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Here I'm going to post the raw logs from Roll20, just so we have an ongoing record of them somewhere.  I doubt these will make spectacular reads on their own, but they may come in handy.

Session 1

In which a temple is explored and mud is (mostly) overcome.


Bob (GM): and subtract however many coins, etc
Alright then, give a moment to write up the intro post
You lot have accepted a comission to recover the stone idol of Tortengar, one of the Old Gods. After much research and hard work, you have located the old temple of Tortengar deep in the Transmere, a large and very wet swamp at the heart of the kingdom of Elbeon. >>>
John Moore: ok I'm back
Bob (GM): You stand before the ruined temple now. Ancient and overgrown, half-sunk into the swampy muck, it looks like a huge stone turtle clawing to escape the swamp. The dome of the turtle's shell is cracked and broken, with grass and plants growing on it, most notably a massive cypress tree that reaches its roots into the temple. The stylized head of the stone turtle is obviously the entrance. But it seems you're not alone, there are signs of a recent encampment here, and you can hear voices inside.
What do you do?
Arankah Risahiena whistles at Puppy, gesturing towards the entrance to have the Hyena take a look.
Sharaseth: Examine the encampment, does it appear that it will be returned to, or has it been totally torn down.
John Moore: I'm gonna check the camp if they got the entry
Thistle, the Druid: I crouch down, looking and sniffing over the signs of encampment to see what I can tell from them (Discern Realities)
Bob (GM): No need to call your move, Thistle. I've got to learn the game, too ;)
Thistle, the Druid: I aim to make sure I'm clear in what I'm doing, both in fiction and on a meta level, is all.
Bob (GM): No worries
John Moore: looks at the hyena inspecting the entry, clearly puzzled and mildly disgusted at the idea a housepet is going to give a verbal report
Bob (GM): Alright which of you has the highest WIS modifier?
John Moore: I'm plus 2
Thistle, the Druid: Likewise here.
Bob (GM): Thistle and John both roll for Discern Realities, then.
John Moore rolls 9 on WIS
Thistle, the Druid: I'll roll to assist John, how about?
rolling 2d6+1
= 11
Bob (GM): Meanwhile, Puppy goes to the doorway, sniffing, and raises his hackles. There is definitely something inside, and it's something he does NOT like.
Not a bad idea Thistle. In that case, John, you get to ask three questions from the Discern Realities list
John Moore: What here is useful or valuable to me?
2 Is anything not as it appears to be?
Bob (GM): Nothing. There's really just an extinguished campfire and some half-eaten morsels.
John Moore: 3 what happened here recently?
Bob (GM): 2. Everything is as it appears to be.
3. A party of perhaps a dozen humanoids made camp here for a few hours before going into the temple. They had a little fire and ate a bit. This would have been less than an hour ago. The camp indicates that most of the people in the party are Dog Heads, which are basically savage dog-like humanoids who often serve as mercenaries or bandits.
John Moore: "Well, I think I know what the mutt is worked up over"
"incidentally, we're all probably outnumbered more than two to one"
Bob (GM): There's a sound of barking laughter from inside the temple. Apparently something is hilarious.
Talvert Finn: "Excellent odds." The wizard sounded about as enthusiastic as a pallbearer.
John Moore: I'm gonna position myself BEHIND everyone else, relative to the entrance
Bob (GM): Brave Sir John
John Moore: it's very clear I don't care how obvious it is
Arankah Risahiena: "We've dealt with worse. C'mon." And She heads towards the entrance, trying to sneak up and position herself for a surprise shot or two.
Sharaseth: "Just need to approach it carefully, preferably not in the open where they can surround us." I prep my shield and weapon for combat and move into a position between the others and the entrance
John Moore: "It's a bottle neck, potentially"
Thistle, the Druid eyes John sardonically. "That sword will be so useful from there," she comments.
John Moore: "Don't run in there, lure them out"
Thistle, the Druid: "I'll scout, then, shall I?"
Bob (GM): Arankah, when you come up to the entrance and peek inside, you have a clear view of the temple interior. It's an open space under the dome, light coming in through various cracks and breaks in the cieling. The trees roots seem to reach right into the room. In the center of the room stands a well, and there are three dogheads standing around it, throwing bits of rubble down the well and laughing.
John Moore: hey, can I tell if i can climb up the turtle head to get above the entrance from where I am VERY SENSIBLY AND SAFELY standing?
Bob (GM): Easily, yes. As well as being old, worn, and half crumbled, the head is just as overgrown as the dome.
Arankah Risahiena gestures to the others(and Puppy) to stay further back, notches an arrow, takes aim, and fires.
John Moore: I'm gonna very queitly make my way over and do that
Bob (GM): Now are you just volleying or do you want to make a called shot, Arankah?
Thistle, the Druid sighs, and calls on the spirit of Bear.
Arankah Risahiena: If it works the way she intends, they'll coming rushing out into an ambush! (a girl can dream, right?)
John Moore: ok, I'm gonna RUN to do it, because certain people don't understand the element of surprise
Sharaseth: preps to make a bottle neck at the entrance once the arrow is fired.
Thistle, the Druid rolls 11 on WIS
Talvert Finn: Talvert simply backed up so the more stabbing-oriented members of their party could do their business, muttering to himself as he ran over his thaumaturgical options.
Arankah Risahiena: Making that a called shot for the head of the most visible dog-head.
Bob (GM): Thistle the bear moves are "Rend and Maul" and "Charge Them", sound good to you?
Thistle, the Druid: Works for me.
Bob (GM): Go ahead and roll DEX Arankah
Arankah Risahiena rolls 13 on DEX
Arankah Risahiena: (yay)
John Moore: assuming I'm up there, I'm gonna perch with my throwing knives ready, but I'm not making a move unless one of the DogHeads breaks past the others into the open
Bob (GM): Arankah roll your damage.
Arankah Risahiena rolls 1 damage!
Arankah Risahiena: (boo)
Sharaseth: ( he always wanted a pierced ear )
Bob (GM): The arrow Ricochets off the doghead's skull, and he nearly topples into the well, but in the end you only just scraped his skull. It's going to take him a moment to get his bearings, though.
The other two, meanwhile, look around in shock, before spotting Arankah and her growling hyena. Raising their rusty swords, they charge towards the doorway howling.
The doorway is wide enough to easily accomodate two people shoulder-to-shoulder, for reference.
Sharaseth: I would like to use defend as they charge to try and hold the location just at the entrence
Bob (GM): So everyone has plenty of room.
Arankah Risahiena swears, and notches another arrow, trying to get off another shot before they reach the entrance.
Bob (GM): The doorway itself isn't under attack, Sharaseth. You can't really defend the space itself.
You can defend Arankah if you want, though.
Arankah Risahiena: (also, I'll skip using the poses thing if it's driving anyone nuts.)
Sharaseth: Ill do that
Thistle, the Druid waits for the Dog Heads to get a good charge going, then returns the favor.
Bob (GM): Roll CON to determine your hold please, Sharaseth
Sharaseth rolls 8 on CON.
Bob (GM): So you have 1 hold for Defend, Sharaseth. Now the next thing is Arankah was firing another arrow. Roll DEX for Volley Arankah
Arankah Risahiena rolls 10 on DEX
Arankah Risahiena rolls 1 damage!
Anders S.: Your damage dice are soaking up all our XP.
Bob (GM): You scratch a second doghead, it just looks more pissed off than before. Anders, you said you were charging the doorway?
Thistle, the Druid: I'm countercharging the Dog Heads, yes.
Bob (GM): When the dogheads see a BEAR running at them, the two of them stop dead, stare for a second, and then turn right back around to flee back into the temple, howling in fear
The third one has just pulled himself out of the well, and is shaking his head to clear it, blinking blearily at the bear
Thistle, the Druid: Is Dog Head close enough to an animal language that I can speak it?
Bob (GM): Dogheads mostly speak English. Or Common, whatever you want to call it. They don't have a whole lot of their own culture.
Thistle, the Druid: Can I speak Common when I'm a bear?
Bob (GM): Yeah I figure Druids can always talk, no matter what silly thing they are.
Just make sure you talk all bear-like.
Thistle, the Druid: "If you tell us why you're here, then leave without a fuss, I won't tear your arms off."
Talvert Finn: "Wait..." Tal began making his move. To grasp the creature's shoulder and attempt a spell to cloud his mind and make him see their group as allies.
Thistle, the Druid: I'm attempting to Parley, using being a bear as leverage.
Talvert Finn: ((...I have no idea if Charm Person works on Dog Heads.))
Bob (GM): Talvert since you were still well outside, I think Thistle's parley will need to go first. Go ahead and roll it, Thistle. Are the rest of you making your way inside?
Thistle, the Druid rolls 4 on CHA
Bob (GM): Oh dear
Arankah Risahiena: Ara is following the rest of the group with her sword drawn.
Sharaseth: I will advance uip to were Thistle curently is
Bob (GM): Mark experience, Thistle.
John Moore: Since I'm still up here and things seem to be going well for everyone else, I'm gonna move further up the turtle's back and see if any of the wear and tear and tree roots on it have opened alternative entrances, or at least spy holes
Bob (GM): John you can find multiple places to get into the dome. It is just that one main room, though. The rest of the temple must be underground.
The doghead growls at the talking bear, more enraged than frightened by your threats, Thistle. It pulls out its sword and lunges at you
Talvert, do you want to cast your spell now?
Talvert Finn: ((Yup, Charm Person on the Dog guy))
Bob (GM): Roll+INT
Talvert Finn: rolling 2d6+2
= 7
Arankah Risahiena: (thank the little gods for modifiers.)
Sharaseth: If im close enough i would like to use defend on Thistle as the dog head lunges
John Moore: can I throw a knife through one of the openings well enough to hit the doghead?
Bob (GM): You'll have to choose from the list under Cast a Spell, Talvert. But the spell does work. The doghead blinks, then smiles, lowering his weapon. He wags his tail happily. "Hello!"
Fortunately the immediate threat to Thistle has been averted. The other two dogheads are standing by a stairwell near the "tail" of the turtle, watching confused.
Talvert Finn: In his haste to get the spell off before anyone got butchered, he'd set off a burst of thaumaturgical noviotronics wiping his mind clean of the spell!
Thistle, the Druid: Since being a bear seems to have passed its usefulness for the moment, I return to my usual self.
"Hello!" I say with a smile. "We're running late, mind catching us up on what's going on?"
John Moore: does the stairwell the other two are by lead up or down?
Bob (GM): Stairs lead down.
The doghead is watching you expectantly, Talvert.
You are, after all, his good friend.
Talvert Finn: Talvert almost seemed surprised he pulled it off! "Right? Right! Hello! Ah..." He'd let the sword-swingers deal with the rest of them, focused as he was on maintaining the spell. "Right...what she said!"
Thistle, the Druid: I'm the only one with any sort of Charisma bonus, aren't I?
Talvert Finn: Talvert has anti-charisma.
Bob (GM): "Oh sure, sure. Dukat said we should wait up here to make sure no one else followed him and the others," the doghead says, nodding sagely. "It's pretty boring, but Dukat pays good, you know?"
John Moore: I'm gonna try to exploit their momentary confusion. I swing my head down through an opening to shout down to them "Hey! You two! Have you been down there yet?"
Bob (GM): The other two dogheads just seem more confused. They seem to think that the doghead you're talking to must know who you are.
Sharaseth: She will start to advance towards the other two dog heads, aiming between them and the stairs if at all possible
Arankah Risahiena: Well, great. Now they can't just kill it. Ugh.
Bob (GM): The two dogheads yelp in surprise when John swings down on them. They look at each other, then shake their heads. "Dukat said to stay here. So we stay here."
The two confused dogheads quickly scramble to make a path for Sharaseth.
John Moore: "well, you're not much use then, are you?" John jerks his head to the exit "Jog on!"
Thistle, the Druid: "Well, good job. Keep watching the door, all right? We have to take the thing to Dukat quickly."
Sharaseth: "So if we wanted to go down stairs, not follow him, just go down stairs that would be fine right"
Bob (GM): The friendly doghead seems to think this is all grand. The other two are so clearly confused that they certainly won't try to stop any of you.
Arankah Risahiena: Ara just grits her teeth and smiles and nods as she follows Shara's lead.
Thistle, the Druid: "I'll be sure to tell Dukat what a good job you're doing!" I say to the two confused dogheads as I walk past them.
John Moore: John continues to motion that the other two should leave
Thistle, the Druid: "No, John, they're doing their job! Come on, the thing won't wait!"
Bob (GM): The other two are indeed making their way to the door, though they don't seem willing to leave their ensorcelled companion. Dogheads are famously stupid, but loyal.
John Moore: I jump down
"Look, boys, he'll be fine. Just take a break. We'll be down there to stop anything nasty coming up for him"
oh and after they leave I pick the charmed one's pocket
Talvert Finn: Talvert had little to do beyond maintaining the spell as well as a 'friendly' rictus grin that looked more at home on a fleshless skull.
Sharaseth: Ill take lead on the stairs and start down
Anders S.: AFK a minute
Bob (GM): John Moore you are a bad man. Roll a d8 and I'll tell you what you get off him, he doesn't even react to the picking, no challenge at all.
John Moore: rolling 1d8
= 7
Bob (GM): rolling 1d4
= 4
Talvert Finn: ((...That was a completely unexpected turn of events.))
Bob (GM): You lift a purse of 40 coins off the poor fellow.
John Moore: I feel a bit bad for how easy it was, then remember he was trying to kill us
Bob (GM): In fairness you guys shot him in the head first
Talvert Finn: To be fair, we fired the first shot.
...What the great Bob in the sky said.
Arankah Risahiena: To be fair, it was more we were trying to hill him, except Ara had an attack of the yips.
Bob (GM): Moving right along, and dawdling a bit for Thistle to get back...
John Moore: "I'm good for it", John winks as he walks past the doghead
Anders S.: Back
Bob (GM): At the bottom of the stairs is a wide landing, the walls dug right out of the dirt and supported by stone beams. There are doors in three directions. One leads to an old kitchen and pantry, mostly collapsed in. The second leads to what looks like priest's quarters, and the third into a ritual room of some kind. The tree above has reached its roots all the way down here, in fact it seems to be all that's preventing the dirt walls from collapsing.
Anders S.: I'm going to Spout Lore about the sort of things the priests of this sort of temple got up to.
Bob (GM): Roll it
Anders S. rolls 7 on INT.
Arankah Risahiena: Ara starts looking for tracks, with the aid of Puppy.
Bob (GM): Oh good I don't have to make it useful. :p
John Moore: whoa whoa
I'm gonna check out these roots
Arankah Risahiena: While striped Hyenas aren't really known for their sense of smell, it's still a sight better than that of the average elf or human.
Talvert Finn: (("It is widely believed that the former denizens of this temple use to actually breathe air."))
John Moore: I don't like that 'only thing preventing collapse' part
Bob (GM): Tortenga was a god of water, turtles, and the earth. His temples were simple affairs, used for worship and healing, as well as disposing of the dead in the traditional manner. In fact the ritual room you can see off to one side is almost certainly a preparation chamber for the crypts that are almost certainly below the temple.
These people worshipped an Old God, but they were peaceful folks.
Roll+WIS Arankah
Arankah Risahiena rolls 8 on WIS
John Moore: (brb again, sorry)
Sharaseth: Ill move to cover the door of the Ritual room for now
Thistle, the Druid: "Not a bad one, as gods go, is Tortenga," I comment. "Still rose above their place, but not as badly as some."
Bob (GM): The party of Dogheads definitely went in the direction of the preparation chambers. They are likely hunting the same relic you guys are looking for.
And yes, John, you sense a bit of magic is at work here. You'd almost say the tree is TRYING to hold the room together. But that is obviously silly.
Thistle, the Druid: Sorry, I'm not a wise enough druid to speak Tree yet.
Arankah Risahiena: "Can we save the mythology lessons for later? They went this way." She jerks her head towards the preparation chambers, and heads towards it.
Talvert Finn: "Still a god. Want nothing to do with it." The wizard muttered darkly as he followed the merry band towards the preparation chambers.
Thistle, the Druid: "Wiser than most of your kind, you."
