Tesala base

When high tech meets medieval bent robots of the sword and shield are born.


Height: 8' , Counting the tops of her wings when folded at her back she is 10'


Build: She has a mild bodybuilders physique, muscled but not overly so.  A sculpted beauty give her an air of "too perfect to be natural".


Her body is covered in a special self repairing polymer like substance that simulates human skin, even to the point of being warm to the touch, and bleeding when damaged.


Metallic wings start a little ways down from the top of her back and end at her lower back as far as where they are connected.  The wings themselves stand a whole two feet taller then her body, their wing tips, a single very long and flexible feather, almost touch the ground. Each measures 12 feet when extended with a total wingspan of 24 feet. Just below her shoulders, between her wings, and on either side of her spine continuing down her back, are  a pair of 4 foot long, half inch thick, inch and a half wide at the base, tapering to ¼ th of an inch at their tips, rabbit ear antenna. These are mobile enough to lay flat along her back, stick almost straight up, and can move from side to side almost sticking flat out the sides. Unlike her body both her wings and these rabbit ears are obviously technological in origins.     


Coloration: Her hair color is a Strawberry blond. Its long, mid back length, and straight with a faint curl at the end, she usually leave it unbound but will put it in a ponytail or braid from time to time. Her skin tone is white with soft golden tan.  Her wings are a silvery white in color and the rabbit ear antenna are a bright white with a small red tip on the right and a blue tip on the left.


Eye Color: Sapphire blue.



Clothing / Armor: Her normal clothing is a olive drab military outfit, this is designed to allow for her wings and antenna with a open section down the back to under the wings. Her armor has a decidedly old style plate armor feel to it, with a lot of ornateness to it. The default colors are white with gold and silver trims, however its able to alter its coloration and thus now typically sports a camo pattern appropriate for the environment.

Hand and a half sword. This appears at first to be a stocky hand and a half sword , bastard sword,  Even sized for her its thicker and heavier than normal. While its ornate, much like her armor, It carries an air of utility about it, its a real weapon.  The Metal used to make this sword, once cooled and hardened, is Exceedingly hard to break or damage, in fact the cost of breaking down such a weapon when compared to the cost to make it is roughly 1000 fold, so intensive and laborious is the process. The cutting surface of the weapon has been smoothed  as close to frictionless as it could get, this being damn near frictionless. The edge while sharp is not razor edged, this is not a cutting sword its a cleaving one.  What truly makes this sword special however is the plasma halo cutting system built into it. This system emits a heat field around the blade that literally causes the air around it to enter a plasma state and give off a glowing halo around the blade. By itself this heat is not too dangerous, however a series of focusing devices set up a field that directs the heat away from the blade itself, and focuses is all into a second edge just in front of the weapons true edge. This second heat edge is several hundred times hotter than the original field.  The second edge is typically hot enough to near instantly soften metal, stone, even burn ceramics, and when the heat damage caused by the second edge is followed by the force of impact and cleaving power of the swords true edge the damage can be monstrous. This plasma edge is not always active and the sword can be used in a normal fashion without it on, the power for the edge is draw directly from her power core Via the hand grip, anyone without the ability to power the edge via the grip will find themselves wielding just a sword.

 Plate Armor.  The plate armor that she wears was designed to accommodate her wings, size, and nature. Its heavier than a normal suit, as much from the military upgrades as from the materials its made from. The metal used in their armor is much akin to the materials used to build her body, its a highly specialized and very advanced form of memory metal. The properties of this metal are highly unusual, once made into a shape it is near impossible to recycle the material into a new form. This is not due to toughness so much as a tenacity to return to its original form that borders on magical.  Even if a chunk of the armor is blown off it can be reattached by simply holding it to its original position. Infact the armor attracts parts of itself that have been tore, blown, or otherwise forcibly removed, back to itself, though not form distance greater than a dozen yards away.

The metal also has an amazing ability to transfer energy along its self, dispersing impacts, heat, and energy types amazingly well across its structure. This allows it to take much greater punishment than one might assume at first glance.

The upgrades to this armor for her military service allow it to alter its coloration, silenced the noise it would normally make greatly, and saw the installation of several systems for targeting, tracking, and detection systems not already built into her.

