: 

Josiah is particularly vulnerable to fire.  Flame spreads through his body very quickly, killing spiders as it goes and reducing him to ash in a matter of seconds.  His clothing is treated with flame-resistant chemicals, offering minimal protection, but fire is still a serious danger to him, and a source of fear and discomfort.

Josiah's ego is enormous.  It is difficult for him to resist a challenge, and he easily slips into self-destructive obsessive grudges against real or perceived enemies, and can be goaded into sacrificing his own greater goals for the sake of spite.

Josiah is a hugely unnatural creature, and cannot sufficiently disguise himself as something mundane.  The best he can do is wear a full-face mask, which itself is hugely conspicuous.


Josiah is a brilliant intellect, tragically twisted to evil and criminality.  Greedy, selfish, and maniacally egotistical, he seeks nothing but to enrich his personal fortunes and satisfy his unquenchable ego.  He is a being of incredible cruelty and vindictive temper, he never forgets and wrong done to him, and he never forgives.  He is a plotter and a schemer, more likely to be pulling the strings than actively working in the field, and he obsessively collects information, in case it might some day be of use.  He aspires to sophiticated culture and high society, but for all his genius, Josiah Webb is a small and pathetic creature driven by the most base and profane of motivations.


Josiah Webb was a power of the criminal underworld in the City during the 1800's.  There wasn't a criminal in the City who dared not pay respects to the despicable Mr. Webb, and nary a crime committed that he did not in some way profit from.  He hired his services at outrageous prices to those wealthy and evil enough to employ him, designing and executing complex criminal schemes across the City.

In 1893, Webb abruptly vanished.  No trace could be found of him.  The criminal empire he had spent the better part of a century building collapsed, his contacts scattered, and his name became nothing more than a lingering legend among the criminal class.  Few now truly believe he ever existed.

Now, in 2015, Josiah Webb has resurfaced.  Reconstituted in a new body, with a new era spread out before him, ripe for the plucking.  He despises these newfangled Wardens, with their dedication to order and justice, and does not think much higher of the upstart Rosa Nero, though they at least might be of use to him, if only he can find out who their leader is...

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Played by: Bob the Outcast