Shopping Day Blues

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The Mitchell sisters are helping out a new arrival to the city by giving her an easy job to do.  Do some shopping and keep Kay out of trouble.  That should be easy enough, right?

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Well, so much for getting away smoothly. She shrugged, looking everywhere but at Kei. "I suppose. I mean, from the conversation I gathered that Kay was giving you a near running commentary... but I don't... Fine." 

Another shrug, then she looked about again. "I could go for ice cream, I suppose. Better than coffee, yick."

Naomi's smile blossomed beautifully, relieved that Mari wasn't going to cut and run.  "Thank you so much.  We'll go in a moment; I know a place."

She turned back to the bench and told her sister, "Take care of yourself, Kay.  Let me know when you get your feelings sorted out and please don't run off."

There was no discernable response from the girl under the bench, but nevertheless, Naomi turned back to Mari and hooked arms with her and started walking off.  "So, yes, I know this place.  Not far and Kay will watch the car, so let's walk!  I hope you're not tired.  And don't tell me coffee is yick.  We're big coffee fans, Naomi and I." 

There was that slip-up again.  Surely she meant 'Kay' and I.

"And anyway, yes, I did get some commentary from my sister, but, well, she's prone to extravagant hyperbole as you might have noticed.  Since she's not exactly impartial when it comes to herself, I'd really like to hear your take on events."

They would continue walking along the sidewalks with traffic passing them on the streets.  Once, another green-colored road guide cad passed by and honked at them, to which Naomi waved back.  Apparently someone she knew.

It wasn't the first time Naomi has slipped like that, and Mari simply mentally noted the new data point in the trend. The sister's obviously more contact friendly attitude produced visible relaxation in her blonde companion, and she rolled her eyes. "Of course coffee is yick. The only type that tastes any good is a solid dark roast, but that's so acid laden it gives people stomach aches. Therefore, coffee is terrible and cocoa is far superior, though if you want something cold nothing beats a Coke or some tea." 

She let a little distance grow from Kei before she finally sighs. "And as for what happened, well... in a nutshell you paired your touchphobic, touchy sister up with a high contact motormouth without any sort of warnings in place. I felt like I was stomping all over her all morning, it was like getting kicked in the tits any time I touched her, or tried to get even a scrap of something useful out of her."

She rolled her eyes again. "Just not a good match up, I guess. We did at least get clothes shopping accomplished, after a fashion. I don't think I'm cut out for being a Kay wrangler long term though."