Heater shield.  Built of the same sort of materials as her sword, and its back by its own set of energy fields that project across its surface, primarily energy dampening fields. The shield is designed for her size and easily can cover half her body when she isn't trying to hide behind it. this too has an ornate medieval flare to it, and is by default white and gold. Its weight, combined with her brute strength and her own weight make it an effective battering ram, especially if she can get up a head of steam first, or dives on someone of something.


Skills & Abilities: 

Tesala’s primary skills center around combat and combat tactics, mostly with her sword, and shield. Outside of direct combat skills she has what would amount to a basic education for a high tech society, high school too low grade college levels.

Resilient: Her frame, artificial muscles, and support systems are all crafted from memory metals similar to that used in her armor. This allows her to sustain damage that would normally cripple, or even destroy her body and recover. Her power core and brain are housed in a shell that is made of a similar metal as that used for the sword, surrounded by a thick shell of memory metal. Even should enough force to utterly annihilate her body be applied, her core would most likely survive

Robot:  As a robot she does not need to sleep, does not tire, and does not need to eat or breath. She can survive temperature and pressure changes that would kill most organic life. Her strength allows her to lift tens of tons, though the surface she is on has to be able to support the weight when it is focused onto her feet. Her reflexes and motor control are that of a fine tuned machine, excitedly fast, and precise. She feels no pain though she knows when even her artificial flesh has been damaged and can react as if in pain

Machine mind: While she is able to experience emotions she does not experience fear as humans know it. She has a self preservation instinct that is a touch similar to fear however its more a calculated risk system then a gut reaction, and she can override it at any point, or simply shut it off. Her mind additionally does not broadcast emotions, thoughts, or even a presence on telepathic, psionic, or even empathic levels. To most psychics she just isn't there mentally, to those with the ability to talk to machines she comes across as fuzzy. Her mind was build to shield against psychic powers that affect technology, this translates to a fuzzy communications and a slipperiness to control.  Additionally magics and psionics that target the mind and its emotions or thinking have no effect on her, unless that power is geared to handle a machine, even then she cannot be made to be afraid, since she doesn't truly experience that emotion.

The rate at which her mind can process information, even exceedingly complex mathematics, and the raw ability to chew through data allows her to adapt very quickly to new situations or events

Spatial disturbance and energy flow disrupter: This is a highly specialized field that she can produce over herself and her sword or shield. This field by itself does nothing, however when it comes into contact with a special distortion, force field, or intense directed energy, it attempts to disrupt it where it contacts. This system was installed to allow her to penetrate enemy shield systems physically and to add a small layer of protection against energy weapons and their like. It works by  attempting to defuse, disrupt, or redirect energies or unbend spatial distortions. This process takes time and it can only adapt to one thing at a time. Example, if she is penetrating a shield it won't be able to adapt to incoming energy weapons fire. It always has an effect on energy attacks unless its adapted, however this is a minor defusing, dispersing, and weakening of them, and does not stop them, if it is adapted it has no effect. This also works on magical energies. This field is not always on and take time to build up, when activated it will take 10 mins before the field reaches full strength.



Flight: She is able to fly through a complex system that uses her wings, antenna, and some internal drives. This system focuses raw kinetic energy and uses it to provide thrust much the way a jet would. The internal drives provide lift for her, the wings focus energy along their artificial feathers to provide thrust, and the antenna feed data back to the system to keep things steady.  This is a very quiet system but it does generate a breeze and the sound of rushing air, this getting louder and stronger the faster she is moving. The top rated speed inside of a atmosphere is Mach 5 or 3807 miles an hour roughly. Outside of an atmosphere has not been tested. Her maneuverability is exceedingly agile, her wings feathers actually alter shape during flight  to adjust airflow during a maneuver, this combined with the ability to vector her thrust to a exceedingly high degree and with precision allows her to make exceedingly tight banks, rolls, and loops even at high speeds.


