Ariana Culdranth

Ariana defualt

A Human bonded with the spirit of the Dragon Culdranth

Ariana Culdranth
she appears too be in her 20's

Roughly six foot six inches in height she has a warriors build with lean well toned muscle and is dark skinned with pure white hair. She has the nicks and cuts that go with being in melee combat but the one that stands out is a prominent scar on her face that runs horizontally across both eyes. Both her eyes are white, possibly a result of whatever left that same scar. Her most noticeable feature if her tattoos, she has tribal style interwoven sapphire blue lines that cover much of her body, along her arms, back, up onto her neck, tapering points framing her face, down her sides, onto the edges of her stomach, along her legs, all seemingly converging up her upper back which is a twisting design of intermingled lines not unlike a celtic knot but more tribal. These tattoos have a sheen to them much like scales would.  If you can get her to smile she has more pronounced, and sharper, almost dragon like incisors.

For her part Ariana prefers loose comfortable clothing usually fairly plain but well made, and sticks too blacks, greys, and browns mostly. however at Culdranth’s urging, nagging,  she will sometimes dress much more regally, though still sticking to loose things that are easy to move in.


Her primary weapon is a Pudao ( ) that had a six foot handle. the cording wrap is a mixture of black and sapphire blue woven together, and it has a tassel with a primarily black outside and a bright sapphire blue inside. its is of excellent craftsmanship and shows obvious signs of use but otherwise appears fairly mundane on the surface. The haft of this weapon, hidden under the wrapping the shaft of this weapons has been carved from a single dragon bone, one of Culdranth’s bones to be exact, and is spiritually attuned to Ariana allowing Culcranth to exert himself through the weapon and render it far more dangerous its mundane appearance would suggest.

Her secondary weapons can very, though she prefers sabers and other primarily slashing swords.

Outside of weapons she tends too carry a complete set of adventuring gear and survival gear when she is out on jobs.

Skills & Abilities: 

Skill wise Ariana is typical of someone that adventures in a medieval world and spends a lot of time outside of the city.  She can hunt, fish, build shelter, and generally live off the land in everything from a desert too a frozen tundra. her first aid skills are enough to stanch bleeding, and deal with setting broken bones, putting on splints, and stitching wounds.  She can add a fairly good level of stealth too her skill set though she prefers not to be sneaky, Culdranth’s influence as dragons do not skulk about in shadows!, and a decent level of streetwise too go with it. Outside of that she can cook in the wild, its not fancy, but it is edible.  She does have a surprisingly large command of multiple languages both spoken and written.

what skills Ariana lacks Culdranth usually makes up for, and as a dragon of extensive age what he knows is quite a bit, though also limited to a primarily medieval level with extensive magical knowledge. He is also having the easier time of the two adjusting to The City. one thing Culdranth is outstanding at is determining the value of things.

Combat wise Ariana is quite skilled in the use of most melee weapons but by far is best with her Padao, she's also trained in the bow. when devoid of weapons typically she resorts to a brutal sort of hand to hand thats half self taught street fighting and half Culdranth pushing his dragon instincts for combat too the forefront.


Twin souls. Ariana has the soul and spirit of the dragon Culdranth bound into her body, has since her birth, and this has had changes on her. she is larger, stronger, tougher than a normal human, she even heals more rapidly though by no means does she have regeneration. She is also able to pay attention too one thing while Culdranth does something else, making her capable of multitasking far more easily. It also makes it a lot harder to lock her down with control spells, or over power her will. The process by which Culdranth was bound to her has also rendered her all but immune to possession.

draconic inheritance: Ariana is not a dragon by a long shot, but housing the soul of a dragon has done more than just maker her physically stronger, it has improved her senses, sharpened her sense of smell, hearing, and a heightened resistance to magic. Magical energies try and flow around her and while she isn't immune by a long shot she never catches the full brunt of magics thrown at her.

Not without Influence Culdranth can help protect Ariana by sheathing her in armor of his own essence, depending on the levels of protection needed at the time. this ranges from  wispy shimmering tendrils reaching just off the surface of her skin, and providing limited protection, too what looks like a full suit of armor that looks like a cross between scale mail and plate mail and provides more protection than outright plate armor. no matter how much protection is provided Ariana retains her full range of movement and speed. He can also strengthen any weapons Ariana uses to various degrees. The longer shes has used the weapon, the more he can attune it to them on a spiritual level the more powerful he can make them. Physical parts of his old body make the best conduits.

