To'prak Maeko

To'prak Maeko

An explorer, who deals in various forms of plant magic. A friendly chipmunk who travels from town to town with a little black owl called Ink.


5'6 in height, she has dark brown hair ending a bit past her shoulders,  with the tips dyed purple and green mixtures. 

Often seen wearing a grey sleeveless top, and dark green pants (using an old rope as a belt). With a dusty old grey jacket.

Two straps of rope crisscross in front and hold her weapons in place behind her. 

Piercings: two studs on each ear, a green stud on her right eyebrow, and has a silver ring piercing her bottom lip. 

Markings: She's missing half of her left ear. Appears to have been bitten off. 

She wears a black choker necklace, that has a square silver pendant on it, with an eye carved into it. 

A silver ring at the index finger of her left hand, a golden ring with green gem on the index finger of her right hand. 

She is most often seen with a long staff made of dark brown oak. 

At times she has two shorter staffs strapped to her back, which using her magic, can change in length. One is a light brown staff end, while the other is made from bamboo. 
More to come here soon. She is skilled with fighting with staffs, and a style that the chipmunk has come up with using her magic. 

Magic; plant magic.


Regaining her memories after having gone through a long period of amnesia, she has decided to let the past be the past. Making new memories for herself, To'prak travels through different places, meeting new people, creating new connections. Doing her best, never to look behind her, in case she see's her past catching up. 

Sun, 02/12/2017 - 14:45
Sun, 02/12/2017 - 14:45
Played by: Charlotte