John Moore: John suggests thistle and arankah take a look at these roots since its more their wheelhouse and they seem suspiciouslky anthropomorphized to him
Sharaseth: She sets her shield in front of her and starts into the the ritual room "Well magic or no we still need to get this done"
John Moore: "Look, does anyone know what the thing we're looking for does?"
Bob (GM): Well, does anyone think they might know?
John Moore: "If the droolers are looking for it too, and its not dangerous, why not wait for them to come back and then mug them?"
Bob (GM): You were hired by a mysterious figure in a hooded cloak.
Named Gerald.
Talvert Finn: "We were hired by a mysterious figure in a hooded cloak. I doubt he was just curiosity-hunting."
Arankah Risahiena: "Makes someone with terrible fashion sense pay us a lot of money." Ara takes a look at the roots at John's request.
John Moore: "Perhaps he just has bad skin"
"His name IS Gerald"
Thistle, the Druid: "He _said_ his name was Gerald."
Bob (GM): The roots are technically natural, but in a magical way. The tree is exerting its will. Not an ENTIRELY uncommon event in places with strong magic.
John Moore: "No one would use 'Gerald' as a cover name"
"That's worse than 'Thistle'"
Thistle, the Druid: When that trouble catches up with him, I may just let it have him.
Arankah Risahiena: Ara grunts. "It's just stray magic. Well, probably just stray magic. Thistle?"
Thistle, the Druid: I look at the ceiling. "Nothing's rumbling, good enough for now."
Bob (GM): The ritual rooms are indeed preparation chambers for the dead. A series of rooms that spiral downwards, deeper below the temple. There are odd tools scattered about, clearly looted and ransacked years ago. There are also stone tablets that give instructions on how to prepare the dead.
John Moore: "well, let's try to stay on its good side"
(muttering) "probably shouldn't have insulted the druid where the tree could hear"
Talvert Finn: "Hmm." For Talvert there's no such thing as 'just' stray magic. But he'd hold his tongue on the matter for now, instead scanning over the tablets as he made his way into the prep room.
Bob (GM): The tablets include basic instructions. Through a series of rooms the dead are stripped, cleaned, drained, wrapped in a thin shroud, and finally coated in mud that dries into a thick shell. There are also prayers to be said at each stage of preparation.
Then the dead are to be "taken across the pool" and "into Tortengar's presence". Perhaps as you continue into the crypt you will find what that means.
Thistle, the Druid: It's an Old God. Nothing good.
Talvert Finn: Take out the 'Old' part and you'd pretty well have his opinion on the matter.
Thistle, the Druid: Thistle's too, but Old Gods are, like, triple.
Bob (GM): Well for the record in this setting "Old God" just means "before Elbeon became a kingdom". This temple was probably abandoned within living memory.
"Folk God" would be a suitable substitute in most cases.
Sharaseth: "Arankah think puppy can keep tracking them?"
Arankah Risahiena: "So long as he doesn't get distracted. C'mon everyone, keep sharp."
For the record, Ara has lived a life blessedly free of divine interference up until this point. She fears distant aunts more than she does the gods.
John Moore: "It's a sort-of-dog in a crypt. It's going to get distracted and it's going to be disgusting"
Bob (GM): At the bottom of the preparation rooms you come to a larger chamber. You're standing on what is basically a stone dock, and there's a matching one about sixty feet away. Between you, however, is a stinking pit of mud. This may have been a pool once, but now it's disgusting. The remains of a little raft are stick out of the mud on the far side. So is the arm of a doghead, the rest of him sucked into the disgusting mire.
Talvert Finn: "...Think we could pull him out?" Assuming the thing's not expired already.
Arankah Risahiena: Gods aren't likely to make passive-aggressive requests that you turn a wild lynx into a classy housepet inside of a week.
Bob (GM): The arm definitely isn't moving. The doghead certainly drowned quite some time ago.
Thistle, the Druid: "Why waste the effort? The land is well on its way to taking them back."
John Moore: John continues to bring up the rear, clearly irritated that his plan to let the dogheads do the hard part was apparently unpopular
Bob (GM): The trees roots are here as well, some reaching into the mud pit.
Thistle, the Druid: How light is it down here?
Sharaseth: Ugh Arankahs aunts
John Moore: Can I knock off an 'adventure gear' to produce a grappling hook & rope or would that be two?
Bob (GM): Surprisingly very light. When you look up, you see why. The well from the main temple leads down hear, and sunlight is pouring in through the hole in the ceiling
Hook and rope is just a single use, Moore
John Moore: I'm gonna do that then, assuming I can hook something on the other 'dock'.
Bob (GM): There are little steel bars for tying up the raft on either side. After a few tries you're able to hook one, and you can tie it off on this end easily.
John Moore: I want to set up a rope over the pit I mean, high enough that someone could shimmy across without getting in the muck\
Bob (GM): There's about four foot from the top of the docks to the mud.
John Moore: works for me
Thistle, the Druid: I attempt to take the form of a squirrel to get across.
Thistle, the Druid rolls 10 on WIS.
John Moore: Moore gestures at his handiwork "ladies and wizards first"
"basically anyone but me"
Bob (GM): "Skitter lightly" and "Steal Shinies" are your moves. Skitter Lightly will get you across no problem. Who is next?
John Moore: I'm waiting for a full grown person to take it
Thistle, the Druid: Such a trusting soul.
Arankah Risahiena: Ara is busy tying Puppy up in a rope harness.
Sharaseth: "Well if its going to collapse under anyone its me" She goes next
John Moore: "Actually, if we go in ascending order of weight, that would be most sensible"
Bob (GM): Shimmying or tight-roping or what, Sharaseth?
John Moore: "incidentally I had a very large meal before we got here"
Sharaseth: Ill tight rope walk it, i dont liek the idea of falling back first into that much in armor
Thistle, the Druid: While the others are going across, I'm going to skitter on ahead a bit.
Sharaseth: muck
Bob (GM): Roll+DEX to Defy Danger please, Sharaseth
Sharaseth rolls 9 on DEX.
John Moore: "You know, it might be best to attempt to take a sounding of the depth first, so we know how far Sharaseth will sink to her death"
Bob (GM): Sharaseth, halfway across, you start to lose your balance. If you ditch your shield in the muck, you'll be able to catch your balance again. Otherwise, you're going in. You have a split second to decide, what will it be?
Sharaseth: I ditch the shield im not taking a swim
Bob (GM): Thistle, on the other side of the mud pit, you come to a big wooden door. It is decorated with a design like a turtle shell. This is certainly the entrance to the crypt.
Mark the shield off your character sheet then, and make it the rest of the way across. Alright, next?
Arankah Risahiena: As soon as Sharaseth clears the end of the rope, Ara carefully swings herself under the rope and starts to shimmy along, with Puppy tied to her front.
Bob (GM): Roll+DEX Arankah
Arankah Risahiena rolls 13 on DEX
Bob (GM): You get across no problem, with a very happy Puppy.
John Moore: I'm going next
I do not want to be the only one on either side of this
Bob (GM): Roll+DEX, Moore
John Moore: I'm going to try to hang by my knees and recover sharaseth's shield when I get over it though
Talvert Finn: Talvert patiently waits for the creepy beardo to go across.
John Moore rolls 7 on DEX
Bob (GM): Ooh
John Moore: Moore wishes Talvert to know chicks dig the beard
Bob (GM): You can get your hands on the shield, but you can't pull it free. Not unless you drop into the mud yourself to get better leverage.
Arankah Risahiena: She spends a moment on the other side making sure her arms are still fully in their sockets, and telling Puppy what a Good Boy he is!
Bob (GM): So either abandon the shield and complete the crossing or get in the muck and rescue the shield
Arankah Risahiena: Ara disputes that assertion.
Thistle, the Druid: It's not the beard that's the problem. It's the sketch dude behind the beard.
John Moore: "Talvert, I loosened the shield up for you!" proceeds across
Bob (GM): Alright, Talvert, how are you getting across?
Talvert Finn: With extreme trepidation.
John Moore: Moore does say "Sorry, Sharaseth" when he gets to the other side, but not too loudly
Sharaseth: "You tried, but better the shield then one of us"
Thistle, the Druid: Look on the bright side, Talvert. If you get mud on you, you've got the easiest way of any of us to get clean.
John Moore: "Talvert still hasn't crossed. Let's not jinx it"
Talvert Finn: He's normally fairly confident about his sense of balance, but there was something ominous about that mud. Still, he'd grab hold and start carefully shimmying across.
Bob (GM): Roll+DEX please, Talvert
John Moore: (shouting) "Talvert, don't actually try to get the shield!"
Talvert Finn: rolling 2d6+1
= 5
Talvert falls to his death!
Thistle, the Druid: Mark XP there.
Talvert Finn: You'll have to find another wizard.
Thistle, the Druid: Oh, Bob's got much more interesting options than just killing you.
Sharaseth: sets her stuff down and offers her spear to Arankah in case shes needs to go back out there
Bob (GM): The rope breaks when Talvert is about halway across! The wizard smacks into the mud on his back, sinking a good inch into it just from the impact. It seems to be stable so long as you don't move, though. Mark an XP point for the failed roll, Talvert.
That's what you get for buying cheap rope, Moore.
Arankah Risahiena: "Shara, don't be daft. You'll sink like a stone."
"Talvert, you still alive?!"
Talvert Finn: And so the wizard hit the mud fully spread-eagle with a noisome splat. And yet...did not sink. Yet. "...Well now."
Sharaseth: "Im not going swimming, not with that rope broken, Talvert can you reach the end of that rope?"
Talvert Finn: "I think so! I just need to keep still!"
((Meanwhile in the background Arankah's still telling Puppy he's a good boy.))
John Moore: "don't move"
I start reeling our end of the rope in
"don't worry, I'm throwing it back"
is it gonna be long enough if we un-anchor it hold it ourselves?
Bob (GM): Unfortunately you've got the short end of the rope. You aren't going to be able to reach Talvert.
Aha! Very well then, you can reach Talvert. But the rope is ruined. Talvert, are you going to let them just drag you over or are you going to try to help?
Talvert Finn: He'll try to help if he's able to without endangering himself further.
John Moore: Is it slack enough to tie it around his waist while we all pull?
Talvert Finn: ((I have an idea...))
How close is Tal to Sharaseth's shield?
Bob (GM): Oh you clevers. Yes, you can easily grab the shield as you pass. Well done. And you're all easily able to pull Talvert up onto the dock.
However Talvert, you will likely never feel clean again. Also you have lost one of your boots. Make a note of that somewhere. Sharaseth, you have your shield back, though it is muddy and smells awful.
Thistle, the Druid: Talvert has a spell specifically for feeling clean again.
Talvert Finn: He'll cheerfully take losing a boot over drowning.
Sharaseth: she will have to live with it, at least they got Talvert back
John Moore: "watch yourself around the hyena until you get a bath"
ok I'm gonna look at this turtle door
Arankah Risahiena: Puppy sniffs at the mud enthusiastically, and proceeds to roll all over Talvert's feet.
Bob (GM): It's a simple wooden door. The turtle symbol is burned into the wood. The lock has already been broken. Dogheads are not known for subtlety or gentleness.
Thistle, the Druid: While they've been having Fun With Rope, I've been clambering all over it.
Talvert Finn: Talvert sighed and pat-patted the hyena before moving to inspect the door himself.
John Moore: Moore looks sadly at the smashed lock "there's nothing more depressing than an amateur B and E"
Sharaseth: "Getting back over is going to be fun" She looks Talvert over "Well your only down a boot"
John Moore: "When we head back over, I hope one of you uses a different rope merchant than me"
Talvert Finn: "Admittedly it's better than drowning."
John Moore: I'm gonna listen at the door a bit
Bob (GM): You can hear voices, but they are very distant. Just the slightest of murmers.
Sharaseth: She goes about getting all her gear settled and her shield strapped back on "thanks for getting my shield back"
Arankah Risahiena: Ara waits impatiently for John to finish with his snooping.
Bob (GM): Dukat and the dogheads are almost certainly at the idol by now.
John Moore: Moore is beginning to feel a bit of peer pressure here, so he's uncharacteristically going through first
Bob (GM): You come into a long hallway, with walls, ceiling, and floor of stone. Ahead the hall has caved in, swamp dirt crashed through the walls and cut off the way. To either side there are doorways leading into the individual crypts.
And I even have a map!
That should be visible to everyone now. I figured it would be easier to have a simple map than saying "left right" until we all went mad
You are currently at the "X". To either side is a crypt room, and ahead the hallway is caved in. What do you do?
John Moore: is it possible to use the distant voices to figure out where the way through is?
Bob (GM): No, none of you can hear quite that well.
Talvert Finn: He shrugged in a sort of 'You're welcome' gesture.
Bob (GM): Though I will note that the darker spots on the map are tunnels between the crypt rooms
Arankah Risahiena: Ara follows through close behind John, and immediately heads to her right the investigate the crypt on that side, with Puppy assisting.
Bob (GM): I know it's not perfectly clear but I was on a deadline
Arankah Risahiena: (now you tell us.)
John Moore: I wasn't sure we supposed to know
Bob (GM): It's a balance of IC and OOC info. I want YOU guys to understand the map even though your characters have no such map.
John Moore: is it pretty dark all through here?
Bob (GM): Yes it is dark.
Sharaseth: Shes going to Follow Arankah, sticking with her and puppy
Thistle, the Druid: Thistle is riding up atop Puppy's head.
Bob (GM): Arankah, you come in to the crypt to find a gruesome sight. Two dogheads lie dead on the floor, each near the shattered remains of a far more ancient body, all bones and desicated black skin. The dogheads seem to have been beaten and choked to death quite violently.
John Moore: Are they wearing boots?
Thistle, the Druid: Ew.
John Moore: I'm just saying
Bob (GM): The walls of the crypts, incidentally, are just straight dirt. Each room has 15 alcoves, some of which hold man-shaped mud shells, probably the bodies of those prepared in the ritual chambers.
The dead dogheads are wearing boots, yes. But they are smelly doghead boots.
Thistle, the Druid: "Gods..." I mutter.
John Moore: it's up to talvert if he wants to look a gift corpse in the mouth
Talvert Finn: He eyed the mutilated corpses suspiciously. "I knew it." The turtle god was not so placid after all!
Arankah Risahiena: "...verdammit. Anyone want to take bets on these things being revenants?" She cautiously pokes at one the desiccated bodies with her toes.
Sharaseth: "You know i hate the undead"
John Moore: I'm gonna proceed to the room on the left since I can do it quietly without a bunch of clumsy warriors clattering around
Talvert Finn: "Seconded." He's checking to see if doghead corpse number two is about his size.
Bob (GM): The bits of smashed body don't get up again, if that's what you're afraid of. However you do notice that there is some bits and pieces of smashed dried mud lying about.
Sharaseth: "how much you want to bet there is more in here"
Talvert Finn: "...Don't care for those odds."
Bob (GM): John, you find ANOTHER dead doghead! This one is halfway down a hole dug in the floor, impaled on a nasty spike trap. That doesn't seem to be what killed him, though. Someone did him in with a sword AFTER he fell in the pit.
John Moore: I'm gonna look around to see if there's a 'someone' in the area, and also check for any additional traps, in case its one of those 'every other tile' things
Bob (GM): You also see a tunnel in the wall leading to the next room. Perhaps the result of a cave-in, though it does look a bit like... something dug through...
Arankah Risahiena: "Not unless I can shake down the bookie afterwards." She makes a quick sweep of the room to see if there's anything else of interest besides the bodies and the mud chips.
Bob (GM): There are no other traps in this room. But you do take note that the spike trap doesn't seem to be part of the original construction. It's the work of someone more primitive than the humans who used this temple.
John Moore: "squatters"
Bob (GM): In fact it looks like they just pried up a tile, dug a hole in the floor, filled it with spikes, and threw some junk across to hide it.
Talvert you do find boots, but they are disgusting. You are going to get a weird foot fungus probably.
John Moore: alright, I'm going to proceed through the hole in the wall, SLOWLY
Sharaseth: "So undead, dog men, squatters with hobo traps, and a mud pit....lets adventure somewhere other then a swamp next time"
Thistle, the Druid: "The spirits lead where they will, alas."
Bob (GM): John you're halfway through when you notice the bobbing light of a lantern coming from the other side of the tunnel, and hear a couple of gutteral doghead voices complaingin to each other.
Talvert Finn: He's in the middle of an old temple filled with rusty traps and other such nonsense. If he doesn't put it on he's probably gong to end up with lockjaw.
