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Just your average magic-using thief. Anime-styled human. Deals with powers beyond his understanding and is very afraid to die.

This guy would usually tell strangers to be working in the field of acquisitions... but not necessarily that he doesn't bother with proprietorial consent. The honorable profession of a thief apparently isn't as respected anymore as it used to, in the old days. It's only a job to him, though, a way to make a living while he secretly aspires to become a wizard one day, or something like that.

Human, more or less

Slender, but not scrawny. Good-looking in an androgynous way, would qualify as "Biseinen" in manga/anime terms.

Light, almost pale skin, green eyes, dark blue hair that appears black in low light conditions.

Strictly utilitarian clothing, in terms of his trade: Generally unobtrusive, but well-fitting without obstrucing movement. Prefers dark colors and earth tones. Wears thin cotton gloves when "on duty".



Bottle of midnight oil (and a small oil lamp to use it in):

This unique, magical oil burns with a black flame, which, to a limited extent, spreads darkness by apparently swallowing the light within a certain radius. Thus, the oil lamp can be used to create a tiny patch of
darkness even in bright sunlight. The effect is immediately dispelled if the flame is extinguished.

Thieves' toolkit:

A carefully selected collection of lockpicks, screwdrivers, tweezers, needles etc. He tends to carry the tools of his
trade in hidden or at least non-obvious pockets in his clothing, wrapped in appropriate soft cases or pouches. A tiny first aid kit is also included, as likely for someone who likes to prepared for everything and anything.

Strange amulet:

Usually seen wearing a leather string around his neck, attached to which is what looks like a precisely star-shaped piece of granite or similar natural stone, loosely bound in sliver wire. This piece apparently is more than mere jewelry to him, and he would not willingly part with it unless knowing that it would be kept safe and could be retrieved later. He keeps it hidden under clothing when necessary, although it doesn't look really precious and has no apparent magical properties.

May wear light armor hidden under his clothes when he expects getting in trouble.
May also carry a hidden, possibly poisoned dagger.


Skills & Abilities: 

Moderately skilled thief with additional arcane knowledge. No match for a full-blown wizard, though. Trained to fight with blunt weapons (staff, cudgel).

Capable of jumping about his own height and falling at least twice as deep without serious damage, as considered typical for anime/manga-style characters. Able to "travel through darkness" i.e. merge with shadows and reappear at another dark location. Unfortunately, using this skill does not include being able to take anything he carries with him. Through thorough training and tremendous concentration at least he usually manages not to lose his pants when traveling like this, but that's about it. Everything else has to be left behind. Consequently, this is usually just a last resort method of escape for someone who really hates losing his stuff.


Weaknesses & Flaws: 

Severely necrophobic, i.e.deadly afraid of death, the dead and anything related. Passing the gates of a graveyard already causes him significant trepidation. Mortal, can easily be harmed by guns, pointed weapons, etc. Very afraid to die, even more so than most people.



Quiet, a bit shy, needs time to open up to people. Likes to be in control of a situation. Rather unusual for his profession, he strictly follows a code of ethics which involves basics like "Killing is never justified, unless to save one's own life in self-defense", but as well more sophisticated issues like not stealing from the poor or from friends, and, most interestingly, not taking more than he really needs. Apparently, and despite his lifestyle, he's not in it for riches. Kuromeru doesn't necessarily go out of his way to help others, but is generally willing to lend a hand to those in need. For someone in his job, he is quite likeable.



Not much is known about Kuromeru's childhood and upbringing. He never talks about his parents; possibly because he never knew them. Some say he grew up on the streets, others say he spent his early years in an orphanage, we probably will never know for sure. None of this possibilities sufficiently explains why he is pretty bright and managed to pass the academy's admission test. It's not the only mystery about this strange young man.

Note: Kuromeru, or Kuro for short, is an adopted name, he considers it unwise for someone in his profession to ever use or even mention his real name.

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