Doug Palmer

Gamer Extraordinaire

Just some college dude that plays video games. A lot.

Douglas NoMiddleName Palmer (Yes, that is his middle name.)
Legal Drinking Age. Ah yiiiis.

A mop of dirty blond hair tops his head that's pretty long in that half-up, half-down style.  He's just been too busy to go out and get a hair cut.   Doug has something on his face that he pretends is a goatee, but really he just hates shaving.   5'10" and pretty thin.  Dresses like a low-grade hipster.


Standard College fare.   He's got a shoulder bag with a high-end laptop in it.  Course books from time to time.  He has some portable gaming gear to go with his laptop.  Smart Phone, a couple different handheld game devices, and a wallet with no money in it.

At home he has an even better, more super cool, super awesome computer to game on, and all the latest games.

For transportation, he has a little electric foot scooter.

Skills & Abilities: 

Hardcore Gaming- He's a professional level gamer. He's got the twitch reflexes of a god.

Pushing the limits-He's young and often gets by with very little sleep.  He can stay up for days if it involves gaming and then still do reasonably well in class before crashing afterwards.

Fast Metabolism- Nothing outside of the normal human range, but it's definitely pretty high.  Keeps him thin, which is good, because he's too lazy and too busy playing video games to exercise on his own.

Hax!- He's pretty good with computers and is something of a hacker.  He's not going to go near a government site, but he knows how to write and and dismantle an aimbot and give those cheaters that use them a nasty surprise.

Learned it in a video game- He's got all sorts of trivia and random knowledge in his noggin of dubious veracity.

Weaknesses & Flaws: 

Gaming Obsession- The dude spends the majority of his time gaming.  He would have flunked out of college by now if he hadn't turned going to classes into a game.  He can be forgetful about other things in life and lose track of time while gaming.  Needless to say, Doug is not very dependable.

The Real World- His fast reflexes only count towards playing video games.  They don't translate into dodging bullets or anything cool like that.


Pretty laid back.  He's got the normal interests, girls and beer, and such, but he'd much rather be gaming.  Or at least talking about gaming.


Doug grew up playing video games.  He went off to college as he felt that was the best excuse to play more video games.  It's a recipe for eventual disaster.  But, the thing is, he's really good at them.  Enough so, that he sometimes makes money at it, going to tournaments and live streaming his own play sessions and tutorials. 

His gamertag is DP Buckshot and he's pretty famous in the gamer circles.

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