John Moore: are they moving this way?
Bob (GM): Yup
John Moore: is there anywhere off to the side I can hide?
Talvert Finn: They could hide with the corpses...
Bob (GM): Not IN the tunnel. Back in the crypt you could maybe bunk in with one of the bodies.
Arankah Risahiena: "It ain't any better anywhere else." Assuming Ara finds nothing else of interest, she heads towards the other crypt, since John has been suspiciously silent.
John Moore: and I don't suppose I can dig out any of the dirt/mud around me quick enough to hide there?
Bob (GM): It's pretty hard-packed. And even if you tried odds are much better you'd just cause a cave-in.
John Moore: Ok
I'm not too far ahead
I'm going to throw a knife at the lantern before they get close enough to see me with it
Bob (GM): Roll+DEX to Volley
John Moore rolls 8 on DEX
John Moore: to clarify, I'm trying to take out the lantern, not hit the dogheads themselves
Sharaseth: "I suppose thats true, I normally don't like to be tailing someone but well they did find the undead and traps for us, should we say thank you when we find them?"
Bob (GM): The only option on the Volley list for a partial success that makes sense is "You have to move to get the shot". Your knife finds its mark, but only after you step out right in front of a pair of surprised dogheads. You knock the lantern out of the lead drooler's hand, and it clunks on the ground but isn't destroyed. Still, things are a lot more shadowy and chaotic in here than they would otherwise be.
John Moore: I am now running like hell back to the others
Bob (GM): The dogheads do not hesitate, they take off running right after you. The rest of you can hear the barking of dogheads coming your way.
Just quickly, where is each of you at this point?
Sharaseth: She turns in the direction of the barking, sets her shield and gets ready to charge a doghead when they make them selves visble
Talvert Finn: Tal is probably holding up the rear, plus one gross doghead boot.
Thistle, the Druid: I'm still a squirrel, perched atop Puppy.
Arankah Risahiena: Ara is in the middle hallway with Puppy and apparently Thistle.
Sharaseth: I was with Arankah and puppy keeping a eye out
Talvert Finn: "Shara! Hold a moment." He's going to try to turn the meatshield invisible.
Bob (GM): Roll+INT, Talvert. While you are casting, John Moore comes shooting out the hole in the wall.
Talvert Finn: rolling 2d6+2
= 5
John Moore: I'm going to run until some of the more intimidating people are between me and the dogheads
Talvert Finn: ((The laser hates my guts today apparently.))
Arankah Risahiena: Ara is taken aback for half a beat, before drawing her sword and going after the nearest doghead with her sword and Puppy.
Bob (GM): Mark experience. There's a fantastic sparking and flashing as your spell goes all wrong, but you manage to avoid setting Sharaseth on fire. You may keep the spell, but the dogheads have just emerged from the hole, and they saw the sparks. "Wizard!" one of them yells. "Kill the wizard!"
Sharaseth: I charge the one that yells and try and shield slam it
John Moore: I am going to peel off and plaster myself against the wall, giving them a clear run to the wizard
Bob (GM): That sounds like Hack and Slash to me, Sharaseth. That's Roll+STR
Sharaseth rolls 13 on STR.
Bob (GM): Same for you, Arankah.
Roll your damage, Sharaseth
Talvert Finn: Talvert grunted a foreign curse before making ready to do battle!
John Moore: Assuming they run by I'm going to attack the nearest as he does so, because I'm not a complete ass
Thistle, the Druid: Well, guess I'm going to have to stop being a squirrel. I hop off of Puppy and return to myself, staff at the ready.
Arankah Risahiena rolls 8 on STR
Sharaseth rolls 7 damage.
Sharaseth: errrm
that didnt add my str
so 8
Bob (GM): You don't add your STR to damage.
Sharaseth, you slam your shield into the doghead so hard that he bounces against the wall behind him with a mighty CRACK, and falls dead at your feet. Well done.
Sharaseth: ah
Bob (GM): Meanwhile, Arankah, roll your damage as well. You've gotten in a good slash, but the doghead saw you coming, and is swinging back with his rusty sword.
Talvert Finn: Talvert hurled a scintillating, pseudosilver bolt of magic at drooler Sharaseth just mollywhopped.
Arankah Risahiena rolls 1 damage!
Bob (GM): You are the worst
Arankah Risahiena: (are you sure this macro isn't broken. :( )
Talvert Finn: rolling 2d6+2
= 6
Bob (GM): Another glancing blow from the ranger. Roll a d8 to see how bad the doghead hit you back.
Talvert Finn: ...Talvert 'Rincewind' Finn everyone.
Arankah Risahiena: rolling 1d8
= 6
Bob (GM): Arankah you take six points of damage. Talvert Finn, another failed spell. More sparks and the remaining dogkin just refocuses his attacks on you. You're in for it now.
John Moore: can I get in to hack/slash on the doghead arankah is fighting?
Bob (GM): And I think the Thief wanted an attack as well? That's going to be Hack and Slash again, Moore.
John Moore rolls 9 on STR
Bob (GM): Subtract your armour from your damage, Arankah
Roll your damage, Moore.
Thistle, the Druid: Make sure you're marking experience for all those failed rolls.
John Moore rolls 4 damage!
Talvert Finn: ((At this rate I'll hit the level cap in no time.))
Bob (GM): You stab the doghead brutally as he tries to pass, John, and he stumbled back from you, flailing. He's stumbling towards one of the mud encased bodies set in the walls. He's going to run right into it if someone doesn't do something!
Sharaseth: Talverts just leading them into a false sense of secruity then bam fire form the skys
John Moore: run into it, I'm gonna shove his head through\
Thistle, the Druid: I'm going to try and trip the doghead so he doesn't run into the body!
Sharaseth: Ill try and spear him to arrest his movement
with death
Arankah Risahiena: (any other dog heads running about, or is this the last one?)
Bob (GM): This is the last one.
Talvert Finn: And if all that fails Tal's going to risk bodily shoving the stumbling drooler aside. A doghead's dangerous, but not as dangerous as a loosed revenant.
Bob (GM): John and Thistle, which one of you is going to take this move? Smash the doghead into the body, or do whatever it takes to protect the body?
John Moore: If it looks like I'm gonna trip over someone else, I'm backing off
Thistle, the Druid: I'm trying to keep from smashing the body! We don't need more revenants.
Bob (GM): In that case, Thistle, you trip the doghead handily, well before he reaches the body. Stuck and bleeding, he hits the floor hard, and starts trying to scramble back to his feet to get away from you lot.
Thistle, the Druid: Yay for low centers of gravity and sticks!
Sharaseth: luckly my spear has reach!
John Moore: I'll move over for him if he wants to run off, provided he's not running back the way he came
if he's not going anywhere there might be reinforcements, I say let him leave
Bob (GM): He'd be going out the main door and away from the crypt enitrely if he escapes
Sharaseth: I dont plan of letting him run if i can get a clean shot
Bob (GM): Roll for Hack and Slash then, Sharaseth
Sharaseth rolls 12 on DEX.
Bob (GM): You skewer the poor thug. The doghead dies with a pathetic whimper.
Talvert Finn: Talvert grimaced as the doghead went down. "...A cleaner fate than chancing that mud pool I suppose."
Sharaseth: "How bad is it Arankah?"
John Moore: Moore tsks under his breath and winces slightly. He clearly doesn't approve of cutting down a fleeing enemy, but he's not saying anything explicit
He does approve of rummaging through their pockets though, if no one else is going to do it
Bob (GM): One second and I'll work out their treasures
rolling 2d8
= 12
John Moore: brb
Bob (GM): rolling 2d10
= 14
Arankah Risahiena: Ara is a little too busy nursing a gashed shoulder to get involved in either moral debates or looting. She does take a peep down the wall-tunnel to make sure no more enemies are on their way though.
Bob (GM): One is carrying a couple small gems, worth about 70 coin each.
rolling 2d6
= 10
Thistle, the Druid: "Let me see that," Thistle says, pulling poultices out of her pouch. "Don't want an open wound down here, too easy to let the wrong things in."
Sharaseth: "I have antitoxin if we need it, but im guessing those blades are just rusty"
Bob (GM): The other is carrying a gemstone worth about 60 coin and a little silver medallion around his neck, probably 40 coin at most places.
None of the gems have any weight. You're free to distribute or hoard them as you like.
John Moore: score!
so that's four things total?
Arankah Risahiena: Ara will let Thistle fuss at the gash with as much grace as she can muster.
Bob (GM): Poultices heal 7 damage.
Yeah four things
Sharaseth: She moves to cover thistle and Arankah as the druid works
Arankah Risahiena: That puts Ara back up the full health then.
Bob (GM): You can all hear something else now, too. Something is moving in the room beyond, where the dogheads originally came from. Something smaller and wetter than a doghead. You have the distinct sensation of being watched.
John Moore: Moore tosses them in a pile for the others to distribute "That's one for each of you, I wetted my beak earlier"
Talvert Finn: Talvert's just keeping an eye on their surroundings while everyone else tended to their wounds (or their wallets).
John Moore: "I will point out I flushed them out for us though"
I position myself by the OTHER exit
Bob (GM): So three gemstones worth 70, 70, and 60 coin, and a silver medallion worth 40. Everyone claim one.
John Moore: Moore has strong opinions on fairness in loot distribution, and points out Arankah WAS injured and should probably get one of the 70s for her trouble
Sharaseth: Im good with the silver Medallion
Talvert Finn: I'll take a gemstone.
Arankah Risahiena: "...I think we've got incoming." (Ara will get her share later from whoever is pocketing these things.)
Thistle, the Druid: I've got no particular care which I get.
Bob (GM): Mark them on your sheets and we'll move on. I'm going to jump ahead to the next room, which is now empty since you all dealt with the dogheads. There's no sign of the thing you heard earlier.
Thistle, the Druid: "Bodes ill, that..."
Bob (GM): Which doesn't mean it's gone far...
Thistle, the Druid: I'm going to see if I can find a trace of it.
Sharaseth: She takes point to intercept any trouble fromt he front
John Moore: I'm sticking by the back of the group again
Thistle, the Druid rolls 6 on WIS.
Thistle, the Druid: Welp.
Bob (GM): Were you thinking that was Discern Realities?
Thistle, the Druid: Yup.
John Moore: you said it sounded 'wet'. are there any footprints or tracks or puddles or anything?
Bob (GM): Then mark experience. You aren't able to see any sign of the thing. But you do hear more of them now, perhaps in another room nearby
There is some damp, but it's hard to tell what's new and what's just part of the whole rotting mud-filled tomb thing.
John Moore: I'm going to look up too, just in case
Bob (GM): There are some roots growing through the busted ceiling tiles, but nothing more sinister than that.
Talvert Finn: Talvert makes ready with more spell-fizzles, just in case.
Arankah Risahiena: Well, they can't spend their whole lives sitting here and waiting to get ambushed, so Ara starts scouting out the other rooms on this side of the cave in. Starting with the one opposite them.
Bob (GM): You will note though that the tiles on the ceiling, like the tiles on the floor, have an alternating pattern of blank tiles and tiles with a turtle symbol on them.
You can't reach the one opposite from here, ironically. The entire doorway is filled with mud, part of the same cave-in. Do you want to continue down the hall instead?
Sharaseth: She will continue down the hall, on wards towards danger....err glory!
Arankah Risahiena: She'll move on to the next one on that side of the corridor, then.
Bob (GM): Which of you is taking point?
John Moore: I know who isn't!
Talvert Finn: He'll hang by the thief.
Sharaseth: Sharaseth will try to keep point
Thistle, the Druid: We have a warrior with a shield and spear.
They are made of point.
Bob (GM): Sharaseth, as you step towards the next set of doors, there's a loud click as something shifts subtly under your feet. You have but a second to react, what do you do?
Sharaseth: duck and huner with my shield on one side and my armoed arm covering my hea don the other
Bob (GM): A good plan, but unfortunately not much use against this trap. You find yourself choking and gagging on a disgusting gas. It's like the swamp just farted in your face. Roll a 1d6 for damage.
Sharaseth: rolling 1d6
= 1
rolling 1d6
= 3
Bob (GM): The 1 is fine.
Armour doesn't help you against gas.
Thistle, the Druid: "John, you're in front now."
Bob (GM): Now, obviously, we're doing traps slightly differently than the Rules as Written. I've got the traps designed ahead of time so there's a greater element of fair play and they follow some kind of logic. Unfortunately that means the wrong move when reacting to a trap will not trigger the Defy Danger move. But well done regardless.
Now you all know theres a trap here, obviously. Do you want to investigate further?
Sharaseth: "Oh god its in my mouth"
John Moore: was the tile she was on turtled or not turtled?
Bob (GM): This is what the floor looks like
Has that displayed for everyone?
John Moore: I got it
Talvert Finn: "..." Talvert moved forward to inspect the stepped-upon tile.
Bob (GM): And she was in the position marked on the map
John Moore: so down the center
I'm gonna look at the tile she was on, and wave Talvert off "This is my area"
Bob (GM): I'll tell you straight up that this isn't a particularly tricky one. You should all be able to pretty easily tell me now what marks the trapped tiles.
John Moore: by any chance, is it like the one in the centre where just a shell is visible?
Bob (GM): Exactly correct, John Moore
John Moore: "Well, that's fairly straightforward"
"Unless the first one is set up to be obvious and the pattern changes later"
Talvert Finn: "At least it's not like that temple we went through where we had to spell out it's name."
Bob (GM): It doesn't. Like I said this is an easy one mostly to demonstrate how we'll be doing traps in this campaign.
Erica PG: Clearly the turtle priests believed in fair play.
John Moore: stop ruining my pessimism
Bob (GM): It's slightly unorthodox but it should help us dodge the "stopping every five seconds to roll dice" problem of trap detection.
Sharaseth: "Gods i should have brought some alcohol, im going to be tasting that all the way back to town"
Bob (GM): Also I think Sharaseth deserves an XP. True she did not trigger a move to roll a failure, but in spirit I think it's the same. Does anyone disagree?
Talvert Finn: Hmph, and she's always complaining about him being soft.
Arankah Risahiena: I've no objection.
Talvert Finn: ((No objections here))
Thistle, the Druid: Fine by me
Sharaseth: when a swamp farts in Talverts face he has her permission to cry.
John Moore: Talvert fell INTO the fart-swamp
Bob (GM): Mark XP then, Sharaseth. Now, we are coming up on the end of four hours. How is everyone for time? Should we go for another hour or no?
Thistle, the Druid: I'm about tapped out here
John Moore: I'm ok
Talvert Finn: ((Me too, I'm not going to be able to stay for longer.))
Sharaseth: personally im good
Bob (GM): Alright then, we will shut down for the night.
John Moore: fart jokes are a good cliffhanger though, if untraditional
Arankah Risahiena: ((I could do with a break.))
Bob (GM): Do we have time to quickly run through the End of Session move?
Thistle, the Druid: Yeah - time's not the issue here as much as focus
Bob (GM): The only real question we have to ask is "Did we learn something new and important about the world?"
Sharaseth: yes, swamps suck
Thistle, the Druid: We learned that trees can have opinions about underground temple complexes.
Talvert Finn: ((I don't wanna kill no more dogmen.))
Arankah Risahiena: There are at least two parties after this mcguffin.
Thistle, the Druid: And that the turtle god has revenants.
John Moore: unless the temple itself counts I'm not sure we can say that
Bob (GM): I think we've definitely learned enough for everyone to mark an XP then, sure.
Sharaseth: we also learned that whoever is leading this party is apprently quite willing to kill his own mercs if they will slow him down
Bob (GM): Does anyone feel like they've resolved any of their bonds?
Thistle, the Druid: Not yet, no.
Sharaseth: no
Talvert Finn: Nope
John Moore: nope
Arankah Risahiena: Nope
Thistle, the Druid: Mr. Fizzles there has yet to convince me he's top of the food chain by himself.
Bob (GM): The last thing to check is your alignment conditions. Anyone feel like they've fulfilled theirs?
Arankah Risahiena: Not really.
Thistle, the Druid: Nope.
Sharaseth: i dont consdier the party weaker then me though i have acted to defend them
Bob (GM): Wisely said, Lark. We'll call that a "No" for now, then.
