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This is a thread for working out the niggling details.  It will eventually host a schedule for play sessions.  We will also use it for discussing and deciding on various logistical issues, some of which I'll list now.



This is the big one obviously.  From the people who have expressed an interest, it looks like we will probably be playing on Saturdays, or possibly Sundays.  Neither of these are ideal for me, but my ideal days happen to be straight-up impossible for the majority.  At my current job I am "on call" Saturdays and Sundays, which means at any time I could be called away to make a delivery for one of the local hospitals.  On a standard weekend this only happens a couple times a day, and only takes about an hour or so.  So while inconvenient it isn't unsurmountable, I hope. :)

When we have exact dates and times I will post them.  For the record, there is no problem with missing some sessions.  Dungeon World is based on being fast-paced and actiony, and there's no problem with characters coming and going from session to session.  No one is going to get kicked out for missing play dates.  If you think you'll only be able to show up occasionally or rarely, I'm still happy to have you.



While these threads will remain here for reference, and we can certainly put character sheets and other material (maps, handouts, whatever) here on Phanta, and play in the chat, we also have other options if people are interested.  A while back Daetrin introduced me to Roll20 an excellent site built for this sort of thing specifically.  Roll20 is essentially a virtual table top, allowing moving tokens, map-drawing, virtual dice rolling, and all that kind of thing.  It's loaded with powerful tools and is pretty neat, and pretty easy to use for the basics.  The downside is that it would require creating a (free) account, and in the past I've discovered not everyone can actually get the program to run (though I have no idea what actually caused the problem).  Obviously we'd only use it if we can be sure none of that would be a problem.

There are other "virtual table top" options as well, such as simple whiteboard programs where we could draw maps everyone can see, etc.  And Erica tells me things like virtual dice are easy to put in our own chat.  Just let me know your thoughts about it, folks.


Speaking of Dice...

For the actual mechanics of play, my philosophy is basically "Do what you like".  When you're all sitting around a table there aren't really a lot of options, nor a need for them.  In our case we'll need some solutions.  The most obvious being "what about dice?"

In the end, I don't care what you use, or whether people use different methods.  Virtual dice are easy to come by, and we can easily integrate them directly into Phanta.  If you're a superstitious weirdo like me and find yourself unable to truly, in your heart, TRUST virtual dice, by all means feel free to roll your own dice wherever you are and let us know the results.  I trust you guys, and even if I didn't the Dungeon World rules are set up to make failures interesting (as well as rewarding, as every failed roll earns you XP) and you'd only be cheating yourself.

As a third option (see below) I can roll dice for you.  Strictly speaking the GM in Dungeon World basically never touches the dice (monsters do not make attacks, their effectiveness is based on YOUR rolls) but in a situation like this an exception can be made, as not everyone has a full set of whacky nerd-dice (I have six myself, plus a few special-purpose singles).

Most of Dungeon World is handled with just a pair of standard six-sided dice, which I'm sure we all have access to (raid those old board games!)  However things like damage are rolled with a variety of polyhedral dice, from four-sided to twenty-sided.  I know not all of us have those, and I would never insist anyone go out and buy their own just for this.


Character Sheets

This is another thing you can all work whatever way you like.  Print off the PDFs and fill them out (always in pencil!), track your stats on a spreadsheet, or keep updating a profile on phanta as we go, it doesn't matter to me.  Whatever works best for you personally.  I'll try to keep my own set here so I can track who has what, but your own record keeping, regardless of form, will take precedence in the case of a dispute.

We'll make sure we have a publically-viewable record of the basic parts of the characters, so people know what Moves other characters have access to (and what their names are, etc), but when it comes to hitpoints and treasure you can track on a spare piece of paper if you like.


That's all I can think of at the moment.  I'm sure there's more that will come up.

Alright let's settle into a timeslot.  Sound off if January 9 (Saturday next week) works for you.  Let's say around 4:00 or 5:00 PM, Eastern time.

Alright let's settle into a timeslot.  Sound off if January 9 (Saturday next week) works for you.  Let's say around 4:00 or 5:00 PM, Eastern time.

Ill still be working around 4-5, genrally speaking the eirliest ill get off on a saterday is 430 and i can work as late as 7, i have no way to give a set number thanks to this whole flex hours crap my company uses.. i do have zero commute though as im at home so as soon as im off i can start flipping over.


i did fib just a smidge, i know two weeks in advance the 9th ill be working till 530, give or take any long calls or vto i might be able to swing.

Alright then, let's not start until say 6:00 on the 9th, if that works for everyone else?  This isn't the hardest deadline in the world either, if you're ten minutes late you're ten minutes late, no worries.

I work rotating shifts, so I'm likely to miss at least a few sessions, but I'll show up as much as I reasonably can.

My Availability (All times ET):

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