Daria Rift-Rider


Daria is the ShipSoul of the missile defense frigate CNS Perlík. At present she is the only crew aboard ship.

Daria Fallhaven Rift-Rider
ShipSoul, human.
15 years' commissioned time.

Daria is the complex projection manifested in the real world to represent herself. As such Daria has no set appearance, and it can change on a whim.

She likes to play up her unnatural nature, with figures that are practically impossible or hair and eye colors unattainable without chemical assistance, all with an uncanny-valley touch of near-realism to give the viewer's brain a fit.

Her basic preferences, to be taken as a general default, is to be wasp-waist skinny without lacking in bust or hip, paired with emerald hair that falls at least to her lower back despite being held up in twintails. Her eyes display dark blue (r) /metallic copper (l) heterochromia. Hard to tell about the eyes, however, as she typically manifests wearing orange tinted goggles glasses

On duty, which Daria defines as "people are/will soon be shooting at me" and "playing official messenger for angry captain," she will wear her proper uniform, a white lined midnight blue tunic over charcoal trousers with white seam piping, black boots, and short cropped hairstyle. Sometimes she even makes it a "normal human color" too.

Off duty she has been known to dress in cosplay, but her default fashion is a neon-and-black interpretation of the steampunk/steampunk lolita fashion. Ruffles, laces and anachronistically brief layers, the formal and the flirtatious in riotously colourful contrast.

Off duty in public she goes more conventional, usually for a long sleeved minidress, bike shorts, thigh high stockings, and heeled boots. If she's trying to make a good impression, there is a pullover type vest in the outfit. Usually the dress is nearly see through and neon blue so pale it straddles the line with white, with two thin black bands around each of the hems. Modesty is preserved via night black (and sometimes starry) undergarments, the aforementioned bike shorts and a narrow bandeau top, both banded in white. Black stockings (continuing the motif of two thin blue/white bands at the top). Any pullover she ends up adding is invariably in Navy colors, midnight blue with white lining showing around the neck and arm holes. 


Does a 350m warship count?

Skills & Abilities: 

Just a projection: You can't damage Daria. She can't be shot, punched, poisoned, mauled, mutilated, obliterated, vaporized or restrained. To get to Daria you have to get to her ship, her projection core, or her support tube.

Soft touch: Despite being a projection she can still manipulate the world around her. Thank the wonders of force microgeneration, near field gravity manipulation, and a really impressive understanding of nuclear forces. Daria doesn't know how it works either, don't worry. For sustained everyday use she is limited to very gentle touches and light pressures. Enough for contact to be established, or to manipulate objects like doors and chairs, but not enough to hurt someone. 

Overdrive: If she's willing to chew through power cells quickly and kill her PC's endurance, she can use all those touch force generators to pack a mighty punch, and in a painfully tiny area too. One observer likened getting hit by an overdriving core's generators to being the baseplate in a dozen-hippos-on-a-spear balancing act. He was understating for comic effect.

Death from Above!: despite being "only a defense ship" the Perlík is still more than capable of delivering quite a bit of pain to surface targets, either via close-range energy weapons or the stockpile of kinetic strike ballistics she has. Just remember to be polite to the little harbinger of destruction, she has full control over her ship.

ShipSoul: Daria is a completely encapsulated human being integrated into the computer network of her warship. In a world where AI never really progressed to levels of trust and complex multitasking while retaining stability, integrating a ship's functions into the conscious and unconscious control of a human being is the next best alternative. To Daria, the ship is her body, and controlling its functions is as instinctive or deliberate as any other bodily function.

Daria is a superb multitasker, good strategist, and can take interfacing with other computer systems to an instinctive level. She has an excellent built-in capacity for generating VR situations. She still thinks of herself as human, identifies as human, and when asked to honestly represent herself will invariably put out a human image. 

Weaknesses & Flaws: 

Immobile: Unless she's part of a ship or other vehicle, Daria can't move. Disable the ship, disable the girl.

Vulnerable: Daria's physical body is by this point completely incapable of surviving outside her Core. There are many failsafes to prevent the core from being opened, and it's as indestructible as the Rift Confederacy engineers can design, but without it she is dead.

Disconnected: Don't. Just don't take her senses away from her. Sensory deprivation tanks have nothing on a disconnected Core.


Inquisitive, easily bored, and a huge fan of ancient video games and video entertainments. Her personnel file brands her a troublemaker, retained in service only because she is absolutely brilliant as a combat resources commander. 

When she finds a problem to interest her she can become tightly, even obsessively, focused, and will spend considerable effort trying to maneuver available resources to bring them to bear on solving the problem. 

Aside from that her hobbies include people watching, some mockery, practical jokes and seeking out more classic cultural tidbits.

Yes, Daria likes "ancient history" which is just an excuse for me to make references to the 80s, 90s and now. Lingual drift, bad records, yada yada yada, feel free to assume she isn't pronouncing random things correctly and let's play it up for comedic effect. Dragons as dray-gons, that sort of thing. 
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CNS Perlík

CNS Perlík

Rift Confederacy Navy Defense Frigate

Basic Specifications




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Name: Daria Spaltfahrer, the Rift Rider
Description: Short (5'2"). Skinny, but still makes the old uniform look pretty good. Melanin challenged. Thick straight hair in a shocking shade of neon blue, grown out and done up high in twin shoulder length tails. Dark blue and copper eyes.


High Concept: Don't call me a pilot: I'm the Flightomancer
Trouble: Momma always said my smart mouth will get me in trouble.
Species: Human... enough. 
Background: Colony world hotshot
Relationship: I really don't trust Hodge or his machines around my equipment.
Free Aspect: Daria-vision goggles: Orange tinted wraparound VR/HUD goggles. If anyone has seen her out of them, they aren't talking. Yet.


Power: -1
Grace: 4
Wits: 2
Charm: 1


  1. I am the Flightomancer. I make victory happen. (additional +2 when using her piloting for Teamwork.)


Packets:    b   b
Stash:        b   b   b   b   b   b   b   b   b   b


b     2 b     3 b


Mild (2):

Moderate (4):

Severe (6):

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