Sharaseth: we did however not kill a a couple dog heads that we didnt need to and had not harmed us, that might count as good
John Moore: I'm not sure if my roof-crawling at the start counts as 'avoided detection', unless you feel it does
Talvert Finn: He did save Sharaseth's shield. Those aren't cheap.
Bob (GM): I think you're stuck missing that one for now, Moore.
For what it's worth it's not too terribly shocking that at the halfway point we haven't covered all of these, don't worry about it.
Alright, that's it then. I hope everyone had fun. I'll hopefully see you all next week, Saturday at 6:00? If there are any problems you all know how to reach me.
Sharaseth: saterday or sunday
Thistle, the Druid: Works for me.
Bob (GM): I meant Sunday
Sharaseth: 8P
Bob (GM): Brain fart
Talvert Finn: Either works for me.
Sharaseth: and yes, ill let you know how my schedual is shaping up but i should be off before or around 6
Bob (GM): Well then, we'll meet then for the Exciting Conclusion
I'll get some kind of summary written up so we can easily review what we learned. Goodnight everyone.

Session 2

In which horrors of the deep are encountered, and losses are cut


Bob (GM): It'll take me that long to write up a quick summary.
So you're in a crypt under an old abandoned temple to the turtle god Tortengar, searching for the stone idol of that same god. You know that ahead of you is a second team, a group of doghead mercenaries led by someone named Dukat >>>
You have identified that you should not disturb the mud-encased bodies laid out in the crypts tombs, on the theory that disturbing them may unleash the hideous undead. >>>
Tristan H: ok back
Bob (GM): And most recently you have determined that the central hallway is trapped. Certain tiles on the floor activate a choking gas trap. You have also figured out that the tiles that are trapped can be identified as the ones marked with a turtle withdrawn into its shell. So you know what to look for to avoid them in future.
Oh, and you have also detected the presence of another faction in the dungeon. The sound of something smaller and wetter than a doghead moving furtively through the shadows, keeping just out of your sight.
You are currently standing at the spot marked by the blue X on the map, which is also where you discovered the gas trap.
What do you dooooo?
Talvert Finn: Talvert...waits for the meatshield to make the first move.
John Moore: get into character
I suggest we check the room to the left, with the ranger taking point with her bow and the fighter guarding our rear in case sometrhing nasty is in the other room
Bob (GM): Next time I'm just putting my identifying letters right on the map, yeah
Arankah Risahiena: "To the left it is." Just be glad that Ara is marginally better than her player at directions.
John Moore: "the map-top" says John in a fit of bizarre gibberish
Sharaseth: She will take up a rear guard then and wait for them to find out whats over there
John Moore: I will be second to the rear
Bob (GM): Well this room appears to be empty, fortunately. In fact it seems that it hasn't been disturbed at all recently, though a few of the floor tiles seem slightly out of place. This might be a good place to rest if you need to. However...
You do notice that unlike the other chambers, this one has no vacancies. Every single one of the alcoves in the wall is occupied by a mud-shelled body. Fifteen in total. Watch your step.
Talvert Finn: "...Let's not rest here."
John Moore: "We haven't actually SEEN any shambling corpses, you know. You could all be getting be spooked by some grave robbing and a few dead dogheads"
Arankah Risahiena: "...feel free to test that theory. Just give me fair warning so I can stand well back."
John Moore: "I don't steal from the dead, it's declasse"
Bob (GM): The only thing that seems to be coming from the opposite room, as far as you can tell Sharaseth, is the stench of blood and death.
Sharaseth: "Lets not go messing with the dead and possibly end up messing with the walking dead"
John Moore: hey wait is our druid player
(not caught up on who's who yet, sorry) actually back from whatever he or she was doing? Thistle has been conspicuously quiet
Arankah Risahiena: ((I think he's still afk.))
Bob (GM): Anders/Argosy. And I'm sort of dicking along slowly in the hopes he'll pop in soon.
John Moore: ok just making sure
Bob (GM): Carefully continuing despite an absence is one of those online-roleplaying issues you learn to maneuver.
John Moore: NETiquette
Bob (GM): Anyone got anything else to do with this room or are you ready to move on?
John Moore: I think the debate is settled though John remains HIGHLY SKEPTICAL
let's go South
Talvert Finn: Well mister Beardo is more than welcome to test his luck.
...Once they're out of strangling range anyways.
Arankah Risahiena: "...If the last few hours have taught us anything, the road forward is the one littered with dead bodies." So south it is!
John Moore: John characteristically waits for the others to go first
Sharaseth: "Well at least they have thined thier own ranks a touch"
Bob (GM): You guys should definitely consider making the trap-detecting orders-giving guy go first some time.
John Moore: If they see anything that looks trappy I'll proceed
Arankah Risahiena: If we knew what they looked like, we wouldn't need someone around to detect them!
Bob (GM): Though in this case there doesn't appear to be much danger. The death stench is gagging strong in here. Lying on the floor are a half-dozen twisted bodies, killed recently. They were disgusting, horrible little things even before they were dead. Roughly the size of halflings, but bloated and disgusting, with bulbous eyes and wide mouths, these pathetic creatures are froglins, toad-like humanoids that infest the Transmere.
John Moore: "I'll go in first if everyone else hangs back so I can actually scout without a bunch of clanking armour three feet behind my position"
Bob (GM): Some of them have been gnawed on.
John Moore: "well, I'm not checking those for traps"
Bob (GM): And there is a conspicuous tunnel leading back a room, before I forget. Much wider than the last tunnel you all passed through but less stable looking.
Sharaseth: "Maybe its rats, really big rats"
Talvert Finn: "...That's not encouraging."
John Moore: what does it look like gnawed on them? to the best of my ability to determine, does it appear to have been the dogheads?
Bob (GM): Roll to Discern Realities, John Moore.
That's a Roll+WIS
John Moore rolls 8 on WIS
Bob (GM): You get to ask one question off the Discern Realities move.
Which you can find here, if you need it
John Moore: is any of this not what it appears to be (ie a fight with the dogheads)?
Bob (GM): Nothing here is not what it appears to be, if that's what you think it appears to be.
Arankah Risahiena: Ara will take a look at the bodies as well - she does not like the look of those chew marks.
Bob (GM): Go ahead and Discern Realities then Ara.
Arankah Risahiena rolls 8 on WIS
Bob (GM): One question
Arankah Risahiena: 'What Should I be on the lookout for?'
((And afk for a minute. The dog is bullying me.
Bob (GM): Where there's four froglins there are undoubtedly others. The horrible things tend to group in hordes. And when pressed to retreat, they come back in ever greater numbers. Especially if you're in a place they consider their own territory.
Talvert Finn: ((She's fighting a doghead!))
John Moore: oh god there's one at my door too
"I'll point out that traversing a mysterious and possibly unstable dark tunnel is the sort of thing that actually IS suited to my skill set, as opposed to hurtling headfirst through arbitrary doorways in what we know to be enemy occupied territory"
Arankah Risahiena: ((I'm pretty sure dogheads don't fight by looking incredibly soulful and puffing their cheeks out.))
John Moore: "Really, all I'm ever doing is trying to be professional"
Arankah Risahiena: "Yes, yes. Just watch out for more froglins - these things travel in swarms."
John Moore: possibly stung by recent UNprofessional comments, John makes ready to enter the tunnel, but he's going to examine the walls before getting in to deep, try to figure out how likely a collapse is
is that discern realities again?
Sharaseth: "Oh fun times then, stay long enough and we will get over run"
Bob (GM): Sure, go for it.
John Moore rolls 12 on WIS
Talvert Finn: ((You never know, we've never seen one try yet.))
Bob (GM): That's three questions you can ask, Tristan.
John Moore: that's 3, right
what is about to happen?
2) what should I be on the lookout for?
3) what here is useful or valuable to me?
Bob (GM): 1) The tunnel is not about to collapse, it's perfectly stable, at least until the next time it rains.
2) Froglins like to do ambushes, and it sure is quiet up ahead.
3) Froglins are creatures of the underground. If you have a torch in your adventuring equipment, the sudden addition of light might prove very useful when you reach the other end of the tunnel.
John Moore: can I take a minute to go back to where I made that doghead drop his lantern last time and see if its still lit?
Bob (GM): We can just say you've done that, or got it when you had the chance. Add a lantern to your inventory. 1 weight.
John Moore: ok i'm going to take that in with me and keep a cloth or something drapped over it so I can produce light with maximum speed if needed
I am also going to proceed slowly and quietly, AND I am going to jab my short sword into the mud at my feet every few yards just in case there's some froglings hiding out/camoflaged
froglins, sorry
Talvert Finn: Talvert eyed the tunnel appraingly. "Assuming these are the temples new occupants...maybe we can parlay."
Arankah Risahiena: Ara will follow John down the tunnel at enough of a distance she isn't interfering, but close enough that she can help the human if things do go sideways.
Bob (GM): As you jam your sword into the mud, there's a terrible squealing holler, and an impaled froglin bursts out of the mud, slashing madly at you with his short spear. Unfortunately, this alerts all the other froglins hiding in the floor and walls, and suddenly they are bursting out all around, pale flesh and bulbous eyes slick and wet!
Sharaseth: She will follow with Ara keeping a eye still on the rear
John Moore: "well, that half-worked"
Bob (GM): You sort of stopped the ambush but started the fight, yeah
Talvert Finn: "Well...nevermind then I suppose."
John Moore: is my way in blocked?
Bob (GM): Well Talvert there's no reason you can't still try your plan
Moore you have a pretty clear path forward if you can get past your impaled friend. The others are sort of between you and the rest of the group.
Talvert Finn: He called down the tunnel to the rogue. "Try to talk them down!"
Bob (GM): Sorry you and Ara are together, Sharaseth and Talvert are on the other side of a bunch of mad froglins
John Moore: "they're not aggrieved customers, I killed one!"
I'm going to reveal the lantern light and hope their eyes are extremely sensitive today
wait, is this one guy STUCK on my sword?
Bob (GM): No you just have your sword stuck in him. You can pull it out any time you want.
Arankah Risahiena: "Oh for..." Ara draws her sword and slashes at the nearest froglin while attempting to advance/retreat towards the end of the tunnel.
Bob (GM): They aren't tiny they're just short. Like three feet tall.
John Moore: am i within styriking distance for him, or is he pinned?
Bob (GM): He's definitely in striking distance. You're going to want to do something about the spear lunging at you.
Sharaseth: "Well nothing for it" Shes going to start attacking the closest one and work her way towards Ara and John
Bob (GM): Ara roll Hack and Slash. What is Puppy up to? Is he helping you fight?
And Sharaseth you also go ahead with Hack and Slash.
Talvert Finn: Sigh...well so much for that. And Talvert began mentally preparing a spell as things got violent.
Arankah Risahiena: Puppy is indeed helping in the fight.
Sharaseth rolls 10 on DEX.
Arankah Risahiena rolls 7 on STR
Arankah Risahiena rolls 6 damage!
Bob (GM): Both roll your damage. Sharaseth, you can add another 1d6 to your damage, but that will risk a counter attack.
Sharaseth rolls 4 damage.
Arankah Risahiena: ((+3 for Puppy's assistance.))
Sharaseth: ill stick with just damage
Talvert Finn: Talvert attempted to blast the nearest obstructive froglin with a spark of arcane fire!
rolling 2d6+2
= 6
Bob (GM): Arankah you deliver a lethal slash against one of the froglins, dropping it instantly, while Puppy gets a second one in his jaws and shakes the life out of the pathetic cretin.
John Moore: can I try using the lantern in my not-sword hand to block the spear?
like, knock it off its aim
Bob (GM): Talvert, mark experience as your magic missile spell painfully evacuates your head.
ie you no longer have it prepared.
Talvert Finn: Sputter, fizzle, fizz. "Dammitall!"
Bob (GM): That sounds like Defy Danger Moore. With DEX if I'm not mistaken.
John Moore: 'getting out of the way or acting fast', works for me
John Moore rolls 7 on DEX
Bob (GM): Sharaseth, your opponent makes a very satisfying crunch sound and you smash him into the mud, another quite-dead froglin.
A partial success, John Moore. You successfully knock the spear to one side, but you've over-estimated the strength of your lantern. It breaks, sending flaming oil flying across the tunnel. You and Ara are going to be in serious trouble in a second.
Arankah Risahiena: "Vers-et-des-Petit-dieu Dammit!" Ara grabs for John's collar, and attempts to bodily drag him with all hast through the fire and into the open room before it goes completely to hell.
Bob (GM): Also Sharaseth I'm going to say you get another of the froglins, but it manages to stab at you with its own spear, first. Roll d6 to determine damage. Ara, you also need to roll d6 damage on yourself, as a froglin behind you stabs quickly while you are dispatching your foe.
Sharaseth: rolling 1d6
= 2
Arankah Risahiena: rolling 1d6
= 6
Bob (GM): Remember to subtract your armour
John Moore: I'm gonna kick the froglin off the end of my sword and let arankah drag me wherever she thinks best
Sharaseth: (( armor can totally negate a hit correct ? ))
Bob (GM): Yes, Sharaseth.
Arankah Risahiena: Also Apparently Elvish and french share a substantial amount of vocabulary. Who knew?
Bob (GM): The remaining froglins are panicking from the fire, trying to escape as best they can, one of them tunneling into the mud and disappearing completely. So it's simple for Ara to haul Moore back to safety, with only a bit of singing to his boots. As you get yourselves back to the corpse-filled room, you can hear a horrible shrieking sound echoing in the distance. The hideous noise of froglins calling for more froglins.
Talvert are you basically out of 1st level spells now?
Sharaseth: "Ara you ok, looks like you got stabbed there"
Bob (GM): Sam are you there?
John Moore: "this is why I don't go first"
"Thank you, Arankah"
Arankah Risahiena: "I'll live, assuming we move now." She does not want to be trapped in this room when the rest of the froglins get there. Not that there are a lot of great options, at the moment. "Come on, if we catch up with Dukkat at least the frogs will have someone to attack besides us..."
Talvert Finn: ((Yeah, sorry, got a call.)
Bob (GM): Players dropping like flies :p
Talvert Finn: And yes, Tal's pretty much running on empty now. He sighed at the fire. That should have been him starting that.
Bob (GM): Well if you think you guys can spare an hour or so, Talvert can prepare new spells. That empty room with all the mummies might be a good place to rest, you find yourself thinking for some reason.
John Moore: is the froglin shreiking coming from any particular direction, or is it indeterminate?
Bob (GM): It's coming from the other side of the fire. Most likely you figure there's a connection to a larger tunnel network beyond. The shrieking is getting quieter now but you can bet it's only a matter of time.
Sharaseth: "Holing up wont really be a option, not if they just keep coming back. but i do like the Dukkat idea, maybe we can get them to follow us to him and them to engage him not us"
John Moore: "we should soke the fire bigger. Maybe try to collapse the tunnel"
Bob (GM): I should clarify that "you find yourself thinking" is just colour on my part. You aren't being manipulated by an outside force or anything, I'm just suggesting it as a safer room.
John Moore: my typing is terrible tonight
"If we can do it quickly"
Arankah Risahiena: Is there anything flammable nearby?
Talvert Finn: "...We could have turned the froglins on Dukat if you hadn't gone in swords swinging."
John Moore: "of course, stoking a fire in what is essentially the inside of a mud pie is something of a tall order"
Talvert Finn: And no the place surrounded by revenants is not a good resting place. It's the opposite of a good resting place.
Bob (GM): Not particularly. Mud walls and bog mummies don't make for great kindling, nor do dead froglins. But you might have some firewood in your adventuring gear.
Talvert Finn: Actually mummies would make great kindling. All that dessicated flesh and dried out linen bandages...
John Moore: "I wasn't swinging, I was stabbing. And the fact they lied in wait even as we passed right by the bulk of them suggests to me they were planning something like that anyways"
Bob (GM): If you want to break one of the bodies out to test it be my guest, Talvert. :p
Talvert Finn: Of course that's generally when said mummies are actually, factually dead.
Sharaseth: "look there was stabbing, some frogs died, it happened, but can we get them to follow us to him now all pissed off?"
Talvert Finn: "About the best we can do to salvage this. Let's move."
Arankah Risahiena: "Less arguing, more moving!" Ara is going to forcibly start shoving people towards the last room if this doesn't stop.
