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All users are asked not to exceed a PG-13 level of content on the site.  This is primarily an issue of writing tastefully and respectfully.  Anything posted on Phantagraphia must meet the standards of our Content Policy.

i. Graphic Sexual Content

Nudity, relationships, and sexuality are all natural things, and are allowed in play, but may not be described or explored in explicit detail.

ii. Graphic Violence

Depictions of violence should be similarly be limited by the bounds of good taste.  Violence and injury are fine, but excessive descriptions of gore and extreme torture will not be tolerated.

iii. Profane Language

Please limit your use of profanity.  Words such as "damn" or "crap" are fine.  Stronger language should be strictly limited, and excessive use of profane language is not welcome.

iv. Banned Content

As part of creating a safe and fun environment for all of our players, certain subjects are not permitted as IC story elements.  These include:

  • Sexual Assault/Rape

  • Child Abuse

  • Hate Speech/Hate Groups

v. Harassment

Any In Character or Out Of Character content found to be in violation of out Harassment Policy will not be tolerated.

vi. Copyright Material

Content posted on Phantagraphia should not violate copyright, trademark, patent, or trade secret law, as indicated in the Terms of Service.

The Lorebook & Shared Content

Part of a shared universe is having shared content, which lives in the Lorebook.

All Lorebook content should be labeled with one of the following:

Available for Use with Permission

The creator of the lorebook entry has placed restrictions on it's use - if no details are provided in the entry, please talk to the creator for further information/permission.

Available for Public Use

The following licence applies to all Lorebook entries labeled 'Available for Public Use':

The Author(s) hereby grants registered users of Phantagraphia and related sites ("Users") a royalty-free, non-sublicensable, non-exclusive, irrevocable license to produce Adapted Material based on the Lorebook Entry on Phantagraphia and related web pages, including the creation of new Revisions of the Lorebook Entry. All subsequent revisions of the Lorebook Entry must also be provided under this licence.

tl;dr: Once you label something Public use, you no longer control it, at least as far as Phantagraphia is concerned. People are not allowed to take it and make a movie out of it though.

Not available for Use

The creator does not want other people to use this content. Generally not recommended, but it can be appropriate if the creator uses the content in a bunch of different places.