Iron and steam, tooth and claw, a dragon reborn of magic and steam

Grand dragon Originally. Reborn into a artificial Iron body as a Steam powered dragon.
8945 years originally Reborn for 456 years

Size: 800 feet long from nose to tail tip, about 80 feet tall to the shoulder. Her neck is about 250 feet long, her tail close to 300, her main body is roughly 250 feet in length. She is about 60 feet wide and her massive wings measure close to 500 feet each fully extended.

Build:  Her body is a massive Iron construct, looking like something out of a Industrial age iron works. It is covered in massive articulated Iron plates, and Heavy Hydraulic pistons and rams replace muscles. She has lots of rust stains, beaded water, and oil stains on her body.


Her Head styles too look similar to a dragons, with a long snout, and visible iron teeth. Great mechanical Iris adorn the large round iron spheres that are her eyes, the eyes glow with a burning orange and looking into them is like looking into a fire. Her nostrils constantly leak water and tendrils of thick steam.


Her neck is a collection of articulated plates, Hydraulics, and pipes and tubes of unknown purpose. Its great length tends to emit little jets of steam with a hiss.


Her body is built of massive articulated iron plates, under which can be seen tubes, hoses, and various Hydraulic workings. On her back, just behind her shoulders for her forelimbs, jut two massive smoke stacks at a backwards angle, one from behind each shoulder. These smoke stacks constantly billow smoke, ash, and hot embers. Her forelimbs are a mass of hydraulics, hoses, and articulated iron plates. These end in massive 5 fingered, 4 fingers and a thumb, articulated hands, each finger ending in a claw tips. Her back legs are similar, built in a digitigrade style, and end in three massive iron talons, two on the front, one on the back.


Her wings are made from massive Iron sheets and heavy Hydraulics, when fanned out they are not solid, instead there are gaps between the plates that widden as they extend away from the wing support, or its leading edge. Sort of like the Ribs of some great fan from whom the cloth has been removed


Her tail starts as a massive collection of articulated Iron plates, hoses, and Hydraulics only slightly smaller then her body, and tapers down to a spike like end that is 3 feet across. the spike is actually formed of three triangular parts, allowing it to open like a three pronged claw, and close again.


Coloration: a Iron gray/black, with rust streaks, and oil stains. Bruning orange eyes like hot coal.





Skills & Abilities: 

Skill wise Saidria is limited, she can no longer use her magic, or even rember how to teach others quite right. most of her skill is in fighting, and well being a large steam powered dragon.


Strength of the Reborn: Saidria has died and been reborn. She does not think in the ways one might expect anymore and her thoughts are unreadable, coming as a jumble from her entire lifetime to any that try.


Her soul is permanently anchored to the Iron body she now inhabits, more over its fused with it. As such it cannot be plucked free, nor can it be driven out of its new body. This also means that the Iron and other materials that make up her body are no longer mear iron. Imbued with the soul of a dragon as it is the iron is now alive, and her new body is every bit as strong, if not stronger than her old. It is additionally immune to heat damage, though her body radiates heat, and has proven highly resistant to Magic, on top of being capable of taking tremendous punishment.


Cold forged strength: The pistons, hoses, and various bits that make up her new hydraulic muscles are stronger now with her infused soul. They afford her a strength that exceeds her old body, and allow her to move her massive, multi hundred ton, form with surprising speed and agility.


Steam: Saidria Is steam powered now, and able to vent tremendous amounts of superheated steam from her body. Moreover she is able to breath a great torrent of this steam from her mouth like a breath weapon. This breath weapon also has a sonic component, sounding like a massive steam whistle when used.


Look, I spit bombs: Its unknow quite how she does it, but Saidria is able to somehow produce, then spit great distances, Great spiky Iron steam bombs that explode on impact.


Heat of a dragon: The fires of her steam engine are those of her old life, the fires of a grand dragon. They cannot be extinguished, frozen, or quenched with any amount of cold or ice.


I can see: Total darkness means nothing to Saidria, and she is also able to see magical, mystical, and lay/dragon line energies.

flight: Perhaps one of her most terrifying, or majestic depending on who you are, abilities is the ability to fly still even with her great iron body. a product of magic, her essence, and steam, she is able to launch her self airborne. This is a highly obvious as she generates great billows of steam as she does, and trails great streams of it from her wings in flight. nothing that large should be airborn

Weaknesses & Flaws: 

I thrist: Being steam powered means needing water. Saidria must intake a lot of water from time to time, or start to have trouble moving, up to the point of shutting down till water is put in her. How often she must refill her self varies, but heavy use of her breath weapon, bombs, and venting speed the need for more water.


I sink: The great weight of saidrai's body means that she sinks into a lot of surfaces to a degree. It also means that she can not swim per say however she can propel herself in the water via the use of steam.


Saidria is friendly to a degree. she can be a bit gruff at times, and get a bit melancholy. She lacks her hoarding instinct from when she was a grand dragon, but she retains an appreciation for nice things. She does tend to think of herself as a bit ugly now however.


Saldria was during her life one of the rare grand dragons on her home world. dragons that grew to tremendous proportions and strength. The sky was theirs, and all they surveyed was under their protection.


Legends say it was the Grand dragons that lead the first assault on the evil that threatened their home planet.  Legends also say that with their dying breaths they not only weakened the enemy enough that others could drive it back, but formed a prophecy. One that declared that one of their kind, in a time of great need, could be reborn anew. The proficy alluded to a body to be crafted in a certain fashion so that it could become flesh and blood.


many millennia later a threat arose again. This time in the shape of alien invaders of advanced technology. Thier great warmachines striding across the plant, and putting down any resistance with beams of light that destroyed what they hit, and other terrible weapons. Though few in numbers, their superior technology swiftly allowed them to start conquering the planet.


It was in these desperate times that a cabal of would be mages stumbled upon the legacy of the grand dragons, and the supposed petrified heart of one. Frantically they set about trying to bring the proficy to fruition, however their manuscripts were old, not fully intact, and in old tongues, as a result the body they built was incorrect, though it worked.


Saidria had never expected to be resurrected, let alone into a body of iron and steam, but she knew, as all grand dragons would have, what her course of actions was. The shock for the invaders as her massive form rose from the ground where it was hidden the first time was priceless. Thier sheer terror at the swiftness with which she tore the two mecha present to shreds never left them. They did not flee from this one incident, but it wasn't long before she sent them packing in terror.


Her foe vanquished, so to speak, her work done, she was a hero, venerated, revered....and eventually forgotten with time, turning into a nuisance, something that was large, and in the way, and with progress, outdated. with the invaders tech to study her people came a long way. no longer needed, or wanted in most cases, she sought something else, and found it in a portal, one large enough to move her elsewhere, and thus she did, and then another, and another, traveling several portals and worlds before coming too too rest in the bowels of Smoke Canton

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