Katia base line

Artificial former soldier facing the possibility that her history was a lie.

Katia Paraiba de saber
Biomechanical artificial intelligence
53 (( appears to be roughly 20 ))

Six feet tall with a athletic build and well defined muscle
she has medium mocha colored skin with dark green hair and pepper yellow eyes.

Katia appears as a attractive human female, other then her hair and eye color,  under brief inspection.  Unblemished skin, a lack of body hair, and a higher body weight then one would expect give clues to the fact that she isn't human. closer examination would also revealing long, and well concealed, vertical slits down either side of her back. These slits contain fin like structures, collapsed to conceal them, which consist of flexible cartilage like material and heavily veined skin. She keeps her hair long and typically braided, usually one to three braids.

her choice of clothing is generally appropriate to the situation, though she doesn't like overly hot or stuffy clothes. If she is given a choice she will choose casual clothes preferring loose fittings  with open back tops or tops with slits that allow her to deploy her fins. in terms of colors she likes reds, blues, black, and yellows.


For armor she uses a heavy grade flight suit. despite being a heavy grade suit it is surprisingly low profile and could, under passing visual inspection, be hidden under appropriate clothing. it starts at the top of her neck, covering all of her neck and throat, and covers the rest of her body down from there. In its natural color state the majority of the suit is a transparent material with a visible hexagonal lattice tube structure that is contained inside the material.  The tubes themselves contain a fluorescent blue liquid that appears to circulate around under the surface of the material. The colored portions of the suit are matte black in a pattern that looks very much like a one piece swim suit that comes up to the top of her neck, and thus keeps her decent, or at least covered, the tube structures that are contained inside the material the suit is made appear to continue into these colored areas, and likely cover the whole suit. Added to this are glossy low profile, contoured armor plates that appear to be made of some sort of composite material possibly ceramic in nature. These plates are placed across vital locations, shoulders, sides of the abdomen, hips, thighs, knees, elbows, lower back, forearm vambraces, and a wide row of overlapping plates along her spine. The plates protecting joints are typically arrangements of plates that allow her to retain full motion. The suits material is quite hard to damage, capable of acting as armor without the plates, and the plates add an extra level of protection. The majority of the suits abilities through come from its integrated electronics and defenses, hidden under those same plates, mostly the ones along her back. the armor projects a series of overlapping dampening fields and protective energy screens, invisible to the naked eye until hit, that absorb, deflect, and dampen the effects of attacks against the user. quite capable of stopping many attacks by themselves, combined with the suits physical armor, the users physical armor, and their own lower grade fields, the suit provides a massive amount of protection to its user. On top of physical protection the suit acts as a data interface for the user, utilizing embedded point to point ports, not visible on the surface of the armor, to connect with devices compatible with them, and the armors user with internal contact ports. It can also communicate via a localized but very powerful  wireless system, which while capable of heavy encryption is not as secure as the ports. The armor draws its power from the user via induction ports, if the user is not a biomechanical or lacks implants or components to provide this power then the suits only protective qualities are the materials it's made of. The liquid flowing through the suit, and some of the systems under the back and spine plates, are part of a heavy duty cooling system that allows the biomechanical to manage their heat levels while unable to deploy their cooling fins. the final feature of the armor is its ability to change its surface coloring and patterns, allowing it to act as camouflage.

The flight suit includes a helmet, which could really be called a visor, though even then it's more like a pair of ear coverings with a head band circling the head. In its deactivated state the helmet could be mistake for some sort of fancy headphones, with a large wing like antenna sticking off the right side. when activated the helmet projects a visible visor like field in front of the user's eyes which can then be used as a hud, displaying data as the user wishes. The helmet also supplies senses the user does not normally have, such as broad spectrum radar, sonar, and motion detection. It also acts as a powerful communications hub, capable of talking to and communicating with several transmitted data mediums such as radio, satellite, and so on. It's also capable of close range, 50 meters, line of sight laser communications with other such units.

4mm sniping rail rifle. this weapon system fires a variety, usually a armor penetrating dart, of munitions including explosive, mono-fragmentary, and several others. the rounds are 4 mm in diameter and a inch in length. It is designed for long range accuracy, and comes with a extensive sensor package that acts like a scope by linking to a combat hud.


