Rise of the Rexpin


Malms Vovokosi and Marianas Graves face the Bear Force, toy spirits bent on summoning their king, Teddy Rexpin. Can they disrupt the ritual and defeat the Lord of Plush?

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Before the two intrepid adventurers commence their adventure in Holocron 23's simulation space, Malms stops. "One last thing," he says, and goes down to one knee, bowing his head. "Twelve watch over us as we go into battle," he prays. "Destroyer guide our hands, that this work may pave the way for the Builder's works. Wanderer, lead those you watch over away from here, for their safety. Fury, grant our hearts your strength. And should this battle be where our strength fails, may the Gatekeepers find us worthy to pass through the upper gate."

Standing, he nods, the simalcrum of his staff starting to shimmer with its best impression of the real Staff of Skyfall's potent aura when woken for battle. "Now we're ready," he says, and pushes open the door.

The two adventurers step through the door to find themselves in the lobby of a massive toy store, the lights turned off for the evening. Directly in front of them is a massive dais, presumably used for displays and dioramas. Now, though, it holds four massive teddy bears, kneeling at the compass points of a circle and chanting something that sounds somewhat Seussian. Three of the bears are clearly armed - one with a plastic axe slung across his back and a horned helmet on his head, one with a toy bow and quiver wearing a Robin Hood hat, the third with a variety of foam dart guns and bandoliers of ammo - while the fourth is wearing what's clearly a wizard's hat and robes, and holding a wand of some sort.

The entrance Malms and Marianas used is off to the side, and they seem not to have been noticed so far by the chanting bears.

Mari isn't one to stand gawking at something out of the ordinary; doing that gets you killed when you're dealing with undead horrors, or eldritch things dredged up out of Lovecraftian castoffs. You move, you shoot, you kill, and to make sure it stays dead you behead. 

"Ahhh shi-fuuuuu..." she softly curses beside the smidge, shotgun already up and aimed at the cluster of possessed bears. "Forgot my damn knife. Dammit! Guess we do this the hard way." She grumbles more, but it's too quiet to be heard over the chanting. 

With one hand she fishes one of her grenades from a pocket, waggling it at Malms. "Chemical distraction, you go boom-bang on Mr Wizard there while I try for the Hood and Captain Nerf? If we can take the ranged punks out first that would leave the Bearik the Brown, and he's a close quarters chump."

Yes, she's making light of the situation, but she also seems to be taking it seriously... ish. "How hard are these things supposed to be to kill, anyway? I'm guessing pumping some lead isn't going to just produce a shower of fluff and a dead bear."

"If you've fought zombies like you say you have, you know how dangerous a 'close quarters chump' can be when they won't stay down," Malms points out. "Body hits may knock them back, but won't stop them - aim for extremities if you can, disable them. Otherwise, the plan sounds good. Throw that to blow at '10 Chimeriad', and we'll see how this goes. One Chimeriad..."

With that, he moves to the left, finding himself a clear line of fire, whispering the count to himself as he goes. 

Mari grumbles a bit at that bit of information. "Great, so I get to rip the heads off giant killer teddy bears. Just what I needed to complete my day."

She doesn't look nearly buff enough to do that, but she practically oozes the confidence of someone who has done similar work before. She makes a mental note to ask him what he means with this 'Chimeriad" deal later, when there aren't the Four Bears of the Apocalypse to deal with. When he starts counting she keeps her ears on him long enough to pick up his countdown pace, then moves off to the right on near silent feet.

Letting her shotgun dangle she fishes a second of the stun grenades out, pulling both safety rings but carefully keeping the pins down with her thumb. "Five Chimeriad... four Chimeriad..." What the hell was wrong with "Mississippi," except that it's impossible to spell in one go?

When she hits "two" she underhand chucks the two grenades, giving them enough oomph that they should be within the circle of bears just as the timers run out. Ideally she'd love one to go off right at Bearik's feet, so the chump isn't charging out after her, and the other right there in the middle of the circle, but she'll take whatever she can get. 

Grenades thrown that shotgun is up and tucked expertly in her shoulder pocket, muzzle low and head turned away so she doesn't catch the flash herself. Thank God for good earplugs, though. 

The flashbangs do indeed flash and bang, the bears' chanting falling into disarray. Bearik falls on his rump, while the other three, rubbing their eyes almost comically, look frantically around the room, trying to locate where the assault is coming from.

"To arms, Bear Force!" calls the axe-wielding teddy as he starts getting to his feet. "Hold this ground, for the Rexpin cometh!"

The flash scarcely has time to vanish before Mari is pivoting her shotgun back up. She drops the sights on Nerf, bracing the gun against her shoulder and squeezing off her first shot of the sim. Her 12ga roars, spitting shot at the plush monster's upper torso, and the hunter was already midway through the process of pumping another shell into the chamber as she turned her sights on Hood. 

The shotgun spewed out lead shot once more, then again as she pumped a second round into the bow-armed bear. 3 shots fired, seven shots left. 

She aims to move to cover once more while the bears are still disoriented, crouching low and putting hustle to it while keeping an eye out for Malms. Wouldn't do to shoot her partner!