Running: she is exceedingly fast, capable of using her raw strength combined with limited use of her flight systems to reach great speed

Swimming is not possible as she will sink

Camoflage: She has been upgraded to allow for pigment change of any part of her self in order to blend in. This color change takes a few moments can cant effect patterns that are exceedingly complex, it can however duplicate all standard types of camouflage colorations. And allows her to change her wing and skin color and tone should she choose too

Sensors, Vision, and Hearing:  Her vision includes infrared, night Vision, Ultraviolet, flash suppression. She also can zoom in over 500 times on objects effectively giving her a 500X telescopic vision. She has a highly refined vision and can pick out tiny details at even 20 feet without using her zoom. Her antenna work to provide a 5 mile radar, a 500 meter ground radar, wind speed, and are used for communication via Radio, satellite, and even a cellular system. She can pick up such transmissions through them. They also work to feed flight telemetry to her flight system.  Her hearing is exceedingly sharp and selective. She can turn it off, lower its sensitivity, or tune it to try and pick up specific sounds.



Weaknesses & Flaws: 

Intense Electrical blasts:  Her armor and frame do not take well to massive electrical surges. The metal reacts be becoming a lot more solid for a few moments when stuck by these blasts and losing its reforming ability for that short time. Additionally this hardening can cause the metal to shatter if hit hard enough and result in a lot of damage.

Electronics: As resilient as her frame, armor, and AI/powercore housing are, here electronics are a weak point. They are hardened against EMP however only the most important ones can self repair. This is to say that if her electronics are damaged only those vital to mobility will repair. Example, if her leg is badly damaged, the electronics responsible for the leg at least being usable to walk would be repaired, however she would be unable to run, and would lose a massive amount of fine control in the limb.

Shut down protocol: As a safety measure her mind is triple redundancy backed up. Should it be hacked, over ridden, or in some way compromised it will shut down. A subsystem that performs this action will then overwrite her mind to repair the damage with a viable backup. This can result in the loss of short term events, and also leave her inactive for an hour as the process takes place

Wounded bird:  Her flight system is very dependent on its various parts to work. Thus is a antenna is damage her flight speed is limited to walking speeds at best and only a few feet off the ground tops, more of a hover. If the wings are damaged she can't get thrust and can only hover. If something manages to damage her internal drives then the best she could accomplish would be thrust assisted jumps, and semi controlled landings.

Disruption field: As advantageous as the field is it also has a drawback or two. First and foremost she can't use her swords plasma function when its on as it disrupts the focusing field on it. Additionally the field causes her to show up like a glowing beacon on any form of energy detection system for several miles, more for high powered  longer ranged systems.

Flight Speed: Even with her highly sophisticated control systems, and thrust vectoring in even multiple directions at once, she can only make so tight a turn at her higher speeds due to the raw stress involved. The faster she is moving in the air the less agile and maneuverable she becomes.



She is friendly and generally cheerful. She likes to spend time around people and interact with them, even though she knows she is a machine. She tends to take references to her self as just a machine or the like very personally and can get a touch upset.


Originally designed at the request of a priest she was to appear to be an angel and help him spread the word of god to those less fortunate in the universe, this being much less advanced worlds. Fortunately for those worlds, and unfortunately for the priest, his funds ran dry before he could make final payments.


Ground breaking techniques, materials, and ideas, even 57 years later, were used in her creation. The cost of physically breaking her back down actually outweighed the cost of her creation by a lot. Her creators, with this in mind, Opted to shelve her as a prototype till they could find a buyer. Thus started a long wait in deactivity in Arkanmore Technologies storage vault. 55  years later, and she was still cutting edge, that buyer came.


The united fleet Military had been in an ongoing struggle with an unknown enemy, this fight had been going poorly and the fleet needed reinforcements, as such it was buying up every inactive robot, active sentient machines had earned rights, and activating them into service. This she was taking out of her storage vault, remodeled for a more military usage, and sold.


She spent the next 2 years going through a special boot camp and then fighting along side various soldiers in the on going war. The last thing she remembered prior to ending up in the dream was moving to intercept fire night fire that would have killed several sleeping members of her squad and the resulting explosions that ripped across her frame, when she reactivated she found herself in another dimension, she has since traveled through several before finding herself in swift canton, having given up on finding a way home she has paused here for now to take a break from her travels

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