8mm coilgun sidearm. This heavy pistol is designed to fire extremely dense rounds at high velocity at close range targets. The dense rounds it uses are fully capable armor penetrators designed to explosively fragment just after impact and are 8mm’s in diameter. the weapon comes with a sensor package that links to a user's hud to act as a targeting system and is semi automatic. it's designed to be used at close range and be brutally effective against both hard and soft targets.


Close quarters combat staff. This staff is made of a tough, dense, but flexible material that leaves it heavy but resilient. It also is packed with a specialized system, built with the flexing of the weapon in mind, that allows it to project a semi transparent blade of force from one end, the blade is almost invisible at rest, being a slight visual distortion, in motion the blade is much more visible becoming a rippling transparent blade visible to the naked eye looking almost like a blade made out of clear water. The blade configuration can vary, in this case the weapon goes from a staff to a naginata. The blade is a force construct, and while made of energy acts as a physical blade, cutting, not burning. It is however far sharper, and much tougher than a metal blade would be. If anything should manage to damage the field that forms the blade enough to break its integrity, aka break the blade, it will simply lose coherency for a few moments and then reform into a blade. The blade, while capable of cutting into, and through materials, and energy fields, can not be formed inside of objects or other fields, and must be formed clear of such obstructions. Small, light obstructions, such as sand, dust, dirt, in the air or water, are pushed out of the way when it forms, but leave the blade highly visible as a empty spot.



Skills & Abilities: 

Non combat wise she's trained in emergency medical techniques for humans, a throw back portion of their training,  making her a capable combat medic.


Despite not having to eat she has a sense of taste and like many of her kind has honed her cooking skills, she's not a gourmet chef but she is good.


shes a decently trained athlete skilled enough to free hand climb, perform gymnastics, and a capable acrobat.


her education is roughly college level in terms of math, sciences, and such , but she doesn't have a focus or anything even resembling degree.  

In terms of combat she is trained in the used of all personal arms from small arms to portable heavy weapons, military vehicles, aircraft, spacecraft. She is competent enough to use all of these but she is experienced in piloting small space attack craft, small atmospheric attack craft, the use of small arms and rifles, and close quarters combat with staffs and glave style weapons, specifically the naginata. she is also quite accomplished at hand to hand combat have extensive training in a mixed martial art that's been boiled down to effective, conservative, brutal moves centered around eliminating targets or eliminating their ability to continue fighting, possibly for good.

Biomechanical. Katia is a biomechanical construct, with a artificial intelligence. while designed to look very human, breath, eat, mimic sleep, and with a body structure that uses bones, artificial muscles, and a circulatory system, she is ultimately a machine. she does not require food, water, or sleep. She can’t get sick, at least not biologically speaking. Her body components and skin might mimic human but they aren't flesh and blood, being much tougher. Her skin alone is capable of acting as low grade armor. her bones are composed of light extremely strong composites, and her muscles are far stronger and better anchored. she can survive the vacuum of space, with a few exceptions, submersion to great depths, freezing temperatures, radiation, and many other things that biologicals are susceptible too.


physically she is exceedingly strong, displaying strength vastly disproportionate to her size. She also has reflexes and speed far in excess of what her human appearance would suggest, combined with the precision of movement of a well tuned machine, which she is.


Defenses. She has low grade defensive field projectors, projecting a series of defensive fields and dampening fields over her body when needed. these when combined with her armored skin, tough bones, and robust internal construction make her highly resilient.


senses. While her eyes and ears are designed to look and function much like their organic counterparts they are packed full of additions and refinements. she can see in low light conditions with ease, switch to infrared, ultraviolet, see fine detail with ease and utilize telescoping site.her eyes also adjust to light changes instantly, rendering her effectively immune to weapons like flash bangs. her hearing extends well above and below the human range, can be selectively tuned to pick up specific noises or frequencies, amplified, and automatically dampens to avoid noise damage. her sense of smell, while sharp, and capable of differentiating odors, is not strong enough to track by, but it can chemically analyze the air she is breathing, well really her fake lungs do that, and break down what's in it.


Laser eye!. Not really effective as a weapon her eyes are capable of projecting cutting lasers a distance of a few feet that are capable of slicing through most materials in short order. The systems that allow her to use the laser effectively blind that eye,  so she can only use one eye at a time, and are highly obvious,  the eye appears to bulge forward to protect the eyelids and face. the laser itself is a finely tuned cutting tool, capable of surgery on a living thing, to slicing sheets of metal. Unfortunately to get that precision it must alter her motor controls to keep her steady, thus making it utterly unsuitable as a weapon except as a  improvised one due to how slow, and methodical it makes her movements.