John Moore: "Talvert genuinely needs time to refresh his spells, and arankah has sustained injury. We should camp in the empty room"
Talvert Finn: "It's not empty. It's filled with the living dead."
Bob (GM): Alright, it sounds like you are moving on. I'm going to drop a bit of a hint here when I ask whether, as you pass through the hall from one set of doors to the next, anyone would like to take a quick look about for something. Perhaps on the floor.
Talvert Finn: Despite being pushed nevertheless.
John Moore: "But if we move some of these chewed up corpses nearer the conflagration, the froglins might mistakenly believe this was all the same attack, with the evidence pointing to the dogheads"
I check the floor!!!
probably for traps!
Bob (GM): Well done. Go ahead and use your Trap Expert move. Roll+DEX
John Moore rolls 10 on DEX
Bob (GM): There is indeed another of the trapped tiles. You can try to disarm it if you want, since no one's stepped on it yet.
John Moore: I have a better idea
Bob (GM): What is it?
John Moore: never mind its too time consuming
Bob (GM): You can hear slithery slimy froglin sounds. While you've been working out your plan, the fire behind you has probably died down. Time is running out.
John Moore: I am however going to just point it out and make sure everyone gets by it safely, but leave it active. after all we could be being followed and better them than us
Sharaseth: "Right enough of this" *she levels her shield and starts towards the next room, looking for the trap tiles but trying to build up steam as she goes
Arankah Risahiena: Ara and Puppy bring up the rear.
Talvert Finn: Talvert followed along with the crowd.
John Moore: I'm going to stick close to Talvert
Bob (GM): The next room has a couple of the awkwardly-hidden pit traps, which you now realize must be the work of froglins. A VERY narrow tunnel leads you to the room beyond that, which is fortunately also empty. However, there is torchlight up ahead, in the hallway, and you can hear the gutteral sound of doghead voices arguing, and then the far less unpleasant sound of a human voice shouting "Stop arguing and get it open, you hounds! What do I pay you for?"
You're at the circle, more or less. What do you do next?
John Moore: whats that tunnel to the south of us?
Bob (GM): Good eye, Moore. There does indeed seem to be a tunnel into the darkness. It smells foul. You can only assume it's another path to the froglin tunnel networks.
John Moore: are there any froglin screaming or slithering sounds from it?
Sharaseth: she continues to advance towards the sounds of the voices till ssee can see targets
John Moore: "well, that's no good"
Bob (GM): Not currently, but it would be hard to tell over the nearby argument.
Arankah Risahiena: Ara grabs Shara's shoulder before she gets irrevocably far from the group. "Talvet, John? Either of you got a plan that doesn't involve charging and hitting anything that moves?"
Bob (GM): Advancing out into the hallway Sharaseth, you come within sight of the other party. The hallway opens up into a little foyer ahead, and at the end of that the way is blocked by a massive stone-and-metal door. A half dozen dogheads are gathered around, apparently trying to figure out how to open the massive door. Impatiently watching is a well-dressed human, a bit of grey showing in his dark hair. He must be Dukat.
Arankah Risahiena: Ara is entirely familiar with Shara's default M.O.
John Moore: "For the sake of the crown, just take a look areound the corner, don't let them see you"
Bob (GM): They won't see you until you've resolved what to do next, no worries.
Sharaseth: What, it works, usually everything tries to hit her back and not the others with her.
Bob (GM): Unless you take too long then I reserve the right to do whatever I want.
John Moore: can we sneak across the hall to other room without being spotted?
Sharaseth: but she does stop at the hand on her shoulder
Bob (GM): You can try. It will require a Defy Danger roll, the type will depend on how you plan to get across without being seen.
Talvert Finn: "...What'd you see?" Talvert had a half-formed idea forming in his head...
Bob (GM): Most likely DEX but if you have something particularly clever you can maybe use INT or something, I dunno
John Moore: alternatively, do we hear froglin sounds behind us?
still hear
Bob (GM): You cannot hear any froglin sounds over the voices of the dogheads.
What you can be pretty sure of is that the froglins can hear the dogheads, though.
Talvert, what's this idea I hear about?
Arankah Risahiena: Ara takes a quick peek around Sharah. "Half dozen dog heads, overdressed human, big door."
Talvert Finn: Basically use his last useful spell to make invisible to they can sneak up on Dukat.
Bob (GM): You had missile and charm prepared, not invisibility.
Talvert Finn: Well nevermind then.
John Moore: well I'm going to take initiative and try to dart to the room across the hall without being seen or heard
Bob (GM): You get to prepare spells of levels equal to your own level +1, sorry. Which in this case means two level one spells. We can let it slide this time though, since we misunderstood. It's no fun to discover you don't have a resource you thought you did.
So you can go ahead and case Invisibility let's say. On who?
Talvert Finn: Moore seems like the most likely candidate.
Bob (GM): Moore we'll resolve you after we deal with the spelling
John Moore: Talvert got a particularly good sleep last night and everyone knows that gives more spells
Bob (GM): Alright, go ahead and roll+INT to cast, Talvert.
Talvert Finn: Of course given his luck with magic so far...ah well
One for the money!
Bob (GM): This should be good, yeah :p
Talvert Finn: rolling 2d6+2
= 9
John Moore: moore becomes extra-visible
Bob (GM): Oh and he pulls it out. You need to choose one of the things from your list. Draw unwelcome attention, disturb fabric of reality (-1 ongoing to cast) or lose the prepared spell.
Sharaseth: (( hes so stealthy hes gone to auto detected! ))
Talvert Finn: Distuuuuurb the fabric of reality!
Bob (GM): Alright. Keep in mind you are at -1 to any roll to cast spells until the next time you prepare spells. Moore, you are now invisible.
Talvert Finn: Something about Talvert suddenly sticks in the fundamental forces of the universe's craw.
((Ha ha! What spells?))
Bob (GM): Well you still have Invisibility prepared. And all your cantrips.
John Moore: ok change of plans then
Bob (GM): Although I see you can't cast while Invisibiltiy is ongoing. Which seems kind of harsh.
John Moore: if i get close can i use my applied poison on dukat in such a way that he won't notice me so long as i stay invisible and quiet?
Bob (GM): No. Applied poison needs to be applied physically to the person or the food. You can apply it, but touching him is going to instantly break the spell.
John Moore: well this can still work
Bob (GM): So it's a trade-off. You can poison him but you'll become visible.
There are croaking voices in the distance. You'd better come up with a plan quickly.
John Moore: ok i'm just checking the other room
Bob (GM): The room is empty, but for a couple of froglin pit traps. There's a tunnel in the back wall. The trees roots have grown into this room, seemingly trying to cover the froglin tunnel, but they are thin and weak, and have been cut and burned back.
Sharaseth, Ara, Talvert, what are you guys doing while Moore is in the far room?
Sharaseth: shes bouncing from foot to foot at this point waiting
Talvert Finn: ...Waiting for Moore to grab Dukat.
((Admittedly I have no idea what kind of rules this game has for hostage-taking.))
Arankah Risahiena: Ara is getting ready to take a potshot at Dukkat - Although who knows how much good that's gooing to do, given her luck so far.
Bob (GM): So I notice none of you say you're watching the froglin tunnel behind you.
John Moore: wait, can I use my disarm trap ability to modify a trap instead of disarming it? I may finally have an idea that will work
Bob (GM): Go ahead and tell me what the idea is.
Meanwhile, the first warning the rest of you have is a froglin shrieking "CHAAAARGE!" from behind you. A whole group of them has slid into the room, muddy and slippery.
Talvert what do you do?
John Moore: man I'm spent for ideas that are actually workable
Sharaseth: finally! she tries to counter charge the frogs and blunt thier charge aginst her allies
John Moore: I'm just going to invisibly impersonate a doghead voice and scream a warning about approaching froglins to dukat
Bob (GM): What like Scooby-Doo?
John Moore: yes exactly like scooby doo
Talvert Finn: "Ah! Wait! We come in peace!" About all he can do now, outside of fruitlessly flailing about with his dagger.
John Moore: I am feeling glad I did not go for my first discarded idea of hiding out in the froglin tunnel there though
Bob (GM): The hateful little things have no interest in peace, from the look of them. Sharaseth, roll a Hack and Slash move. Meanwhile, at least one of them will get past Sharaseth and leap towards you, Talvert, so you may Hack and Slash as well.
Arankah Risahiena: And we're back to the previous terrible idea! Ara swears, grabs Talvert, and tries to drag both their visible butts across the hallway. With any luck at all, that will put Dukkat et all between then and the froglins.
Sharaseth rolls 9 on DEX.
Bob (GM): Roll your damage.
Sharaseth rolls 3 damage.
Bob (GM): You skewer one froglin dead, but leave yourself open to the second. It stabs at you with its primitive spear for 1d6 damage, which you may roll at your leisure.
Talvert Finn: rolling 2d6
= 10
Sharaseth: rolling 1d6
= 2
Bob (GM): Talvert the Barbarian. Your "ineffectual" swinging finds its mark. Roll your damage. Sharaseth looks like that's bouncing off your armour again.
It's also up to you to decide if you're okay with Ara dragging you away.
Although Moore, you are learning that hiding in this room might not be a great plan, as there seems to be another group of froglins coming from this direction.
John Moore: am I still invisible?
Bob (GM): Unless Talvert has stopped maintaining the spell, yes
John Moore: how many froglins seem to be coming?
Bob (GM): A bunch. Like more than three. It's hard to see too far into the darkness of the tunnel but you can probably estimate at least a dozen are on the way.
Sharaseth, what are you up to? You have at least a dozen piled into your room already
Talvert Finn: ((...I'm guessing I'm rolling 1d6.))
And yes, Tal's probably getting dragged with few complaints.
Bob (GM): Your damage is D4, Talvert
Talvert Finn: rolling 1d4
= 1
John Moore: well, the heck with it. I'm heading back into the hall, getting behind dukat and putting my dagger to his throat and telling him if his dogheads don't kill the froglins he's dying before I or my friends are
Sharaseth: There charge blunted ill start to back towards the direction Ara and the others are using my spears reach to keep attacking as I tactically regroup
Bob (GM): Regardless, the little thing looked quite schoked when you slashed it. You can add another 1d6 but that will open you up to counter-attack.
John Moore: and I'm sticking close to the wall so I don't blunder onto any pulled-in turtles on the way
Talvert Finn: Nah, we'll assume he gets dragged away in mid-stab.
Bob (GM): Moore by the time you are in the hall, the dogheads are already rushing past you to meet the ambush. They seem pretty shocked to see the rest of your party, but there's little time for chit-chat. Are you still going to assault Dukat?
Sharaseth do you want to take that as a Hack and Slash to drop more of the little monsters, or do you want to Defend the doorway?
John Moore: i'm not assaulting him, i'm just threatening assault, and only to make sure his men fight on our side
Bob (GM): Which I was wrong about last week, it totally says you can defend "a location"
Sharaseth: Ill defend the doorway
Bob (GM): Roll for your Defend action to determine your hold.
Sharaseth rolls 9 on CON.
John Moore: and no actually, I'll just grab his should and de-invisify that way
Bob (GM): Moore, your invisibility breaks as you grab Dukat's shoulder. Are you telling me you are NOT putting your knife to his throat now?
John Moore: and shout 'TRUCE!'
no not yet
Bob (GM): That's one hold, Sharaseth.
John Moore: that would just taketwo other hands out of the fight
Bob (GM): Dukat blinks at you, Moore. "Truce? Are we enemies?" He smiles rogueishly, pulling his rapier and joining the fray. "I'll remember that when we're done."
Arankah Risahiena: Ara takes one look into the northern room and the froglins, NOPES emphatically, parks the mage against the wall, and takes her own defensive stance. ((Sorry Sam; Ara is a little pushy. c_c ))
John Moore: "Probably, yes, I just wanted to make sure we were both sensible enough to kill the OTHER enemy first"
Moore wades in to the fight
Sharaseth: (( well look who shes been putting up with as a traveling companion, miss charge in is always a valid plan! ))
Bob (GM): I'm just going to skip on ahead a wee bit. Facing your joint resistance, it isn't long before the froglins retreat again, vanishing into their tunnels and shrieking for the dead they leave behind. "Froglins always come back," Dukat says. "In greater numbers. Now, perhaps you'd like to explain just who you people are?"
Talvert Finn: Talvert is pretty much being shoved around like furniture at this point.
John Moore: "someone seriously considering retirement at the moment"
Arankah Risahiena: Ara Absentmindedly pets Puppy as she wipes froglin blood off her sword. She's keeping an eye on the negotiations, but she'll let the humans handle their own kind.
John Moore: Moore has slumped down against the cave wall, looking like he's not entirely kidding
"I take it you're here for the idol?"
Sharaseth: negotiations with words are not her thing so she will head over to Ara "you need more bandages for that or you still good for now?"
Bob (GM): How are we for time? Anyone need to quit now?
Talvert Finn: ((I'm good for another hour.))
Bob (GM): Alright.
The scarred man smirks at Moore. "Not just here by accident then, hm? Yes, I'm here for the idol. It's worth a good bit of coin. But I've been rather stymied by this door, I'm afraid." He starts back towards the huge door, gesturing to it. "Any ideas?"
Arankah Risahiena: "Let's wait to see if this turns into a fight, first." Ara is still watching Dukkat suspiciously.
Bob (GM): The door fills the end of the hall. It's thick stone, decorated with what seems to be cut tin, showing a scene of the might turtle god Tortengar striking down five evil swamp denizens.
John Moore: I'll inspect the door, but i'm going to take an unnecessary amount of time, and distract dukkat with banter and irrelevant observations to kill time for talvert to replenish his spells
"Did someone hire you or is this a personal treasure hunt?"
Bob (GM): Talvert would need at least an hour. It's not likely Dukat will wait that amount of time, not with the risk of more of those things showing up.
There is a small space on the door, amongst all the decorations, that looks like it would accept a small object in the shape of a turtle shell. But you have found no such object.
John Moore: can I try tripping it without the 'key'?
Bob (GM): "I'm a professional," Dukat says. "I don't wait around for someone to hire me. No one else even knows this temple is still here. At least I didn't think anyone else knew."
You can roll your Tricks of the Trade to try to open it.
John Moore: "...I used to be a professional"
Bob (GM): ie picking the lock.
John Moore rolls 4 on DEX
John Moore: "well obviously someone knew"
Bob (GM): Dukat doesn't look like he believes you, especially not when you break your lockpicks off in the funny lock. "Did you, now?" He turns to Sharaseth. "What about you? You seem to have more muscle than both of these skinny men put together."
Mark experience, Moore
John Moore: "I used to be good at my job" Moore almost sounds like he might cry
Sharaseth: she loks up and considered the door "I can give it a shot"
Bob (GM): How do you want to approach the problem, Sharaseth?
Sharaseth: She looks to moor "which directions does it open in, out, in, up, sideways?"
Arankah Risahiena: Puppy wanders over to John and puts his head on the theif's knee.
John Moore: Moore is idly picking mud off his boots and clearly thinking of better days
Talvert Finn: Talvert, meanwhile, was trying to sneak out from under Arankah's guardianship to inspect the room. Perhaps there's something there that might help with the door.
Bob (GM): Moore you reckon it's meant to slide back into the wall, when the key is used appropriately.
Arankah Risahiena: Ara isn't keeping him prisoner! She was just trying to keep the skinny mage from being turned into a swamp shishkabob.
Bob (GM): There's not too much to find here, Talvert, but the art on the door is interesting. You might know something about it if you've read up on the Transmere.
John Moore: "it slides in. What we really need is the key, which mister professional here doesn't seem to have found either"
Sharaseth: "Eh all locks have a bolt somewhere, push hard enough and it can snap" *shes going to try and force it back with brute strength
John Moore: "On the other hand - Arankah, kindly remove your mobile spit-bucket from my leg - the artwork makes me think there's some trick involving human sacrifice"
Bob (GM): Roll+STR for Bend Bars, Lift Gates, Sharaseth
John Moore: "though probably that's just what used to go on inside"
Sharaseth rolls 8 on STR.
Bob (GM): You may choose two things from the list.
Which is on your character sheet
Sharaseth: Dosnt take long, nothing of value is damage
Arankah Risahiena: "He's just being friendly. C'mere Puppy!"
Talvert Finn: "Hmmm..." Tal racked his brains on what he remembered about the place.
