Corsairs Ship (OOC)


A gang of galactic mutineers raid and work their way across the depths of space, one step ahead of the Confederation Navy.

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Name: Dark Horse
Registration: K-701
Class: Corvette
Size: Medium (2)
Description: A large corvette of Terran design, built for maximum speed with the ability to hold its own in a firefight.  Repurposed as a courier and light colonial supply vessel after the war, most of its weapons have been stripped.


100MJ Particle Beam Array

K-7 Arc Beam Turbolaser Turret

Experimental Systems
Make Some (Electronic) Noise

Handles like a Rocketship on Rails
High Energy Plasma Exhaust
Incredibly Checkered History



Weapons: -2 Terrible
Shields:     +2 Fair
Sensors:    +0 Mediocre
Engines:    +4 Great


Type: Spacer
Number: 20/60
Morale: Good (+3)
Training: Mediocre (+0)


Parcels:    B  b  b  b


 b b b b


Mild (2):

Moderate (4):

Severe (6):


Low on Supplies, Registration of Mutiny

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This is the "character sheet" for your ship.  As you can see, it is built very similar to how characters are built, with a set of aspects and Systems in place of Skills.  Ships do not have stunts, but they do have a crew to consider.  Instead of stress, ships have Shields.  Ships have the additional category of "Conditions".  These are temporary aspects placed by the GM that can only be resolved through story actions.


As written, this is just the framework for your ship.  I need you to collectively come to an agreement on a name for the ship.  It can be the original name of the ship, or the post-mutiny name assigned by the crew, it's purely cosmetic.

Then I need each of you to do the following individually:

1. Assign a single additional aspect to the ship. This could be anything from a special system the ship has (like a Powerful Tractor Beam, Scan-Shielded Cargo Space, or a Massive Rail Gun) or some unique characteristic of the ability (like Faster than She Looks or Inconspicuous).  Any additional weapon is also an aspect, and changes how many characters can take "fire guns" type actions in a single round of combat.  Aspects such as Artificial Gravity and Surface-to-Orbit Capability are already assumed as part of the setting, so ask if you aren't sure whether your aspect would already be covered by default.

2. Assign TWO points to the Systems of your choice.  You may put them both in one system or split them between two.  System scores are added to your skills when you attempt to make actions using the ship (such as firing weapons or making complex maneuvers)

Weapons are the most straightforward of systems, representing the power and accuracy of the ship's guns.  They will most often be used when firing upon enemy targets.

Shields cover both a forcefield system and any other defensive systems the ship might have, like ECM or point-defence lasers.  The ship's shield track is equal to Shields +2

Sensors are what the ship uses to see and study the universe around it, and included the power of the ship's computer systems and any laboratory facilities.

Engines are what make the ship go.  They determine the speed, manueverability, and raw power of the ship.


I'm throwing in for a ship that's inconspicious and/or fast, mostly because I can't imagine some slow clunker missleboat weighed down with the guns able to get away from anything or to be terribly interesting for much other than combat.

Larketh mentioned "Having the McGuffin" on board as well, which I think would be interesting for some immediate plot.

Engines +2, also, in the interests of being pirates: "Agile for her size" as an aspect. Perhaps she has a history as a battlecruiser type ship, meant to be fast and agile at the expense of armor. Quick and deft enough to prey on smaller ships and then run away from the big guns.

I've been informed that this is a pretty small ship, as ships go, so with that in mind... 

New aspect.

 Rocket Ship on Rails: Wait, seriously? How did you just do that?

Aspect: Incredibly Checkered Past

Engines + 2

Somewhere, Pirate!Daria is doing a happy dance. Engines in the positive!

I wanted to be more scooty than shooty.

Aspect:  K7 Arc-Beam Turbolaser Turret

Shields: +2


Let's make it harder for people shooting at us to blow us to smitheredns and add a little bit more to the offensive capability while we're at it.

Aspect: High-Energy Plasma Exhaust

Engines: +2

Who needs guns when you can kill them with your engines?

I'm going to set a hard limit of +4 on ship systems, same as for characters.  All this means is that the last two of you can't put any more points into Engines.  Otherwise I feel the numbers are going to quickly become absurd.

Awwwwwwwwwww...  But, but, absurd engines are what tramps and scoundrels do best!

Also, I submit the following names for your consideration:


The Still Alive

The Dreaded Pirate Vessel The Ex

And Environmental Catastrophe. 

+2 sensors


"Make Some Noise" sensor and communication jamming systems

"Experimental Systems" +2 Shields

What does "ghost in the machine" indicate?