In terms of movement she is capable of running at high speeds,but her capacity to jumping both distances and heights is massive. Her ability to drop from heights is even greater, and while a surface has to support her weight, her internal dampening fields are capable of lessening the impact from her jumps, and can be combined with her armors fields, allowing her to cause almost no damage on landing even with falls from large distances. alternatively she can use her defensive screens to increase the damage she causes, cratering the ground, should she want to make an entrance.


She is designed to interface with her armor, and many other devices from her home, and even power it, and many other such devices, through subdermally placed points on her body. these points communicate via surface contact with points on the devices in question and allow her to transfer data between them and herself, or power them.


Sonic capability. she has what is effectively a built in loudspeaker, allowing her to project her voice to levels far exceeding human capacity, as an added effect she can emit several types of noise that are painful and disorienting to unprotected hearing.


Self repair. this is not a quick process, but nanomachines and other systems built into her body and circulatory system allow her to self repair. it's faster the human healing, but far from instantaneous, and hardly meaningful in a fight, though it could be meaningful in protracted engagements that last days to weeks. Cosmetic damage, hair, nails, skin, is quickly repaired, though breaches to the circulatory system and damage to heat regulating systems or brain are top priority. structural repair, while faster than a human healing a broken limb, or damaged muscle, still takes time, and may require the limb, or muscle be put back in place, if unable to do so the repairs take longer as the out of place material is subsumed and then replaced in full. damage is also fully repaired with no lasting sign of previous damage.

Biological mimicry. She mimics human biology, she breathes, she has a pulse, she has a body temperature, her skin feels human, she anatomically correct for a female, she even has a heart beat. all of this is designed to allow her to pass for human, though its not designed to defeat scans, professional examinations, or things that do more then look at the basics.


Weaknesses & Flaws: 

she is tough but still capable of being damaged, and due to the biomechanical nature of her systems it is possible to do things like dislocate joints. also while her sense of balance is unable to be scrambled, her brain, a matrix built of various materials and resembling a human brain in many ways, can in a sense get scrambled by certain things such as jarring enough impacts or types of data overload.

Heat.  her skin, circulatory system, and back fins are all forms of heat sinks,  allowing her biomechanical systems to dump the heat they generate into the environment around her. This is also how her skin feels warm to the touch. She can, however, only dump so much heat so fast even with her fins extended, and her armors systems enhancing her ability to dump heat, enough temperature can cause her severe problems such as, forcing her to limit activity, thus lowering heat production,or slip into a heat dump state, similar to a coma, were only her cooling systems are really active, possibly even force a full shutdown of all her systems until temperatures return to levels she can manage and her systems reboot.


Katia is a bit adrift, the loss of her home, her people, and the inability to get back to them has left her without a true direction. He creators are alive and well, in a manor of speaking. She tries to project a cheerful, pleasant presence as she looks for a new direction in life. she can however still be very single minded and focused when she picks a course of action.


Katia never met her creators, in fact she is many generations removed from them, a product of two of her people combining code into a new artificial intelligence, their way of reproduction.  her body was built by Biomechanical, and other than her own machine people, and the reptile like humanoids her people serve and protect, she has never been near other life forms, even their heavy front line infantry don't really interact with enemies except to fight and kill. Her creators however were human, and as the stories and various histories go they were wiped out by cosmic level warfare, burned from the universe planet by planet. The only things left ghosts and ashes, and her people, created then sent away to hide, to sleep through the fighting, to survive the destruction of humanity. They are unsure how many of groups of her people sent out survived but her group was found and reactivated by the reptile like jacaré, who claimed they were sent to them, and that humanity had promised that her people would protect them. In truth it's a lie, some of her people have some doubts, but the jacaré have gone to great lengths to keep their new soldiers believing the story, fabricating details and spinning a more complex web of lies with every passing decade.  

During one of her combat outings she encountered a new sort of enemy weapon, one that triggered dimensional shift, and resulted in her being stranded in The City, looking for a way home initially. exposure to the city, once dead humans, and others has made her start to reexamine what she was being told and question if returning if it was even possible would be the best move.

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