John Moore: "Well, I'm not. I'm starting to wish I'd just faced my hanging like a man"
Talvert Finn: rolling 2d6+2
= 9
Bob (GM): The door screams and squeals as you force it open, and there's a terrible snapping sound when it finally gives way. You have it about halfway open when it sticks fast, and, you think, most likely forever. There will be no closing it again, and you can bet the froglins heard it.
Talvert Finn: ...Or not.
Bob (GM): Talvert, the image shows Tortengar casting magic rays to stricke down five of the great monsters of the local folk religion. The most relevant currently being toadlike Hurkenglau the Breeder, the god worshipped by froglins.
The others are Berenkah, a sort of centipede-spider-nightmare. Inscrutable Po, the Fungus that Thinks. Mirelung the Drowned Hag.
Arankah Risahiena: Ara Will take a few moments to politely (or as politely as she can while keeping Puppy in check) ask some of the dogheads exactly how good they pay they're getting for this job is. Especially given the number of party members they seem to have lost...
Bob (GM): And finally the most powerful and evil of all the Transmere's mythical gods, Amarusa, the Mother of Eels.
Whether you find any of this useful at this time is up to you.
One of the dogheads grins at Ara's questions. The dogheads are not concerned about their fallen comrades, each dead doghead means a larger share for the survivors.
John Moore: "Well, this time I say we let the professional go first"
Moore looks meaningfully at Dukat
Bob (GM): "I wouldn't have it any other way," Dukat says, stepping forward.
John Moore: Moore follows close behind, his usual caution dampened by his new decision to hate this man
Talvert Finn: Arankah might want to mention that their employer might be thinking the same thing...
As it is whatever Tal was planning with the door was rather derailed by Sharaseth ripping it open.
Arankah Risahiena: Well, it was worth a shot. Ara brings up the rear, leaving puppy to guard the door and alert them to any froglin encroachment. "So you were just planning on selling this thing?" That's directed at Dukat. "No other plans for it?"
Sharaseth: "Odd are the frogs will be along, that was not quite"
Bob (GM): You have come into a large, domed chamber, comparable to the temple above. The dome is painted with an elaborate mural, but it is unrecognizably damaged, cracked with age and with thick tree roots breaking through the stone dome. The room is dominated by a wide pool of stagnant, filthy water. The cypress roots reach from the ceiling right down to the water, as if searching for something in the murk. Dukat points at the pool, pointing out something darting through the water. "Dragon-eels," he says. "Highly venomous. And I believe those disgusting things are froglin eggs." >>>
John Moore: "well, aren't we well-read"
Bob (GM): In the center of the infested pool there's a round plinth rising up from the water. On the platform are a couple chunks of broken stone, and in the middle, a squat and hideous bronze idol. "That is NOT Tortengar," Dukat says, sounding irritated.
John Moore: "...Talvert, what was it you noticed about the door earlier?"
Bob (GM): "I don't really have room on my mantle for a giant stone turtle," he says with a grin for Ara.
You can generally assume that information covered in "spout lore" or "discern realities" is shared without having to rephrase it every time.
No need to ask, that is to say. You can just assume he said what I said, rather than us just repeating each other. :p
Sharaseth: "Wait eggs, so we just walked into thier nest, and they have other ways in here that are not the door i just broke"
Bob (GM): You can already hear a croaking, in fact, drawing closer and closer. The cracked and crumbling walls offer plenty of ways in.
John Moore: is the bronze idol of the froglin breeding god?
Bob (GM): A bloated figure with the head and legs of a toad and the deformed and bloated body and arms of a woman, the disturbing idol is most definitely Hurkenglau the Breeder, yes.
Talvert Finn: "If they put their idol here...gods only know what they did with Tortengar."
John Moore: "I think that debris was the idol we were SUPPOSED to find"
Bob (GM): "Worthless scrap," Dukat scoffs. Those croaking and scuttling sounds are getting closer.
John Moore: "Dukat, will the eels attack the froglins?"
Arankah Risahiena: Yeah, Ara is quietly recalling Puppy. "So our target is missing, and we're in the middle of a froglin nest. Does someone have a brilliant idea about how we're going to get out of here alive?" Ara is looking around to see if there are any good defensible spots in the room.
Bob (GM): "You see the two together so often I assume froglins are immune to their venom. Filthy creatures"
Sharaseth: she turns to guard the door from the inside for now, watching the rooms walls as well
John Moore: "Well, I suggest we all try getting out the way we came in rather than making some appalling last stand in here"
Bob (GM): The room is not terribly defensible, being a big open dome.
Talvert Finn: Talvert planned on letting Dukat's cohorts deal with the brunt of the froglins while they snuck out.
Bob (GM): There's a splash as something horrible and toady drops into the water, and starts swimming towards your group. Then another splash. And another. And another....
John Moore: Well, I'm running back out
Bob (GM): Dukat is already gone the next time you look, incidentally. His mercenaries seem a bit surprised to discover that themselves.
John Moore: to the mercenaries, while making his exit: "Dukat says guard our retreat!"
Bob (GM): "Dukat can eat me!" Even dogheads aren't THAT stupid.
Arankah Risahiena: Ara will attempt the keep the rest of the party (and if possible the dog heads) in an organized retreat.
She doesn't like the creatures, but they're more help if they're not fleeing in panic.
Sharaseth: "that muds still gunna be there got a plan for it?" shes with ara, time to go, and will spear head the groups retreat.
Bob (GM): Through the crypts, ducking in and around the tunnels and collapsed rooms, back across the mudpit and upstairs to the temple proper. You are harried by froglins all the way, though they stay just out of your own range, content to chase you off rather than kill you, and they stop chasing when you get above ground.
And we will have to end this session on that, I think.
Talvert Finn: And Talvert was bravely dragged away.
Bob (GM): Now for end of session, decide whether you have resolved any of your bonds with each other.
Arankah Risahiena: I...don't think so, unfortunately.
Erica PG: Someone is pretending to be me. D:
Sharaseth: i cant think of any
Erica PG: Yeah, I think mine are all as they were.
Bob (GM): And whether you have fulfilled your alignment action. Moore, I believe you have fulfilled your alignment action. I don't believe anyone else has.
Tristan H: pretty pointlessly though
Bob (GM): Sure, but it's still worth XP
Sharaseth: the froglings are weaker then me and i defended sevral of them from life does that count
Bob (GM): Haha
Erica PG: Hey, Pointless or not, I'd take it. But yeah, nothing got freed down there, except possibly our hope of turning a profit on this mess.
Bob (GM): We also have the group questions. Did we learn something new and important about the world?
Erica PG: The froglin god seems to be in ascendancy.
Sharaseth: dukat is sneaky and will make a exit beofre anyone notices
Sam E.: ...What the hey.
Bob (GM): What?
Sam E.: Sorry about that Erica, I didn't even notice.
Erica PG: No worries. Apparently it's a side effect of Bob making all the character sheets visible.
Bob (GM): Anyway yes, we at the very least know, broadly, what happened to the Tortengar temple.
Tristan H: we're on the honor system
Bob (GM): So everyone mark one experience for that.
Tristan H: it went downhill bad
Bob (GM): Did we overcome a notable monster or enemy? No we ran like cowards. :p
Did we loot a memorable treasure? No, see above.
Tristan H: Moore overcame his dignity
Sam E.: Talvert's thinking of retiring as a librarian.
Bob (GM): Though you will certainly still have a chance. This isn't a video game, and you can always head back in next time.
Which will most likely be three weeks from now, by the way.
The 28th. Though we can always go sooner if people are okay playing without Erica. We can work that out later when no one is needing to get to sleep.
Sharaseth: Im ok with either, i genrally prefer to have everyone present if possible though
Bob (GM): To review everyone has at least ONE XP for the End of Session and Moore at least has TWO
Sam if you think you solved a magical mystery by all means take a second XP as well
Sam E.: At this point I'm going to end up creating on in how the hell someone can screw up that many spells so quickly.
Bob (GM): Hahaha
"So-and-So thinks I'm very powerful, they'll learn different"
Erica PG: Yeah, Ara's going to spend the next little bit double checking all of her arrows to make sure someone didn't replace the heads with rubber.
Bob (GM): You've had a rough go of it, but next time you'll be able to make camp outside and decide whether you want to delve back in or head back to town empty-handed.
Sharaseth: Shar's armor served her well this time
Erica PG: It is kind of sounding like if we want our reward money, we're going to need to do some spelunking in Froglin caves.
Tristan H: or we could track dukat, rob him, and call that our reward
Bob (GM): "We're no good at treasure-hunting, let's just be bandits!"
Erica PG: Hey, wait, we've got a bunch of dog-heads who just got shadfted on their paycheck.
Bob (GM): Thanks for coming everyone. I'm still here to chat with anyone who wants to hang out. Sam, I reckon you're heading to bed so goodnight
Sharaseth: I prefer the term "professional asset redistributor"
Bob (GM): And despite the gong-show I hope everyone is having fun. :)
Sam E.: Oh yeah it's been a blast
Sharaseth: yep 8)
Erica PG: :)
Tristan H: i gotta log out
Bob (GM): Alright I'm going to turn off as well. You all know where to reach me if you need me.
Sharaseth: night

Session 3


Bob (GM): Previously, our party ventured into a long-abandoned temple of the old god Tortengar, a shrine dedicated to healing. In the crypts below the temple, you discovered that the artifact you were sent to recover has been destroyed, replaced with a hideous idol to the god of the frogkin that have infested the catacombs
You managed to escape with your lives and are currently outside the temple with a half-dozen doghead mercenaries who are just now realizing they aren't going to get paid, since their employer, rival treasure-hunter Dukat, has scampered.
The man who hired you, a hooded figure you know only as Gerald, can be found in the town of Donosea, on the edge of the swamp. You've no idea how he'll react to the news of what you found in the temple.
It's getting dark, and you'll need to make a decision about what to do next soon. You don't want to be trudging through the Transmere at night.
And I'm going to grab a second helping while you all work out your next move.
Talvert Finn: "...I'll bet my other boot that Dukat and Gerald are the same man."
John Moore: "Arankah, can you discern any tracks indicating which way Dukat fled?"
Sharaseth: "Or know of each other at the very least"
Arankah Risahiena: "we should have insisted on being paid up front."
Sharaseth: "Yes, we also shouldn't go trudging through this swamp at night"
Arankah Risahiena: Ara is in the process of doing so, and will let you know the results as soon as our GM gets back.
John Moore: "if you can't, make something up. We don't want these idiots lurking around getting ideas while we set camp"
I had no idea he scampered, sorry
Arankah Risahiena: (He's just grabbing more food)
John Moore: "I agree it's suspicious that Dukat claimed hardly no one had heard of the place on the same day we BOTH showed up"
"When we next encounter Gerald we'll make a polite inquiry, then threaten him, then root through his personal belongings while he's not looking"
Bob (GM): Hunt and Track, Arankah
Arankah Risahiena rolls 10 on WIS
Bob (GM): Though invisible in the swamp muck to layman's eyes, you can track Dukat as if he had painted a bright flourescent line behind himself, Arankah.
Talvert Finn: "So um...perhaps one of us should try to make peace with his...former crew?"
Before another fight breaks out.
Bob (GM): The dogheads are discussing something among themselves in their gutteral language. Probably deciding whether or not to rob your group.
Arankah Risahiena: Can I get the "useful bit of information" as well?
Bob (GM): The only one not joining in is the fellow Talvert bewitched much earlier, who stands there smiling at his "friend"
Wagging his tail happily
John Moore: I'm going to slip into the shadows as unobtrusively as possible
Arankah Risahiena: "Oi, dogheads! How'd you like to know where your erstwhile employer went? The one who still owes you money?"
Bob (GM): Arankah, judging by the pattern of his footsteps, Dukat did not escape unscathed. Something must have got him down there, because he is limping badly, and will not be able to move fast.
Talvert Finn: ...That was far more disturbing than the muttering. That charm spell should have worn off some time ago.
Sharaseth: is starting to pace and keep a eye on the dogheads
Bob (GM): The biggest of the dogheads steps forward, apparently taking Arankah's words as a challenge. "Whatta you know, elf? You'd better tell me or else..."
Arankah Risahiena: Ara rolls her eyes, clearly unimpressed. (Although Puppy does move into an attack position) "Or else we have a polite conversation. Or are you going to make us regret not leaving you down there to get killed by frogkin?"
Bob (GM): The doghead leader eyes Puppy warily, and snorts. "Fine. You tell me where Dukat is and we leave you weenies alone. Deal?"
The concussed one waves cheerfully at Sharaseth
Sharaseth: she will offer a wave back but shes still expecting trouble out of them
Arankah Risahiena: "He went thata way. Probably hasn't gone far." She jerks a thumb in the correct direction.
Really, anyone who hires dogheads AND welshes on their pay deserves what they get.
Bob (GM): The big one barks out an order, and with one last evil glare at Arankah, he and his troop take off in the indicated direction.
The friendly one hesitates for a moment, looking at Talvert, then with a whimper takes off after the others.
John Moore: Moore emerges from hiding and lets out a heavy breath
Bob (GM): You are now alone in a frogkin infested swamp at sunset.
Talvert Finn: Talvert waves goodbye at his, uh, newfound friend.
John Moore: "Next time, just send them on their way without correcting their bloody manners first"
Arankah Risahiena: ((Aaah puppy touchignt he touch screen)
John Moore: "Let's put some distance between ourselves and this awful temple before we completely lose our light"
Sharaseth: "i really dont want to fight frogs int eh middle of a dark swap at night"
John Moore: "I'd like to make camp before Arankah gets an opportunity to instruct the Froglins on table settings"
Bob (GM): Are you guys going to head for Donosea or parts elsewhere?
Erica PG: "Good manners are important, or so says my Aunt. And I'm not letting a jumped up doghead mercenary threaten me.
Arankah Risahiena: Donosea, I think. And Ara will take lead on starting to get out of the swamp.
Talvert Finn: "It seems to me we'd best be on our way back to civilization as quickly as we're able. This whole adventure turned out to be a fool's errand."
Sharaseth: "now to tell the boss all the good news about his job"
Bob (GM): I don't know how readable this is at this scale. But you are in the swamp area just below the word "Gorwen". The town on the coast is Donosea
You're about the middle of the swamp
Talvert Finn: Talvert approves of the lack of his homeland on the map, indicating that it's as far away as possible.
Arankah Risahiena: Did we get in by raft, or overland?
Bob (GM): Does anyone have a raft in their inventory? :p
And no, that's too big to count as adventuring gear
Talvert Finn: We have Sharaseth's shield!
Bob (GM): Haha!
Sharaseth: I dont think its quite that large
Bob (GM): You walked, but we are going to skip the Perilous Journey for now, because it's very likely there will be another one later, if you don't get very caught up in Donosea.
Talvert Finn: But they're famous for their intricated wooden apple carvings!
Bob (GM): So as it is you just have an absolutely miserable march through the Transmere, trudging through mud and being eaten by blackflies. Everyone mark off a Dungeon Ration.
Donosea itself is a medium-size town. From land it is remote, nestled in behind the Transmere as it is, but by sea it lies on the main trade routes of the Gulf of Linn. You can buy most equipment here if you need to, all but the most exotic of items. The town primarily exports tar produced throughout the swamp, and has significant ship-building industry, though not as impressive as the massive yards at Tirasea.
Gerald should be waiting for you at a tavern by the docks, the Captain's Swagger.
You can head straight there or you can take care of other business first.
Sharaseth: I think we should get the bad news over with first
John Moore: Yes, I want a word with our employer
Bob (GM): Very well.
Sure enough, Gerald is waiting for you at the Captain's Swagger, hooded head bent over a book as he tries to read amongst the boisterous sailors who usually occupy the bar. He's tried to hide away at a corner table, but a ship full of bored sailors must have just come in, and the place is rowdier than usual.
John Moore: "We found your idol, it's in pieces. The place is swarming Froglins, you need to hire an army if you want to successfully get the remnants out"
"We want four-fifths of our original fee as compensation for the hardship endured in securing this intelligence"
Talvert Finn: Talvert just stood behind John Moore and looked disgruntled.
...It was safer than having Moore behind him.
Arankah Risahiena: Ara tries to do the same, but is somewhat distracted by Puppy's desire to check out the kitchen.
