The Kingdom of Valendia


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Valendia encompasses everything from mountains to desert to fearsome swamp, but the majority of the land is flat plains and gentle hills, made rich for farming by the many rivers that slowly wind across the landscape.  In most of Valendia the summers are warm, but not hot, and the winters are cool, but not cold.  The western mountain regions have milder summers and cold winters, and the southern provinces are generally drier and warmer throughout the year.

Valendia's vast plains and hills provide plentiful farm and pastureland.  Regions of Valendia are famous for their wines, cheeses, and other agricultural products.  Years of relative peace and prosperity have made Valendia a center of art and education as well, and the University of Orelia is recognized as one of the finest learning institutions in the world.

Valendia has coasts on two seas, the Dawn Sea to the east and the Sea of Daggers to the southwest.  It is otherwise bordered by four other realms, the elven empire of Nimriathon, the ruined dwarven lands of Than Maldur, the mercantile human kingdom Lariath, and the desert wastes of Karnath.

Valendia was founded in the year 845 of the current era (roughly four hundred years ago) when Aethelbard the Wyrmslayer drove out the dragons and united the human kingdoms of the Gulf of Linn under his banner.




Government: Monarchy

Ruler: King Owain III

Population: 9.1 million (majority human)

Prosperity: Wealthy

Military: Small professional military, armoured infantry and cavalry

Wartime levy of light armoured infantry

Religion: Anorite

Other religions tolerated but not welcomed

Magic: Non-Anorite magic rare, viewed with suspicion.


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Valendia is a monarchy, ruled over by King Owain III, the latest monarch in a line that traces directly back to Aethelbard the Wyrmslayer, first king of Valendia.

Valendia is separated into ten provinces, roughly following the lines of the previous kingdoms of the Gulf of Linn.  Each province is administered by a high-ranking nobleman from the oldest and most trusted families of Valendia.  These men and women are charged with keeping the king's peace and defending the realm, but are otherwise largely free to rule their fiefdoms as they see fit.  While laws and customs are usually the same from one province to the next, it is possible to be a hunted criminal in one and a celebrated hero in another.  Each province is further divided into counties, baronies, and other smaller holdings.

At the center of the kingdom is an eleventh province, occupying everything within a day's march of the royal capital of Orelia, reserved for the rule of the monarch alone.



Province Lord Household  
Orelia King Owain III

Queen Isolde (wife)
Prince Adelbert (heir)
Prince Artus (son), Princess Ophelia (daughter)





The dominant god in Valendia is Anor, a god of light, justice, and laws.  Anor is a judge and law-giver, a stern but fair figure that fights against the forces of chaos and darkness.  He is usually depicted as a massive black-bearded man, clad in a suit of shining golden armour.  In one hand he carries a massive golden hammer, in the other a great book of laws.

Anor's followers are called Anorites, and the Anorite church has grown to be one of the most powerful human institutions in the world.  The center of Anorism is the distant Holy City of Minsas, far from Valendia, but the church's influence is strong in the kingdom.  Aethelbard the Wyrmslayer, first king of Valendia, was a devout Anorite, and established it as the official religion of his new realm.

Many in Valendia, especially among commoners, still follow the old religion, worshipping a wide variety of other gods.  Some of these gods are considered allies of Anor, and their followers are tolerated more than others, but are still considered heathens.  The priests of gods Anor considers enemies (usually gods of darkness and evil) are actively hunted by the Inquisition.  Anor is no fan of magic-users, with the exception of his own priests.


Magic is not unknown in Valendia, especially in the hands of Anorite priests.  Non-Anorite magic is generally mistrusted, shrouded in mystery and ceremony.  Still, nearly every village has its own hedge wizard or wise woman trusted to work folk magic for the good of the settlement, and King Owain is said to have a secret coterie of loyal magic-users to ensure the protection of the kingdom.