Demon Machine

Aztec demon and transhuman cyborg


Itztli is a big handsome man with deep bronze skin, jovial eyes, and a deep voice.  He wears bright clothing or, if there's work to be done, a jaguar pelt.  His eyes are a rich, chocolate brown.

In jaguar form he looks like nothing more than an oversized jaguar, while in the in-between, 'war form' he looks like an even larger version of himself with catlike features, the pelt becoming part of the skin.

All this is, of course, a lie.

He's actually inhabiting a hypertech body more than capable of generating the clothing, weaponry, and shapeshifting by altering the skeleton and synthetic musculature without a total reconfiguration.  The Aztec trappings are merely window dressing and flavor.

This is also a lie.

He is, in fact, an Aztec demon inhabiting a machine, masquerading as a transhuman.


Itzli's entire body is extremely high-tech, though deliberately humaniform.  He has no need of devices to display or interface with data networks, so doesn't often carry anything that's actually armor or tool.  However, when he needs a weapon, usually he will use a macahuitl, made out of the same materials of his body and in fact part of it.

The only external equipment he carries is a pair of ornamental obsidian knives.

Skills & Abilities: 

Itzli's bones and skins are made of graphene and derivatives, rendering him extraordinarily robust.  His brain substrate has quite a lot more processing power than the protein-and-lipid base model, giving him far faster reaction times, better multitasking, and potent information warfare and defense abilities.

Physically he is capable with a sword, with an atlatl, and with postmodern weaponry - energy weaponry mostly.

He also has potent magical ability.  Though hidden behind his transhuman capacities, Itzli is an aztec demon - an outsider from one of the realms of the gods (or, perhaps, one of the realms outside that of the gods).  Lacking blood, he doesn't perform blood magic per se, but he does use obsidian knives to siphon essence from the matrix that holds the demon soul.

Weaknesses & Flaws: 

While Itzli is extremely tough physically, he is also prone to attacks normal humans aren't - namely, infowar attacks.  Though he's hardened against them inasmuch as possible, it's a definite attack vector that isn't as easily defensible.

He also more vulnerable magically.  All the graphene and self-repairing nanoforges in the world don't protect the demon essence riding inside the body.  While he is a sorcerer himself and capable of defense, and so isn't entirely helpless, it's far more difficult to deal with attacks of that type.

Finally, his corporeal anchor is an obsidian matrix, located deep inside his body.  It's far more fragile than the rest of him, and can be damaged by shock, which will weaken him significantly.  He can repair it, but it takes time and energy, rendering him essentially incapable of spellcasting for some time even after he regains control of the body.


Itzli is boisterous, outgoing, and friendly.

This is, of course, a lie.



Records show Itztli was born on a Nuhautl-flavored colony, with nothing particularly outstanding other than the technology from which his body is built.

This is, of course, a lie.

His origin is the realm of Coyolxauhqui, and his real purpose is to find the Centzonmimixcoa, the 400 Gods of the Northern Stars, freeing them with his obsidian knives to reunite them with their sibling.

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Corsairs Profile


Name: Itzli
Description: A big man with bronzed skin, chocolate eyes, and a deep voice.


High Concept: Demonic Cyborg
Trouble: Divine Mandate Overrides All
Species: Transhuman
Background: Not-So-Aimless Mercenary
Free Aspect: A Touch Of Magic With My Tech


Power: 1
Grace: 0
Wits: 3
Charm: 2


  1. Because I am also a sorcerer, I can create Advantages at range (other zones).


Packets:    b   b
Stash:        b   b   b   b   b   b   b   b   b   b


b     2 b     3 b


Mild (2):

Moderate (4):

Severe (6):

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Played by: Daetrin