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Our heroes are a group of treasure-hunters in the kingdom of Valendia, mostly composed of outcasts and misfits from foreign shores, united by a need of coin, or pursuing agendas less easily understood.


Arankah Risahiena - Elf Ranger

Accompanied by her loyal hyena "Puppy", the elven ranger Arankah was forced to leave the elven empire after an incident involving her beloved companion and the royal hounds.  She much prefers the wilderness of Valendia to the overly-cultivated aesthetics of Nimriathon, and has few regrets about her exile.


Talvert Finn - Human Wizard

A human wizard from the mysterious Voynich City-States, Talvert speaks very little of his homeland or his reasons for leaving.  The analytical man takes a scientific approach to magic, and has little patience for superstition and mysticism.


Sharaseth - Elf Fighter

This fearsome elven warrior never fit in with her own people, and has come to Valendia seeking the adventure and passion that is so rarely found in the cold realms of Nimriathon.  Her trademark weapon is a majestic and ornate halberd of mysterious origins, which she wields with deadly precision.  Rumours persist that her heritage includes creatures much shorter and hairier than elves.


John Moore - Human Thief

From the wartorn land of Brut comes John Moore, fallen nobleman and master spy, reduced to petty thief and adventurer.  His reasons for leaving Brut are his own, but the melancholy professional seems to have tired of the Great Game, and is seeking meaning elsewhere in life.


Thistle - Halfling Druid

A clever wildling druid who has attached herself to this band of fortune-seekers.  She hails from Blackfoot Grove, and the spirits of that land lend her their forms and abilities.  Though small and cheerful, she should not be underestimated.

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