Sharaseth: will settle for being in the back and looking imposing
Bob (GM): Such a direct approach stuns him into silence a moment, and his voice cracks a bit when he says "S-Smashed? Froglins?" This isn't quite the intimidating figure who hired you originally. You've caught the man completely off-guard, and he suddenly seems a lot younger and less mysterious than you remember. "Oh no... Oh no that's not... Four-fifths?!" He clutches his book tight to his chest. "But... But I can't possibly! That's half my budget and nothing to show for it!"
He seems more distraught than angry
Talvert Finn: "Perhaps we should take the matter up with your employer..."
John Moore: "How can it be HALF your budget, if it's FOUR-FIFTHS what you were going to pay us?"
"Been gambling?"
Bob (GM): "Your payment isn't the entire budget! I had other expenses to handle as well. You aren't the only part of the expedition." He looks terribly shaken. "And with Wilhelm's group gone missing..." He blinks at Talvert. "My employer? Oh no please, you mustn't! If they hear about this, I'm finished for sure! They'd can the whole college!"
This gentleman is sounding less and less like a sinister treasure-collector and more like a... student?
John Moore: "Well, make a counter-offer"
Talvert Finn: "Other part of the expedition...?" Now Talvert's looking suspicious. "And who was that?"
John Moore: "We're reasonable men, you and I. More than some, at least" Moore makes a point of glancing warily in Sharaseth's direction
Bob (GM): "I... I can maybe do... erm..." He pulls out a purse, staring into it. "... er... A hundred coin?" He flinches like he's already expecting you to hit him.
Sharaseth: grumbles "what sort of person sends ladies out into a swap full of frogs and then dosnt even want to pay them
John Moore: "I'm sure we can reach a mutually amicable arrangement. You're clearly a man with an understanding of finance, you can see how we must be compensated for the costs we incurred on this errand"
Bob (GM): For the record that would be about 10 percent of what was promised.
John Moore: "500"
Bob (GM): It sounds to me like John is trying to Parley, using Sharaseth and general terror as leverage.
John Moore: sure
Talvert Finn: Hey, what about this other expedition?
John Moore: Aside to Talvert "What about getting paid?"
John Moore rolls 9 on CHA
Bob (GM): You're going to want to Roll + Cha, Moore. Then we will go on to answering Talvert's question. Although Talvert, you may like to Discern Realities regarding Gerald. You have the necessary experiences to put two and two together.
Talvert Finn: rolling 2d6 + 2
= 11
Bob (GM): "Five hundred! Yes! Yes, alright!" Gerald seems to be seeing a way out of getting hit. "But first, you need to promise to help me with a... uh... a new job. A second job. That is I... I need to engage your services again." He looks crestfallen.
Any three questions from the Discern Realities list, Talvert.
John Moore: that's a 9, he needs 'concrete assurance' and since the promise is that sharaseth won't rip his head off, I'm going to give her a non-verbal signal to show some force indirectly (ie not directly on him)
"What's the new one pay?"
Arankah Risahiena: Ara finally manages to convince Puppy to stop trying to charge the kitchen doors (at least for now) "...why don't you tell us the whole story, and then we'll decide if we want to hire on again. What's this about another expedition? and a college?"
John Moore: oh, i'll let finn's discern realities rsolve first
sorry i'm typing faster than I'm reading
Bob (GM): "Another five hundred! Easily! If... er... if you succeed... Wilhelm has the rest of the money, you see. And it's him I need you to find."
Talvert Finn: Who’s really in control here?What here is not what it appears to be?
Bob (GM): And yes we'll wait for Talvert's questions now.
Sam E.: ...Ignore that.
Bob (GM): Those aren't the questions?
Sam E.: What should I be on the lookout for?
Who's really in control?
What here is not what it appears to be?
Bob (GM): There's nothing immediate you should be on the lookout for, but the whole thing smells of academic politics, something you are surely familiar with and wary of.
Young Gerald here is obviously not in charge, his partner, this Wilhelm, is clearly the brains of the "expedition"
And as for Gerald, he is clearly not the mysterious robed figure he wanted you to think. In fact, he's just some squirmy academic. This is probably his first time outside of Orelia, and he's in very deeply over his head.
Talvert Finn: ...And he thought he was bad at the whole adventurer thing.
Bob (GM): And he says as much, presently....
Talvert Finn: Tal took a moment to clear his throat. "Mister Moore, I believe we're currently wasting our time with this flunky. If we're going to get some measure of compensation for this misadventure, we'll need to find this 'Wilhelm' fellow."
Bob (GM): The whole story... "My name is Gerald Tethmarein. I'm... I'm a student at the University of Orelia. Wilhelm is my Master. We're a new faculty, a college of archaeology. It's a subset of history, studying the artifacts of the people who came before us. We're... not particularly popular yet. In fact we're really struggling to get anyone to take us seriously at all..."
John Moore: John can't help but beam at being addressed as "Mister Moore"
"I can't imagine"
Sharaseth: muttters something about people keeping proper records and not having to dig up the past
Bob (GM): "That's just the thing though, Master Finn! Wilhelm is missing! He hasn't come back!" Gerald shudders. "We were supposed to meet up here days ago. I would have recovered the idol of Tortengar, while he pursued a theory about Minorc's Tomb..."
Talvert Finn: It's not a term of respect, it's a term of distance. At any rate the young wizard rubbed at the bridge of his nose as the whole story came out. "...Of course."
Arankah Risahiena: "Oh please. Elvish history is self-aggrandizing puffery and you know it."
Bob (GM): But Valendian history is what matters now. "Do any of you know the story of Minorc?"
Talvert Finn: Talvert racked his brains. Voynich didn't have too much truck with whatever went on out here in the boonies but they kept extensive records.
Arankah Risahiena: Ara has been around Valendia long enough - likely a few decades - that she might have heard of it.
Talvert Finn: rolling 2d6 + 2
= 4
Bob (GM): The first thing to do, before you start rolling dice, is decide whether your character is likely to know much Valendian history
Talvert Finn: So apparently not.
Sharaseth: "Well yes, that references other self aggrandized puffery to make its self more important, and thats just the index of the book"
John Moore: Moore's a relatively recent arrival, he's waiting to see if anyone else speaks up
"indulge us"
Bob (GM): Because if you Spout Lore, you spout lore, whether you're right or not. Which means Talvert just babbled out a load of nonsense about Orcish miners.
Which has Gerald looking a little less intimidated now. remember to mark experience, Talvert.
Talvert Finn: He actually felt himself grow dumber for having spouted that.
Bob (GM): "Minorc was the last king of Gorwen," Gerald explains, speaking a little slower for Talvert's sake. "He was an ally of our first king, Aethelbard Wyrmslayer. He helped Aethelbard drive the dragons out of the Gulf of Linn, but when Aethelbard turned his attention to uniting the kingdoms under one crown, Minorc opposed him."
"Minorc fell at the battle of Wybrook, and most people think he died there, but his followers retreated with his body, vanishing into the Stormcrag Mountains. No one has ever figured out where they went, or discovered his final resting place."
"Fifty years after the battle, a man wandered out of the mountains claiming to be a knight of Minorc's, and left an account that Minorc was buried at the Valley of Eagles. Before he could give any more details, the knight died, having converted to the Anor faith and repenting his sins."
Arankah Risahiena: "And how long ago was all this?"
Bob (GM): "My master, Wilhelm, believes there's a mistranslation in the knight's account. He thinks the tomb can be found at..." He glances around, then leans in close and whispers "Thunderfall Valley. That's where he was supposed to be going but... he hasn't returned! I don't know what could have happened to him. And... and HE has most of the cash!"
"Four hundred years ago. Around 845."
John Moore: Moore leans in and whipsers, clearly mocking the poor student "is that 500 now or after this other nonsense, then?"
Bob (GM): It's like 1266 by the Valendian calender, for the record.
The poor student sadly just hands his purse right over. The first five hundred owed you is inside it. "Wilhelm has the rest of our budget... I'm sorry..."
Give yourselves 100 coin each. I'm keeping the remainder aside for Thistle for now.
John Moore: Moore slides ten back to Gerald and tells him to get himself a drink, then gets the details on which direction to head out to find this place
Bob (GM): Sam mark experience for your failed roll please
Talvert Finn: I thought I did?
Bob (GM): Oh maybe you did it on your sheet but not your icon? Sorry.
It's going to be a pain until I can cheat a way to get them together.
Arankah Risahiena: "Mm. Might have been one of the wars Uncle Anthelain would go on about." (Can I try for a spout Lore?)
Sam E.: Yeah I'm not sure if XP resets or just goes to a higher number when you level.
Bob (GM): So long as it's down somewhere that's all that matters.
Go for it Arankah.
Arankah Risahiena rolls 9 on INT
Talvert Finn: Voynich kept extensive records. Just not necessarily accurate ones. At least not for way out here.
John Moore: yeah it looks like they need to be done seperately for now
Bob (GM): Nimriathon had little in the way of dealings with Gorwen, but were appealed to for aid during the wars of human unification. Human messengers from a place called the Eagle's Head sought help from the elves, but were refused.
Gerald can draw you only a rough map copied from his notes, but you should be able to locate Thunderfall Valley. It is within the Stormcrag Mountains, well into Gorwen's wilder areas. It's about as civilized as the Transmere but should be less completely unpleasant.
Gerald also gives you an address you can reach him in Orelia. He doesn't have the money to wait in Donosea any longer, so he'll have to head home and face the music.
Arankah Risahiena: "Not that that really matters, if where your master was heading was Thunderfall." Ara is fine with taking the new job - unless the others object.
Talvert Finn: Talvert just shrugged. Might as well, and it is in the name of science after all.
Sharaseth: "oh it probably wasn't refused, it likely just had to go through the committee process"
John Moore: "You know I'd feel bad about bullying that poor fellow, if we hadn't gotten paid"
"I suggest we resupply before heading out"
Talvert Finn: The wizard sighed. "I need to get new boots."
Bob (GM): It's probably a three or four day journey. You'll want at least that many rations each. There aren't a lot of inns between Donosea and Thunderfall.
Sharaseth: "Id suggest we stock up on everything really not just boots"
John Moore: there's also the trip back
Bob (GM): Rations and such are under Basic Equipment which should have just appeared on your screens
Also anything else you need, go ahead and buy. All the basic weapons and armors are available here, but if you're looking for specialty items you'll need to roll, so let me know.
John Moore: i got another bundle of adventuring gear and rations, 5 uses each, deducting 23 coins
Bob (GM): John Moore if you go shopping for poisons they are half price here, a benefit of being on the Transmere.
And yeah remember when I say "rations" I mean "one use of rations". A single "set" of rations gets you five uses.
During travel time a use covers a whole day's travel.
Arankah Risahiena: Ditto on the rations and adventuring gear + Bandages. - 27 coin. I'm also hawkingthe gem we got in the dungeon for the ticket value of 70 coin.
Bob (GM): Yes you may exchange your gems for coins if you wish, or change your coins for gems for that matter. Remember that 100 coin has a weight value of 1
Whereas most gems have no weight.
Unless you get like 100 gems each worth one coin like some kind of lunatic.
John Moore: look the gem standard is more intrinsically valuable than your ridiculous fiat currency
Sharaseth: is it a ...many facited currency
Bob (GM): Hahaha
Let me know when everyone is done shopping and ready to move on.
Arankah Risahiena: Done, sheet is updated.
Sharaseth: all set
Bob (GM): Sam?
Talvert Finn: I think so, yeah.
Bob (GM): Tris? All done?
John Moore: i'm good
Bob (GM): You are undertaking a Perilous Journey. You may consult the move under Special Moves in the handouts section, if you like.
John Moore: oh oh I call quartermaster
Talvert Finn: Talvert reunites with the the party in a new pair of boots and a stuffed backpack.
Bob (GM): To Undertake a Perilous Journey you must assign a trailblazer, a scout, and a quartermaster. Each will be rolling +WIS. Trailblazer will reduce your time to reach your destination, scout will allow you to get the jump on any surprises on the road, and quartermaster can reduce how many rations you burn through.
John Moore rolls 6 on WIS
John Moore rolls 12 on WIS
John Moore rolls 4 on WIS
John Moore: whoa go with the first one
not sure what happened there
also sorry I caused us to all starve to death
Arankah Risahiena: I'll take Trailblazer.
Bob (GM): Wait until everyone is settled on roles next time
But we will go with your roll there, so mark experience for the failure
And everyone will end up using more rations. Possibly your quartermaster is embezzling.
John Moore: slander
sorry for jumping the gun
Talvert Finn: ...He suspected Mister Moore poisoned his share.
Bob (GM): Alright Arankah's race move allows her an automatic 10+. That means the journey will only take you three days. But again, everyone must mark off FOUR ration uses.
Because of John.
Sharaseth and Talvert, one of you needs to act as Scout, possibly the most important role.
Sharaseth: my wisdom is terrible
Talvert Finn: Guess that'll be me.
This should be fun...
rolling 2d6 + 1
= 10
Bob (GM): Well done wizard, seems you make a fine scout. While moving through the wood and into the Stormcrag Mountains, you are lucky enough to spot a gryphon circling overhead. It probably has a nest somewhere nearby. It is not, as of this moment, at all aware of you or your party, so you can decide what to do about it.
ie avoid, ambush, set its nest on fire.
Sharaseth: collect a griffon egg
Talvert Finn: ...Avoid the hell out of it.
Bob (GM): The gryphon nesting grounds are easily avoided by the wary traveller.
John Moore: I believe I levelled up from that failed roll everyone hates me for
Bob (GM): Thus our Perilous Journey comes to an end. You have reached Thunderfall Valley. It cuts deep into the Stormcrags, making way for a little white-water stream. According to your map there should be a waterfall a little ways ahead. Still no sign of Wilhelm's party though, unless someone wants to look for some such sign.
Go ahead and level up, Tris, you'd have time during the trip. Pick a new advanced move and increase one attribute score by 1.
Arankah Risahiena: Ara will do some tracking!
Arankah Risahiena rolls 7 on WIS
John Moore: I'm upping my dexterity and taking the 'underdog' ability (+1 armour when outnumbered)
Bob (GM): You are able to find some trace of a party having come through in the last few days. You follow it upriver for a while before it disappears, lost in a mess of other tracks. There were quite a FEW people here not long ago at all, and any specific set of tracks are obliterated. You still can't see the waterfall, but you can hear it. You can also, oddly, smell something nearby. Meat. Cookfires. A camp not far ahead!
Sounds good, Moore.
Arankah Risahiena: Well, that's the sign for her to try and sneak up on the campsite and see what's what, then.
Bob (GM): Are you sticking to the main path or ducking into the brush?
Arankah Risahiena: Ducking into the brush.
Talvert Finn: Ugh, hopefully not more dogheads.
Bob (GM): Before long you spot a couple of rough men hanging out in the woods, just off the path, apparently keeping watch, though they haven't spotted you yet. They're talking together boredly, vaguely watching the path. They certainly don't look like academics, they look like thugs. Crummy swords on their hips, unshaven and unbathed.
Arankah Risahiena: Any chance of listening in on their chatter?
Bob (GM): "Reckon there ain't a treasure at all," one is saying, then he spits horrid brown goop on the ground. "Reckon the mouthy one is just makin' it all up."
"Aye. Jack'll feed 'im to Bloodfinger and Bonecruncher soon. An' better for it," the other says.
The first one laughs. "Yeah! Or maybe chop 'im up and feed 'im to the droolers, huh? Haha!"
And that's all I'm doing.
It carries on along those lines. Two ignorant jerks.
Arankah Risahiena: "Well, it looks like we found out what happened to Wilhelms party." Ara will collect the others if required, and then try to take out one of the guards with a pot shot.
John Moore: i'm going to try to backstab the second one in tandem
Bob (GM): Ooh okay. Who shall go first?
John Moore: well she should first first and then i'll use that surprise as my opening
Arankah Risahiena: I'll take lead.
Bob (GM): What do you want to call, Arankah?
Arankah Risahiena: Called shot on the arms.
Arankah Risahiena rolls 10 on DEX
Sharaseth: She will hang back intially let the others engage and if there is a runner for help charge
Arankah Risahiena rolls 1 damage!