Ariana is blind in the conventional sense, her eyes no longer work, however she can see because of her Bond with Culdranth, this is a semi spiritual type of sight. Visually she sees whats in front of her as if she had eyes, and will even move her ruined eyes too look at things. Outside of that she can sense things in a full 360 degrees almost as if she could see them. She can also see magic, spirits, lay line/dragon line energy. Illusions typically have little effect on her and she can tell when most things are not in their true forms, though she might not see what their form really is. Her lack of true physical sight has rendered her immune to gaze based attacks and abilities.

Dragons rage: During hand to hand, or when needed, Culdranth can push some of his instincts to the forefront pushing Arianas aggression to higher levels, and producing a almost berserker rage, increasing her strength, speed and ferocity even higher, though this sort of exertion takes its toll on her leaving her tired, exhausted, or possible collapsing outright.

Deaths doorstep: Ariana and Culdranth have both technically died, they have crossed that threshold and returned as such their souls reject death, they really are harder than a coffin nail when it comes to killing them. They reject most necromantic and death based magics outright. they are far from unkillable but they will cling to even the tiniest sliver of life, hang on when others would have died long ago, and survive things that should have killed them many times over. this does not prevent them from being incapacitated.

Weaknesses & Flaws: 

Cross purposes. Ariana and Culdranths purposes do not always align, and when they don't the arguments can be epic. Moreover Culdranth can try and leverage influence, withholding his protection, or trying to influence Arianas state of mind, going as far as to heighten or lessen emotions. He can even speak for her at times or hamper physical actions too a small degree.

On a spiritual/spiritual magic level glows like she is a Radioactive toxic waste pit. she has no way of hiding her self from such detection or hiding what she is. On top of this too some she still reeks of darker magics, left over from the ritual that bound the dragons soul too her. 

For all her advantages she is ultimately only human, she has too eat, sleep, and breath. she can drown, she can starve, exposure can catch up with her.


Her demeanor tends to be gruff, not downright unpleasant but she prefers to keep to herself. she isn't outright cold but growing up with a dragon in her head has given her a sometimes odd too others way of dealing with things, behaving much like she is the dragon in her head, not a much smaller, far less intimidating human.


Ariana’s history starts with a plot, a power grab by magic users. Not content with the powers already at their disposal they turned to darker and darker arts. The rituals and spells required a old dragon and a unborn child, sacrifices to fuel the spells. Thier goal, immortality and near limitless magical power by steal a life not yet born and the very essence of an ancient dragon. Many might strive for godhood, but in this case they just wanted power and life, then they could tackle godhood. Unfortunately there are always heroes willing to stop such men, and well the older the dragon, the more devious and tricky it is. The dragon Culdranth did everything he could after his capture to throw things of course, and at the appointed time, on the appointed hour the ritual was further disrupted by a group of dimension hopping heros. Unfortunately they got there a bit late. the sacrifices had started, the dragon beyond saving, the mother also gone, but the final knife missed its mark thanks to them, a mis that blinded Ariana before she was even born and mingled the dragons blood with hers. Using the disruption, the dragon in his dying moments tried to nudge the ritual even further out of line. instead of freeing himself spiritually as he wanted he ended up binding himself to the unborn child who now had some of his blood in her. The ritual was ultimately foiled, but Culdranth’s soul was now irrevocably bound to Arihana. She was saved by the same mercs that broke up the ritual and dropped off at an orphanage in her own world. Thus she grew up never knowing who her family was, and only had Culdranth’s voice in her head to her what happened. Culdranth quickly determined that he could not undo his situation and turned instead to influencing Ariana actions. Over time they have developed a deep friendship though they still fight over some things. being a odd one too start with Ariana learned to fight and fend for herself and quickly took too adventuring, bounty hunting, and being a merc to make ends meet, and to get things Culdranth wanted done accomplished.  Her adventuring a merc work eventually lead to portal hopping herself and she found the city, and the Cartographers, not too mention all sorts of opportunities such as underground fights, warfield, and the countless portals in the city. she is currently making money with underground fighting, trips into warfield for loot, merc work, and Cartographer contracts.

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