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This thread will contain summaries of our sessions as we go, collecting the major events that have happened.  It should be far more readable a review than the session logs, cutting out the rolls and out-of-character stuff, and just briefly reviewing what has come before.  Think of it as a "Previously on..." segment at the beginning of the episode.

Temple of Tortengar - Part One

Our heroes were commissioned by a hooded man named Gerald to seek out the long-lost temple of Tortengar in the Transmere, a vast swamp on the east coast.  Upon reaching the crumbling temple ruin, they discovered someone else was already there, a group of doghead mercenaries led by the human treasure-hunter Dukat.

Our group encountered the first gang of dogheads in the upper temple, and took them by surprise.  Arankah disabled on of the dogheads temporarily, allowing Talvert to get close enough to hit him with a charm spell, while the halfling druid Thistle kept the others at bay by taking the form of a vicious bear.

Delving below the old temple, our heroes encountered a vast pit of sucking mud.  They crossed over one by one on a rope and grapple, but at the last moment the rope broke, dropping Talvert into the dangerous muck!  Quick thinking on the part of his companions quickly saw the wizard pulled from the quagmire, and he was even able to recover Sharaseth's lost shield, though at the cost of his own boot.

Entering a system of crypts dug directly into the muskeg, our party decided it best not to disturb the dead resting here, as there was evidence the dead tended to react violently.  John Moore the thief discovered a system of trapped tiles in the crypt hallway that would release noxious gas when triggered.

More dogheads were encountered.  Talvert's spells refused to serve him well, flaring out in spectacular but harmless bursts of energy, and while Arankah's arrows always found their mark, they tended to bounce off with little harm, and we all started questioning Roll20's random number generator.

But our heroes managed to prevail, thanks in great part to the spectacularly strong arm of Sharaseth the fighter, and prepared to go deeper into the crypt.  But there was the sound of something else in there with them, something wet and horrible lurking in the shadows...

Temple of Tortengar - Part Two

Our heroes proceeded to explore the crypts beneath the Temple of Tortengar further, and discover that the crypt is infested with verminous frogkin!  These twisted, diminutive humanoids represent the worst parts of amphibians and men, wallowing in the mud and worshipping dark gods.  The first terrifying encounter ends when Moore and Arankah start a fire to block off one of the frogkin tunnels.

Proceeding deeper, and now aware of the slimey horror that lurks around them, our party at last catches up with Dukat and the last of his doghead mercenaries, stymied by a massive stone door.  Forced to fight together against a frogkin ambush, Dukat and his mercenaries co-operate with our heroes.  In a fantastic feat of strength, Sharaseth forces the door open, leading into a large ritual chamber.  The pool that dominates the chamber is found to be infested with venomous eels and frogkin egg-clutches.  At the center of the pool, where a stone idol of Tortengar should stand, instead there is only a twisted idol to the frogkin god Hurkenglau the Breeder.

As enraged frogkin begin pouring into the chamber, our party decides that discretion is the better part of valour, and cut their losses.  The Tortengar idol they were sent to retrieve is obviously lost, but they escape the frogkin with their lives at least.

Dukat has scampered, leaving our heroes in the swamp with a half-dozen dogheads who are just now realizing they aren't going to get paid.  And how will Gerald the Hooded Man react when the heroes bring him the bad news...?

Thunderfall - Part One

400 years ago, when Aethelbard the Wyrmslayer drove the dragons out of the Gulf of Linn, among his allies was Minorc, last king of Gorwen.  When Aethelbard took up the cause of uniting the Gulf of Linn into a single kingdom, Minorc turned against him, pitting the armies of Gorwen against the new forces of Valendia.

Minorc's rebellion ended at Wybrook, when the king fell in battle.  The mortally wounded Minorc was spirited away by his followers, deep into the Stormcrag Mountains, never to be seen again.  His final resting place has never been discovered.

Fifty years after the Battle of Wybrook, an old man dressed in Minorc's livery wandered out of the mountains.  Desperate to join the church of Anor and repent his sins, the ancient soldier spoke of a fortress hidden in the mountains, where a still-living Minorc had called on the powers of the old religion for aid, summoning abominable monsters and slaughtering his own men.  The only hint the old soldier left about the location of the fortress was that it could be found in the Valley of the Eagle.


In this session our band of heroes met with Gerald, their mysterious employer, and discovered that he is a student from the University of Orelia.  Gerald's own master, a teacher at the University named Wilhelm, has not returned from an expedition to the Stormcrags.

Gerald told the heroes the tale of King Minorc, and explained that Wilhelm had a theory that the old soldier's account had been mistranslated.  All previous attempts to find Minorc's fortress refuge have focused on the Valley of Eagles.  Wilhelm believed it was to be found at Thunderfall Valley instead.

Arankah recalled a story her Uncle Anthelain had told, that during the Human Unification wars a group of humans had come to Nimriathon seeking aid against Aethelbard, but were refused.  These humans had come from a place called Eagle's Head.


With a promise of 500 coins payment for finding Wilhelm, and the greater promise of Minorc's lost treasure, the heroes set out for Thunderfall Valley. They discovered that a group of bandits had made camp in the valley, and certainly captured Wilhelm's expedition, fortunately kept alive until they can produce Minorc's treasure for the bandit leader.

Sneaking into camp, our heroes were able to locate and kill the bandit leader in his sleep, though John Moore was gravely wounded in the process, injured by Sharaseth when she had to choose between a quick kill or an alerted bandit camp.

The party was able to recover a wealth of notes and documents in Wilhelm's hand, and retreated to hide in the woods and patch up their wounded.  But the bandits have now discovered the murder of their leader, and are out for the blood of those responsible....