Metal Rail

[Thunderbird] Metal Rail, Bio

Metal Rail
A young adult Thunderbird, 300-500 years old

True form: Large Eagle type bird. Dark brown, black, cream feathers. Brown eyes.He’s on the smaller size of a Thunderbird. Normal Thunderbirds beaks can usually fit an average size person head and torso in their mouth. Metal Rail might be able to get a third of your arm in his mouth before gagging.

Height on standing: 7’8” but walks around 4'6"-5’

Wingspan: 24’ a wing, 48' togethere

Human Form: Can’t turn fully human yet. Scar on bridge of nose. Skinny and frail looking. Black hair. Tan skin. He cannot take true human form (was not taught. This is why he has a scar on his nose) usually stuck somewhere in between his true and human form if he trys to be human.



Skills & Abilities: 

True Form: Can create Wind, Rain, Lightning, Thunder, Fly, and make Whether Changes. To what extent he is not sure.

Human Form: Better eyesight. Has a lot of static. You might get a little shock shaking his hand.

Half form: He can sometimes fly and have access to his other abilities

Weaknesses & Flaws: 

He’s pretty naïve. Proud at times. But overall a nervous bird. He is constantly preening his feathers when he’s nervous or board and sometimes he preens too much. Very weak in human form/half human form. Hollow bones.


Nervous, shy, curious.


(This is my interpretation of native Americans Thunderbird)

A Thunderbird is given five names in its lifetime

  1. Hatchling (by elders)
  2. Nesting (by mother and father)
  3. Fledgling (by the community)
  4. Branching (a name given to them to travel by usually the name of their Convocation.)
  5. Adult (final name and able to wed legally is given after a task has been assigned and completed)

Even though Metal Rail is at the age of a late Branching or early Adult he has never received a name after Fledgling. Because of this he cannot be seen as an adult in his community. The name Metal Rail was given to him by cousins and brothers around his age as an insult after finding out about his curiosity about the human steam locomotive. A train is seen as nothing more than a beast of burden only able to travel in two directions crawling on the ground. For a creature that is meant to fly and have freedom of the skies it’s not a very nice name to have.

Metal Rail was raised by his uncle’s Convocation (aka flock). His mother (Fine Mist) was adopted into the Convocation when she was very young and was supposed to marry Metal Rails Uncle (Straight Wind).

His history as he knows it: A horde of Southern Thunderbirds came and stole Fine Mist (mother) taking her away and defiling her. The heroic Straight Wind (uncle) and his kettle brothers came and rescued her and destroyed the vial Southern Thunderbirds stopping them from doing any more horrendous deeds. When Fine Mist gave birth to a Southern blood child the Convocation demanded it to be destroyed. But Straight Wind love for Fine Mist was so great he would not allow it and raise the child as his own.

But the story really went more something like this: Straight Wind demanded Fine Mist hand in marriage, she had no interest. Fell in love with a Southern Thunderbird Fine Mist flew off and married him. Furious Straight Wind, with a kettle of his Convocation, traveled down to get her back, killing many Southern Thunderbirds in the process. She came back pregnant with the child of her Southern Thunderbird husband, Metal Rail. To save her child she agreed to be Straight Wind wife. Fine Mist died when Metal Rail was very young. Why Straight Wind let Metal Rail to live not even the Convocation know.

Because of Metal Rails heritage he was treated as an outcast and treated poorly. He was pushed on the outskirts of the territory as soon as he could make a spark (a bit of lightning) he was years younger than most Thunderbirds could manage to make a spark. He luckily found a small cave to call home that was just high enough that predators could not get him. He didn’t get much food from the Convocation and liftoff of bugs and small prey like rats and snakes, (things a Thunderbird would never be caught eating).

After an altercation Metal Rail was forced out of his Convocation territory and somehow ended up in The City. It’s all a bit overwhelming for him after living in a cave for most of his life.


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