John Moore: haha still
Erica PG: fffffffffffffffffff
Bob (GM): The first of the bandits takes an arrow to his hand, eliciting a terrible scream as he drops his sandwich. But it doesn't seem to have done much more than scare him. John Moore, you may simply choose to do your damage, or Roll+DEX for backstab bonuses
John Moore rolls 10 on DEX
Bob (GM): The poor guy is so busy staring at his friend that he doesn't even suspect you until you're hilt deep in his back. Choose TWO from your backstab list
John Moore: i'm going to select +1d6 dmg and "create an advantage"
Bob (GM): Roll your damage and your additional 1d6 then
Arankah Risahiena: She is going to get her arrows checked for hexes at the next town.
Bob (GM): Your damage is d8
John Moore: rolling 1d8 + 1d6
= 11
Bob (GM): That is an extremely dead bandit, he doesn't even make a sound. His injured companion stares at you like you're a devil from hell, leaving himself well open to anyone who wants to use the +1 advantage against him. Sharaseth, are you ready to do terrible violence on the man?
Sharaseth: Yes, yes i am
Ill charge into range to make a strike with my haldbard
Bob (GM): Hack and Slash?
Sharaseth: yep
Sharaseth rolls 11 on DEX.
Bob (GM): A palpable hit! Roll your damage!
Sharaseth rolls 10 damage.
Sharaseth: and we now know why ive sworn to protect Arankah, ive seen her shoot arrows
Bob (GM): Remind me, did you put Messy tags on your weapon?
Sharaseth: No
close, reach, percing 2
Arankah Risahiena: She can shoot perfectly fine. It's just that they apparently all have rubber heads.
Bob (GM): Then we are all spared a rather stomach churning sight, as you CLEANLY decapitate the bandit. Except for the short scream, neither of them were able to raise the alarm. They went down quickly and quietly. Well done. The bandit camp ahead will have no warning of your approach.
Hi Monika. This is my sister everyone.
Sharaseth: Ello
Arankah Risahiena: (Hi! I need to send you hound photos!)
Talvert Finn: ((Hello hello!))
Monika H.: Hi. Thanks for having me. I'm just going to observe tonight then hopefully be ready to play next time
Talvert Finn: Talvert raised up a hand to cast a spell...then dropped it when he realized both bandits were already dead with a sigh. "...Probably for the best."
John Moore: ok I'm going to rifle through the corpse's possessions
Bob (GM): You should be able to look through all the character sheets and so on. Just don't change anything on them. The only way to let you SEE them is to give you EDIT permissions so be careful
Monika H.: No touchy. Got it
Bob (GM): Besides their swords, which are junk, you fiiiinnnnddd....
rolling d6
= 1
rolling 2d8
= 4
Four coins. A half-eaten sandwich. And a packet of Chewing Leaf. Which is like pipeleaf but horrible.
Talvert Finn: ...What kind of sandwich?
Bob (GM): One use of Chew Leaf if you want it.
"Meat of Uncertain Provenance"
John Moore: I'll take both, whats the weight?
Bob (GM): Negligible.
And make it two uses of chewing leaf. We'll say it has the same effects as halfling pipe leaf but only among the lowest class of humans.
Arankah Risahiena: ...she'll comment on Talvert's eating habits later. With any luck, they'll be able to get the drop on the rest of the bandits as well.
John Moore: this horrible garbage might come in handy
Bob (GM): Now, it is obvious from the smell of cookfires and the voices you can barely hear over the waterfall noise that there is an entire camp of bandits ahead. Some of them getting quite boisterously loud, as a matter of fact.
John Moore: I'll silently signal that I'm going to go look ahead and for arankah to cover me w/her bow
Talvert Finn: Talvert subtly pocketed the sandwich before moving to follow after the party.
Sharaseth: She will wait for the others to scout again
Bob (GM): Assuming you're approaching carefully, you'll soon come in view of a clearing around a pool, into which drops the waterfall from the surrounding cliffs. Closest to you there are several filthy tents, and about a half dozen bandits lazing about, cooking, eating, or napping. The main force seems to be further back, gatherered in an area behind the tents. There's also a crude bridge built across the stream, and a larger pavillion-style tent on the other side, away from the others.
Arankah Risahiena: Now Puppy is following Talvert. Or more accurately Talvert's pocket.
Well, crap. What are our chances of sneaking up the the pavilion undetected?
John Moore: can we cross the stream further down from the encampment?
Bob (GM): It is a shallow stream, easily crossed.
I've drawn a crude map if you scroll down a ways.
John Moore: return to the group and suggest we do that, then double back up to reach the larger tent without going past the rest
Sharaseth: "sounds like a good plan if nothing else they might be dumb enough to only use the bridge if they do spot us and we can use it as a choke point"
John Moore: "YOU can use it as a choke point"
Bob (GM): Doubling back and crossing the stream, you are able to sneak through the trees to get close to the pavillion tent. From this angle, you can see to the "?" where the crowd has gathered. They are cheering on two massive, mishapen humanoids who seem to be wrestling, bashing into each other and grappling for the entertainment of the bandits. Nearby all this stands a crude iron cage, usually used for livestock, though you can't see what's inside it now.
You can't tell from here if there's anyone inside the pavillion tent
Arankah Risahiena: Ara is going to try and cut a new door way in the back of the pavilion with her short sword.
Bob (GM): Easily done, the fabric does not resist. As you slip into the darkness of the tent, one thing does become instantly obvious however. There IS someone here, snoring quite loudly.
Inside the tent is an image of opulence by way of a savage idiot. All fancy furs and torn silks, stolen treasures that clash badly with one another, with no real thought to taste or design, and all quite filthy. In the center is a bed of piled furs, and sleeping on it a spectacularly ugly human. Looks like he passed out drinking, he hasn't even got his belt off.
John Moore: I'm going to look around the tent, quietly
Bob (GM): For anything in particular?
John Moore: I trust someone will raise an alrm from outside if anything changes
any indication of wilhelm's expedition
Bob (GM): On a broken desk in one corner of the tent are piled various books and papers. They certainly look scholarly, though they are mostly dull historical documents. The hideous bandit leader was probably terribly bored by them. One book near the top you take note of, for someone has penned on the inside cover "Property of Wilhelm of Orelia"
John Moore: I'm going to take the important book and the other academic looking ones as well, then signal we should move out and retreat to a safe distance for review of them
Bob (GM): You are going to have to be careful to do that quietly. Roll a Defy Danger on DEX please.
John Moore rolls 9 on DEX
Bob (GM): As you start picking up papers, the ugly man starts to stir in his sleep. Abandon the task now and you can sneak away safely. Continue and he WILL wake up, unless someone does something about it.
John Moore rolls 7 on DEX
John Moore rolls 11 on DEX
John Moore rolls 11 on DEX
John Moore rolls 6 on DEX
John Moore rolls 12 on DEX
John Moore: sorry
Arankah Risahiena: Ara shakes her head violently. Reviewing the books isn't worth losing the element of surprise they still have. When the bandit stirs, she strides over to place her sword at his throat.
John Moore: I smother him with a pillow
(i seem to be auto rolling when I try to type without being in the typing window)
Sharaseth: She backs up Arankahs threat by following after her and pointing her halbard at him
Bob (GM): Do you still wish to smother him, John? Or do we go with all the weapon-pointing?
John Moore: smother, he might still cry out
i am doing this
Bob (GM): Very well. As you press a pillow down onto the ugly man's face, he of course wakes up, and starts struggling against you. You'll need to roll Defy Danger against, this time on STR to keep him down. If you fail this roll, he's going to break free, and your companions aren't going to be able to immediately sword him without swording you, as well.
John Moore rolls 8 on STR
Bob (GM): I'm sorry, but you just don't have the sheer strength to smother the big bastard. Sharaseth, you can end the man quickly, before he makes a sound or hurts anyone, but you WILL hit John Moore as well. What do you want to do?
Otherwise the man is going to break free and you're going to have a proper fight on your hands.
John Moore rolls 11 on STR
John Moore: dangit i did it again
I mouth to sharaseth to do it
Sharaseth: Can i try and throw my own wieght, armor, and strength behind moore and try and keep him down ?
Talvert Finn: Talvert has bandages!
Bob (GM): You can, but Moore will take damage from your crushing weight at this point. So it's your choice.
John Moore: through clenched teeth "just... gut... the bastard"
Sharaseth: ill go for the stab, the whole camp on us will kill us, and well he owes me that life anyways
John Moore: moore is sweating like nixon at this point
Bob (GM): Roll your damage, Sharaseth.
Sharaseth rolls 10 damage.
Bob (GM): You poor son-of-a-gun
John Moore: do i take all of that?
Bob (GM): John takes a terrible blow, but the big bandit leader is done for. The blood of the two men mingles on the floor, soaking into the cushions.
Yes you do
John Moore: ouch/phew
Bob (GM): Minus anything your armour does for you, of course
Sharaseth: and she will clear the way for people to get in and bandage him as fast as possible
John Moore: right
Sharaseth: percing +2
John Moore: what!
Bob (GM): Ah so your armour is useless. You take the full 10.
Thank you for the reminder, Sharaseth.
Sharaseth: i feel bad 8(
John Moore: I feel worse
Arankah Risahiena: (eyeballs the drawing are we sure the bandit wasn't actually a giant balloon full of blood?)
Bob (GM): It's a metaphor.
Monika H.: there are probably other bodily fluids mixed in
Sharaseth: just be glad i dont have the messy tag
John Moore: I get the books and leave the tent as planned, asking arankah to make sure the blood trail isn't too easy to follow
Bob (GM): Does anyone want to bandage John up while you have the chance? Or do you want to grab the books and get out of here?
John Moore: I'll get patched up when we're a safe distance
Talvert Finn: Talvert will reluctantly step up to the plate.
Arankah Risahiena: Ara will also clear out to let Talvert work on Moore. Given it was a quiet kill, Ara's not in a massive rush to scarper.
Bob (GM): Very well. You grab what you can from the desk (Wilhelm's Notes, 2 wt) and get away from the tent, back to the relative safety of the woods. It is not too long before you hear a terrible scream of alarm. "Mad Jack's dead! They've killed Mad Jack!"
Which is the cliffhanger we are going to end on tonight.
Sharaseth rolls 1 damage.
Sharaseth rolls 7 damage.
Bob (GM): You can do the book-keeping on healing Moore but don't worry about the bandits until next time.
I believe a use of bandages heals 4 HP.
Talvert Finn: Yup.
Bob (GM): Work out how much healing you want to do then we'll move on to the End of Session move
Talvert Finn: Minus one use.
I could use up all three for 12.
Assuming that's a thing.
Bob (GM): Yeah you can use as many as you want. But then you won't have any for later.
Talvert Finn: Well I'll still have like three healing potions.
Arankah Risahiena: Ara's got a set of bandages too, so it's not like the party will be completely out.
Bob (GM): It's your choice, whichever resources you want to spend.
Use one or all three or...?
Talvert Finn: Go ahead an use up mine.
John Moore: moore coughs up blood as this conversation continues
Bob (GM): Alrighty. Now first up is always Bonds on End of Session.
Sharaseth, would you say that John Moore no longer owes you his life?
Sharaseth: I would say that since i let me lance him to kill someone
Bob (GM): Ha! Moore, you agree?
John Moore: YES
Bob (GM): Then Lark, mark experience and resolve the Bond. You may write a new Bond with whoever you wish at your convenience.
Anyone else have any Bonds resolved tonight?
Arankah Risahiena: Talvert has clearly taken my teachings about the wild to heart, seeing as he successfully scouted on our way out here!
Sharaseth: thats 1 xp right
Bob (GM): If Talvert agrees, you may resolve the bond. Sam?
1 XP, yes
Sharaseth: so thats 4 and i belive a level yes
John Moore: sorry for all the multi rolls, it seems to do that automatically if i hit the keyboard without being in the type window and I'm a lousy typist so I look at the keyboard when I'm doing it
Bob (GM): You need your current level PLUS 4. So you're one short still.
You'll probably make it up in a minute though.
Talvert Finn: Works for me.
Bob (GM): The next thing is Alignment Bonds. If you fulfilled your Alignment move, mark XP. Sharaseth, I think yours counts for taking out that guard, as well as you probably saved Moore's life, while simultaneously proving he is weaker than you.
It's still only worth one for the whole session but I think you definitely fulfilled it.
Sharaseth: I would say yes in this case
Bob (GM): Similarly, Moore, you can't say you didn't successfully infiltrate.
John Moore: multiple times i think yes
Bob (GM): You can only count it once for the session but you can definitely count it.
John Moore: but only one xp per session for that I believe
Bob (GM): Now I don't know if Arankah freed anyone from bonds or if any magical mystery was solved for Talvert...?
But someone may remember something I don't
Arankah Risahiena: Not really.
Bob (GM): Then we move on to the group experience questions.
Did we learn anything new/important about the world?
John Moore: we learned about this dead king
Bob (GM): You didn't learn much obviously :p
John Moore: we also learned there's a good reason john usually avoids fights
Bob (GM): Minorc. And yes, we got a chunk of history tonight. Everyone mark one experience for that.
Sharaseth: that our boss works for a collage as a student, and that bandits are best killed sleeping
Bob (GM): Did we overcome a notable monster or enemy?
Arankah Risahiena: Mad Jack would have been notable if we hadn't killed him in his sleep.
Sharaseth: im not sure shiving a guy in his sleep counts
Bob (GM): It was very efficient but it's never going to be on a highlight reel, is it? No experience for that one, but my hearty congratulations.
Did we loot a memorable treasure? No not yet. No XP there.
So everyone add up their experience and tell me if you're up a level.
Five XP to go from level 1 to level 2
John Moore: everyone remember we need to modify the icon xp and the character sheet xp seperaterly because the rule change tonight confused the engine
Bob (GM): So long as you put it right in one spot I can do the details later, no worries.
So Sharaseth you're definitely up a level, right? Pick an additional advanced move and add 1 to one of your attributes.
Talvert Finn: This adventure so far has been disappointingly lacking in arcane mysteries.
Sharaseth: ill increase my strength
Bob (GM): Sounds good. Got a new move in mind?
Sharaseth: i need to find the list but im thinking the +1 armor for now
Arankah Risahiena: I'm sure the archaeologists will be able to entertain you with dusty history.
Bob (GM): Thank you all for coming again tonight, hope you had fun. I know I did. And we got about as far as I expected tonight as well, so the timing is getting better.
John Moore: sharaseth: I found a good online quick reference for these
Bob (GM): I'm online a while yet for questions or anything
Talvert Finn: It was fun!
Bob (GM): Yes I'm sorry I should put a link to the relevant bits of the SRD somewhere easy to get at. That's a good idea
Talvert Finn: See you all next time
John Moore: my first missed roll!
Bob (GM): Night Sam!
John Moore: and horrible injury!
Sharaseth: yes ill go for iron hide for now
not more damage, incase i find i need to stab through mooore again
Bob (GM): So next Sunday at 6:00, same as usual. At that time we will also discuss the "playing weekly" problem.
You still arond Monika?
Sharaseth: sounds good
Monika H.: yes
Bob (GM): What do you think?
Monika H.: I'll play :)
Bob (GM): Hahaha
John Moore: i'm gonna make this more accurate/colorful
horrible gore trail
Monika H.: What do I need to do to make a character sheet?
Bob (GM): Catch me on AIM or Gmail chat or just the phone or whatever and we can put one together for you.
Hang on and I'll pull the templates out of the archive
Monika H.: pfft AIM. You're so old. Gmail works
Bob (GM): Okay if you hit the handouts tab you should see the four remaining classes there now under "Characters"
Sharaseth: im convinced Arankahs relatives replaced all her arrows with safty arrows
Bob (GM): I can also email you the link to the PDF playsheets, which you will need
Yeah that is hilariously nuts.
John Moore: i can get her the PDFs I still have them
Bob (GM): It's like she's cursed.
Arankah Risahiena: Yeah, Ara is going to ask Talvert to check them for Hexes.
John Moore: the only way I would have found that a more entertaining outcome is if I'd actually died
Bob (GM): Sure you can do that, Tris
I was just going to mail the link anyway
Alright email away
Monika H.: Thanks. Will have a peek in a bit and will shoot you a message. Likely will choose bard. Will chat soon.
Bob (GM): I'll be up another hour and a half and I'll try to be online this week. If not you have the special ability to text me, unlike these other folks.
Monika H.: sounds good